System Name: Howard County (Project 16)
Location: Ellicott City, MD
County: Howard
System Type: Motorola Type II SmartZone
System Voice: Analog and APCO-25 Common Air Interface
System ID: Sysid: 7F06 Connect Tone: 128.57
Last Updated: March 3, 2020, 9:09 am CST   [Updated General Trunked System Information]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) Simulcast 852.6375c852.800c853.0375c853.0625c857.2375


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
113442c5AHCFD - IO 10Interop 10Interop
113762c7AHCFD - IO 11Interop 11Interop
114082c9AHCFD - IO 12Interop 12Interop
118562e5AHCFD - KnoxKnox Box ControlFire-Tac
39280997DHCFD - D1Delta 1Fire-Tac
39312999DHCFD - D2Delta 2Fire-Tac
3934499bDHCFD - D3Delta 3Fire-Tac
3937699dDHCFD - D4Delta 4Fire-Tac
3940899fDHCFD - D5-WaDelta Water SupplyFire-Tac
394409a1DHCFD - D6-StDelta StagingFire-Tac
394729a3DHCFD - D AnnDelta AnnounceFire-Tac
395049a5DHCFD - EMRCEMRC Call 1Hospital
395369a7DHCFD - Med 4EMRC Med 4Hospital
395689a9DHCFD - Med 8EMRC Med 8Hospital
398249b9DHCFD - OpsFire & Rescue Staff OperationsFire-Tac
398889bdDHCFD - ITInformation TechnologyFire-Tac
399209bfDHCFD - AdminAdministrationFire-Tac
399529c1DHCFD - LogisLogisticsFire-Tac
399849c3DHCFD - VChfVolunteer ChiefFire-Tac
400169c5DEHCFD - ArsonArson InvestigationsFire-Tac
401129cbDHCFD - A AnnAlpha AnnounceFire-Tac
402409d3DHCFD - A1DispatchFire Dispatch
402729d5DHCFD - A2Incident Operations 1Fire-Tac
403049d7DHCFD - A3Incident Operations 2Fire-Tac
403369d9DHCFD - HspAdHoward County General Adult Base StationHospital
403689dbDHCFD - A61st BattalionFire-Tac
404009ddDHCFD - FMSFire Marshal ServiceFire-Tac
404329dfDHCFD - B1Bravo 1Fire-Tac
404649e1DHCFD - B2Bravo 2Fire-Tac
404969e3DHCFD - B3Bravo 3Fire-Tac
405289e5DHCFD - B4Bravo 4Fire-Tac
405609e7DHCFD - B5-WaBravo Water SupplyFire-Tac
405929e9DHCFD - B6-StBravo StagingFire-Tac
406249ebDHCFD - B AnnBravo AnnounceFire-Tac
406569edDHCFD - C1Charlie 1Fire-Tac
406889efDHCFD - C2 Charlie 2Fire-Tac
407209f1DHCFD - C3 Charlie 3Fire-Tac
407529f3DHCFD - C4Charlie 4Fire-Tac
407849f5DHCFD - C5-WaCharlie Water SupplyFire-Tac
408169f7DHCFD - C6-StCharlie StagingFire-Tac
408489f9DHCFD - C AnnCharlie AnnounceFire-Tac
408809fbDHCFD - AnncGeneral AnnouncementFire-Tac
409129fdDHCFD - HspPeHoward County General Pediatric Base StationHospital
409449ffDHCFD - ChatSenior Staff ChatFire-Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1764844fAHCPD IO1Interop 1Interop
17680451AHCPD IO2Interop 2Interop
43248a8fDHCPD N DispNorthern District DispatchLaw Dispatch
43312a93DHCPD S DispSouthern District DispatchLaw Dispatch
45616b23DHCPD N/S P1North/South Patrol 1Law Tac
45648b25DHCPD N P2Northern District Patrol 2Law Tac
45680b27DHCPD N P3Northern District Patrol 3Law Tac
45712b29DEHCPD N P4Northern District Patrol 4Law Tac
45808b2fDHCPD SpOps1Special Operations 1Law Tac
45840b31DHCPD SpOps2Special Operations 2Law Tac
45872b33DHCPD CIB1Criminal Investigations Bureau 1Law Tac
45904b35DEHCPD CIB2Criminal Investigations Bureau 2Law Tac
45936b37DHCPD ACAnimal ControlLaw Tac
46000b3bDHCPD S P6Southern District Patrol 6Law Tac
46032b3dDHCPD S P7Southern District Patrol 7Law Tac
46064b3fDEHCPD S P8Southern District Patrol 8Law Tac
46128b43DHCPD Inc10Incident 10Law Tac
46160b45DEHCPD Inc11Incident 11Law Tac
46192b47DEHCPD Inc12Incident 12Law Tac
46224b49DEHCPD Inc14Incident 14Law Tac
46256b4bDHCPD Inc17Incident 17Law Tac
46288b4dDHCPD Inc18Incident 18Law Tac
46352b51DHCPD Inc20Incident 20Law Tac
46384b53DEHCPD Inc21Incident 21Law Tac
46416b55DEHCPD Inc22Incident 22Law Tac
46448b57DEHCPD Inc24Incident 24Law Tac
46480b59DHCPD Inc25Incident 25Law Tac
46512b5bDHCPD Inc26Incident 26Law Tac
46544b5dDHCPD Inc27Incident 27Law Tac
46576b5fDHCPD Inc28Incident 28Law Tac
46640b63DEHCPD CID1Criminal Investigations Division 1Law Tac
46672b65DEHCPD CID2Criminal Investigations Division 2Law Tac
46704b67DEHCPD CIBCriminal Investigations BureauLaw Tac
46736b69DEHCPD V&N 1Vice & Narcotics 1Law Tac
46768b6bDEHCPD V&N 2Vice & Narcotics 2Law Tac
46800b6dDHCPD SchResOSchool Resource OfficersLaw Tac
46832b6fDHCPD YouthSvYouth ServicesLaw Tac
46864b71DEHCPD WarrantWarrant ServiceLaw Tac
46896b73DEHCPD TacTactical OperationsLaw Tac
46928b75DEHCPD TrafficTraffic EnforcementLaw Tac
46960b77DEHCPD StaffStaff OperationsLaw Tac
47120b81DHCPD N DispNorthern District DispatchLaw Dispatch
47152b83DHCPD S DispSouthern District DispatchLaw Dispatch
47184b85DHCPD Inc15Incident 15Law Tac
47216b87DHCPD Inc16Incident 16Law Tac
47280b8bDHCPD Inc29Incident 29Law Tac
47312b8dDHCPD AnnouncAnnouncementLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
48784be9DHCSO AdminAdministrationLaw Tac
48816bebDHCSO Ct SecCourt SecurityLaw Tac
48848bedDHCSO OpsOperationsLaw Tac
48880befDHCSO TacOps1Tactical Operations 1Law Tac
48912bf1DHCSO TacOps2Tactical Operations 2Law Tac
48944bf3DHCSO AnnouncAnnouncementLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
42384a59DHoDOC AdminAdministrationCorrections
42416a5bDHoDOC CRSCCRSCCorrections
42448a5dDHoDOC OpsOperationsCorrections
42480a5fDHoDOC TrngTrainingCorrections
42512a61DHoDOC AnncAnnouncementCorrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
32784801DHoGVT - CNY1County Common 1Public Works
32816803DHoGVT - CNY2County Common 2Public Works
32848805DHoGVT - CNY3County Common 3Public Works
32880807DHoGVT - OEM1Office of Emergency Management 1Public Works
32912809DEHoGVT - COEXCounty Executive TalkgroupPublic Works
3297680dDHoGVT - ADM1County Administration Talkgroup 1Public Works
3300880fDHoGVT - ADM2County Administration Talkgroup 2Public Works
33040811DHoGVT - ADM3County Administration Talkgroup 3Public Works
33072813DHoGVT - CoFLCounty Central Fleet TalkgroupPublic Works
33136817DHoGVT - HCDOHousing TalkgroupPublic Works
33168819DHoGVT - DTCSDCTS AdministrationPublic Works
3320081bDHoGVT - ISSOInformation Services Support Office TalkgroupPublic Works
3323281dDHoGVT - COM1Communications Services 1 TalkgroupPublic Works
3326481fDEHoGVT - COM2Communications Services 2 TalkgroupPublic Works
33296821DHoGVT - COM3Communications Services 3 TalkgroupPublic Works
33328823DHoGVT - COM4Communications Services 4 TalkgroupPublic Works
33360825DHoGVT - ECUGeneral County UnknownPublic Works
33424829DHoGVT - RPADParks Administration TalkgroupPublic Works
3345682bDHoGVT - PKOPPark Operations TalkgroupPublic Works
3348882dDHoGVT - RCOPRecreation Operations TalkgroupPublic Works
3352082fDHoGVT - PKSRParks SecurityPublic Works
33552831DHoGVT - REC1Recreation Events 1 TalkgroupPublic Works
33584833DHoGVT - REC2Recreation Events 2 TalkgroupPublic Works
33616835DHoGVT - PZADPlanning & Zoning Administration TalkgroupPublic Works
33648837DHoGVT - HTADTransit ? AdministrationPublic Works
33680839DHoGVT - HTFXTransit - Fixed RoutePublic Works
3371283bDHoGVT - HTPATransit - Paratransit RoutePublic Works
3374483dDHoGVT - HTCTTransitPublic Works
3377683fDHoGVT - RATTRegional Auto Task Force TalkgroupPublic Works
33840843DHoGVT - CLBCColumbia Building CoordinatorsPublic Works
34064851DHoGVT - GCANGeneral County Announce GroupPublic Works
34128855DHoGVT - S1-911Sierra 1 - County 911 Center TalkgroupPublic Works
34160857DHoGVT - HEALHealth DepartmentPublic Works
34192859DHoGVT - IOP1General County UnknownPublic Works
3422485bDHoGVT - IOP2General County UnknownPublic Works
3425685dDHoGVT - IOP3General County UnknownPublic Works
3428885fDHoGVT - IOP4General County UnknownPublic Works
34320861DHoGVT - IOP5General County UnknownPublic Works
34352863DHoGVT - IOP6General County UnknownPublic Works
34384865DHoGVT - IOP7General County UnknownPublic Works
34416867DHoGVT - IOP8General County UnknownPublic Works
34448869DHoGVT - IOP9General County UnknownPublic Works
3448086bDHoGVT - IOP1General County UnknownPublic Works
3451286dDHoGVT - IOP1General County UnknownPublic Works
3454486fDHoGVT - DCSDistrict Court SecurityPublic Works
34576871DHoGVT - RISKOffice of Risk ManagementPublic Works
37008909DHoGVT - ECBCEllicott City Building CoordinatorsPublic Works
396009abDHoGVT - IC-CGeneral County EventPublic Works
396329adDHoGVT - TAC2General County EventPublic Works
396649afDHoGVT - TAC3General County EventPublic Works
396969b1DHoGVT - TAC4General County EventPublic Works
397289b3DHoGVT - TAC5General County EventPublic Works
397609b5DHoGVT - TAC6General County EventPublic Works
398569bbDHoGVT - PDSVictory Zone ? PD SecurePublic Works
400489c7DHoGVT - FRSVictory Zone ? Fire SecurePublic Works
400809c9DHoGVT - PFSVictory Zone ? Unknown SecurePublic Works
401449cdDHoGVT - VANNGeneral County EventPublic Works
45584b21DHoGVT - LicLicenses & PermitsPublic Works
45744b2bDHoward RNC 2Robinson Nature Center 2Public Works
45968b39DHoGVT - OEM2Office of Emergency Management 2Public Works
51920cadDHoward RNC 1Robinson Nature Center 1Public Works
52208cbfDHoGVT - CNY4County Common Talkgroup 4Public Works
52240cc1DHoGVT - CNY5County Common Talkgroup 5Public Works
52272cc3DHoGVT - CNY6County Common Talkgroup 6Public Works
52304cc5DHoGVT - CNY7County Common Talkgroup 7Public Works
52336cc7DHoGVT - CNY8County Common Talkgroup 8Public Works
52368cc9DHoGVT - CNY9County Common Talkgroup 9Public Works
52400ccbDHoGVT- CNY10County Common Talkgroup 10Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
359848c9DHoDPW - FADMFacilities Administration TalkgroupPublic Works
360168cbDHoDPW - FAC1Facilities Talkgroup 1Public Works
360488cdDHoDPW - FAC2Facilities Talkgroup 2Public Works
360808cfDHoDPW - FAC3Facilities Talkgroup 3Public Works
361128d1DHoDPW - DPW1Department of Public Works TalkgroupPublic Works
361448d3DHoDPW - UTOPUtilities Operations TalkgroupPublic Works
361768d5DHoDPW - UT2Utilities Talkgroup 2Public Works
362088d7DHoDPW - UT3Utilities Talkgroup 3Public Works
362408d9DHoDPW - WWTPWaste Water Treatment Plant TalkgroupPublic Works
362728dbDHoDPW - UTADUtilities Administration TalkgroupPublic Works
363048ddDHoDPW - EVADEnvironmental Services AdministrationPublic Works
363368dfDHoDPW - CLOPCollections OperationsPublic Works
363688e1DHoDPW - FDOPEVS Field OperationsPublic Works
364008e3DHoDPW - LDFLLandfill Operations TalkgroupPublic Works
364328e5DHoDPW - ACT1General County UnknownPublic Works
364648e7DHoDPW - ESUREngineering Survey Operations TalkgroupPublic Works
364968e9DHoDPW - ECIEEngineering/Construction Electrical Inspectors TalkgroupPublic Works
365288ebDHoDPW - ECICEngineering/Construction Construction Inspectors TalkgroupPublic Works
365608edDHoDPW - ECIWEngineering/Construction Plumbing Inspectors TalkgroupPublic Works
365928efDHoDPW - EDAMEngineering Administration TalkgroupPublic Works
366248f1DHoDPW - HWADHighways Administration TalkgroupPublic Works
366568f3DHoDPW - HWE1Highways East 1 Operations TalkgroupPublic Works
366888f5DHoDPW - HWE2Highways East 2 Operations TalkgroupPublic Works
367208f7DHoDPW - HWC1Highways Central 1 Operations TalkgroupPublic Works
367528f9DHoDPW - HWC2Highways Central 2 Operations TalkgroupPublic Works
367848fbDHoDPW - HWW1Highways West 1 Operations TalkgroupPublic Works
368168fdDHoDPW - HWW2Highways West 2 Operations TalkgroupPublic Works
368488ffDHoDPW - HWTFHighways Traffic Operations TalkgroupPublic Works
36880901DHoDPW - HWCOHighways County Wide TalkgroupPublic Works
36912903DHoDPW - SHADState Highways Administration TalkgroupPublic Works
36944905DHoDPW - SHOPState Highways Operations TalkgroupPublic Works
52560cd5DHow Landfil2Landfill 2Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
33808841DHoBOE TrChatTransportation ChatSchools
47408b93DHoBOE HSHigh SchoolsSchools
49296c09DHoBOE HSChatHigh Schools ChatSchools
50448c51DHoBOE AnncAnnouncementSchools
51984cb1DHoBOE AdminAdministrationSchools
52016cb3DHoBOE MntMaintenanceSchools
52048cb5DHoBOE TranspTransportationSchools
52080cb7DHoBOE ESElementary/Primary SchoolsSchools
52112cb9DHoBOE ESChatElementary/Primary Schools ChatSchools
52144cbbDHoBOE MSMiddle/Alternative SchoolsSchools
52176cbdDHoBOE MSChatMiddle/Alternative Schools ChatSchools
Maryland State Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45776b2dDMSP A DispBarrack A (Waterloo) Dispatch Law Dispatch
47344b8fDMSP A TacBarrack A (Waterloo) TacLaw Tac