American Electric Power (Eastern US)

System Name: American Electric Power (Eastern US)
Location: Multiple, KY OH TN VA WV
County: 32 Counties
System Type: EDACS Networked Standard
System Voice: Analog
Last Updated: October 25, 2022, 18:11 pm UTC   [Changed Site # 701 (South Shore, KY) to 701 (South Shore, KY)]
System Notes

NOTE:  This system is being replaced by a P25 Phase II multistate system.   You can find the new system here:

American Electric Power (AEP) P25

Below is the legacy information specific to the old (but still partially active) EDACS system:

The American Electric Power system is a wide-area 800 MHz EDACS trunked system which covers most of Ohio, as well as parts of Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia and Virginia. Units on one end of the system can talk to units on the other end of the system using common talkgroups or via "I-Call" (Individual Call, known as Private Call in a Motorola system).

The system is divided into seven networks (each comprised of at least 10 sites) based upon the network switch locations. These networks are:

Network 1 - Fort Wayne, IN (covers Indiana & a small part of southern Michigan) - converted to Opensky in February 2013
Network 2 - Columbus, OH (covers Central, NW and E/SE Ohio)
Network 3 - Canton, OH (covers E/NE Ohio and Wheeling, WV)
Network 4 - Charleston, WV (covers Central and W/SW West Virginia)
Network 5 - Roanoke, VA (covers western Virginia, a tiny part of Tennessee, and southern West Virginia)
Network 6 - Chillicothe, OH (covers Southern, SW and parts of SE Ohio)
Network 7 - Ashland, KY (covers eastern Kentucky)

All seven network switches are in turn interconnected; thus, making system-wide communications possible.

In this listing, the sites are numbered by network; for example, 201 (Adario) means Network 2, site number 1. Sites numbered x50-x99 are those with unconfirmed site IDs and LCN order. Sites numbered 900-999 have an undetermined network affiliation.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
501 (1F5) Kingsport, TN Sullivan, TN 01 855.6375c02 856.837503 857.837504 858.837505 860.8625  
502 (1F6) Tip Top, VA Tazewell, VA 01 855.637502 857.312503 859.3125c04 860.312505 860.8625  
503 (1F7) Lovingston, VA Nelson, VA 01 857.3875c02 855.512503 858.387504 859.387505 859.8625  
504 (1F8) Lynchburg, VA Lynchburg, VA 01 856.2875c02 857.287503 858.287504 859.287505 858.8125  
505 (1F9) Penhook, VA Pittsylvania, VA 01 857.3625c02 858.3625c03 859.362504 860.362505 856.7875  
506 (1FA) Stewartsville, VA Bedford, VA 01 856.8875c02 857.887503 858.887504 859.887505 860.787506 859.312507 860.3125
507 (1FB) Salem, VA Salem, VA 01 856.4125c02 857.4125c03 858.412504 859.412505 856.312506 860.9125 
508 (1FC) Patrick Springs, VA Patrick, VA 01 856.3875c02 857.387503 858.387504 859.387505 854.762506 860.8625 
509 (1FD) Independence, VA Grayson, VA 01 855.437502 856.287503 855.587504 860.8875c05 860.3625  
510 (1FE) Pulaski, VA Pulaski, VA 01 855.8875c02 857.912503 859.287504 860.287505 855.687506 855.362507 855.8625
   08 856.862509 858.7875     
511 (1FF) White Gate, VA Giles, VA 01 854.837502 858.362503 859.362504 857.362505 859.9125  
513 (201) Hansonville, VA Washington, VA 01 856.9125c02 858.912503 859.9125c04 854.912505 855.3625  
514 (202) Whitetop, VA Grayson, VA 01 855.137502 856.3875c03 857.387504 857.7875   
515 (203) Marion, VA Smyth, VA 01 855.1875c02 856.312503 858.312504 856.8875   
518 (206) Ferrum, VA Franklin, VA 01 855.1875c02 855.787503 858.287504 858.312505 860.8875  
520 (208) Norton, VA Wise, VA 01 855.1625c02 855.662503 858.862504 860.3875   
580 (244) Grundy, VA Buchanan, VA 01 854.862502 855.862503 860.362504 857.287505 858.4125  
581 (245) Big Island, VA Summers, WV 01 856.287502 857.287503 858.287504 859.2875   
582 (246) Honaker, VA Russell, VA 01 855.687502 856.787503 859.787504 860.7875   
587 (24B) Clintwood, VA Dickenson, VA 01 856.337502 856.387503 857.3375c04 857.387505 859.8625  
594 (252) New Mount Cross, VA Pittsylvania, VA 01 855.387502 855.612503 855.862504 856.337505 860.2875  
598 (256) Fancy Gap, VA Carroll, VA 01 855.762502 858.3125c03 856.412504 860.3875   
599 (257) Buchanan, VA Botetourt, VA 01 854.787502 855.787503 856.837504 857.787505 858.787506 859.7875 
903 (387) Rustburg Campbell, VA 01 856.8625c02 857.912503 858.862504 860.812505 855.7625  
904 (388) Boonesboro Bedford, VA 01 854.7625c02 855.087503 855.337504 855.587505 855.8125  


DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12100-151ASEC WESTPower plant emergencyEmergency Ops
12200-152ASEC CENTRALPower plant emergencyEmergency Ops
12300-153ASEC EASTPower plant emergencyEmergency Ops
43303-061ASTORM 15Severe weather operationsEmergency Ops
79306-031ASTORM 1Severe weather operationsEmergency Ops
79406-032ASTORM 2Severe weather operationsEmergency Ops
79506-033ASTORM 3Severe weather operationsEmergency Ops
79606-034ASTORM 4Severe weather operationsEmergency Ops
79706-035ASTORM 5Severe weather operationsEmergency Ops
79806-036ASTORM 6Severe weather operationsEmergency Ops
79906-037ASTORM 7Severe weather operationsEmergency Ops
80106-041ASTORM 8Severe weather operationsEmergency Ops
80206-042ASTORM 9Severe weather operationsEmergency Ops
80306-043ASTORM 10Severe weather operationsEmergency Ops
80406-044ASTORM 11Severe weather operationsEmergency Ops
80506-045ASTORM 12Severe weather operationsEmergency Ops
80606-046ASTORM 13Severe weather operationsEmergency Ops
80706-047ASTORM 14Severe weather operationsEmergency Ops
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
33902-103AASHL DDCAshland DDCUtilities
35602-124AASHL OFCAshland Office ServiceUtilities
35802-126AASHL MTRAshland Meter ServiceUtilities
37702-151AASHL SVCAshland ServiceUtilities
37902-153AASHL TRBAshland TroubleUtilities
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
116909-021AKING ??Trouble Kingsport, TN areaUtilities
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
105808-042AIND-???Independence, possible metersUtilities
108008-070ARKE-DATARoanoke DataUtilities
108108-071ARKE-TRBRoanoke Trouble CallsUtilities
108208-072ARKE-MTRRoanoke Meter ServiceUtilities
108308-073ARKE-LINERoanoke LineUtilities
108408-074ARKE-DDCRoanoke DDC (substation crews)Utilities
108508-075ARKE-TDCRoanoke TDCUtilities
108608-076ARKE-FRSRoanoke Field Revenue ServiceUtilities
109708-091ALBG-TRBLynchburg Trouble / Service CallsUtilities
109808-092ALBG-DDCLynchburg DDC / Used by Substation CrewsUtilities
110008-094ALBG-UnkLynchburg (use unknown)Utilities
110508-101AMARION TRBTrouble Marion/Bristol VA areaUtilities
111308-111AUnk-DDCDDC (heard on Salem site)Utilities
112908-131APUL-TRBPulaski troubleUtilities
114708-153AGAL-???Galax, possibly line crewsUtilities
115309-001ACBRG TRBChristiansburg Trouble / Service CallsUtilities
121609-080AFIEL-DATFieldale DataUtilities
121709-081AFIEL-TRBFieldale Trouble DispatchUtilities
121809-082AFIEL-MTRFieldale MeterUtilities
121909-083AFIEL-LINFieldale LineUtilities
122009-084AFIEL-DDCFieldale DDC (substation crews)Utilities
122109-085AFIEL-FRSFieldale Field Revenue ServiceUtilities
122209-086AROCK-LINRocky Mount LineUtilities
122309-087ASTU-LINEStuart LineUtilities
124109-111ARoanoke DDCRoanoke DDC Clintwood Va.Utilities
125709-131ARUSL-TRBRussell County area TroubleUtilities
140110-151ADATAData Bursts (Salem site)Data
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
84106-091AWHL LINE?Wheeling area serviceUtilities
84206-092AWHL STN?Wheeling area substationsUtilities
84306-093AWHL MCS?Wheeling area customer serviceUtilities
84406-094AWHL GOS?Wheeling area General Office ServicesUtilities
84506-095AWHLG TRBWheeling TroubleUtilities
84606-096AWHL TX?Wheeling area transmission line crewsUtilities
84706-097AWHL MUT?Wheeling area mutual aid?Utilities
104808-030AWVA FLEETFleetwideUtilities
105008-032AWVA SUBTristate substationsUtilities
106508-051AHUNT TRBHuntington Trouble?Utilities
106608-052AAEP Hunt MCSHuntington Meter Collection ServicesUtilities
106708-053AAEP Hunt SVCHuntington serviceUtilities
106808-054AAEP Hunt DDCHuntington DDC (line crews)Utilities
106908-055AAEP Hunt (?)Huntington service (service area unknown)Utilities
107108-057AAEPWVaSoDisp(Southern Dispatcher - heard Hubbardstown & Big Sandy)Utilities
107308-061AAEP Chas LCwCharleston Line CrewsUtilities
107408-062AAEP Chas MCSCharleston Meter Collection ServicesUtilities
107508-063AAEP Chas SvNCharleston north serviceUtilities
107608-064AAEP Chas TXCharleston line crews, etcUtilities
107708-065AAEPChas SVCCharleston (service?)Utilities
107808-066AAEP Chas LneCharleston (line?)Utilities
107908-067AAEP ChasCharleston (use unknown)Utilities
109208-084ALOGAN SVCLogan WV serviceUtilities
111508-113ABLUFLD SVCBluefield WV serviceUtilities
111608-114ABLUFLD TXBluefield WV lineUtilities
112308-123ABECK SVCBeckley WV serviceUtilities
112408-124ABECK DDCBeckley WV lineUtilities
129910-023AST-ALB SVCSt Albans WV serviceUtilities
130710-033AMADISON SVCMadison WV serviceUtilities
131310-041AWMSON LINEWilliamson, W.V. (Linemen)Utilities
131510-043AWMSON SVCWilliamson WV serviceUtilities
133110-063ARIPLEY SVCRipley WV serviceUtilities
133710-071AHURRCANE SVCHurricane WV serviceUtilities
133910-073AMILTON SVCMilton WV serviceUtilities
139910-147AWVA OPSWest Virginia area serviceUtilities