System Name: Madison Area Public Safety
Location: Madison, WI
County: Dane
System Type: Motorola Type II Smartnet
System Voice: Analog
System ID: Sysid: 3324 Connect Tone: 83.72
Last Updated: December 6, 2018, 9:05 am CST   [Updated General Trunked System Information]
System Notes

Tower Locations
430354 / 0892623 - Site 1 - 125 Larkin Street
430321 / 0893206 - Site 2 - 8559 Mineral Point Road
430819 / 0892227 - Site 3 - 1202 Northpoint Drive - Lakeview Water Tower
430532 / 0891638 - Site 4 - Cottage Grove Road and Sprecher Road

Madison Police Dispatch

Standard dispatch - MPD Ch A01 (40048) handles all dispatch traffic from 0300-1200. From 1200-0300: MPD Ch A01 (40048)- North (Edward), East (Frank) and Central (David). Ch A03 (40080) - South (Charlie), West (Adam), Midtown (Baker).

Football game day dispatch - MPD Ch A01 (40048) - North (Edward), East (Frank) and West (Adam). MPD Ch A03 (40080) - Central (David) and South (Charlie)

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) Simulcast 858.7375c858.9625c854.1125856.0625


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
409129fdAPS CommonPublic Safety CommonMulti-Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
56016dadAMFD All CallAll CallFire-Talk
56048dafAMFD1 DispCh. A01 Admin/DispatchFire Dispatch
56080db1AMFD2 FiregrdCh. A02 Fireground 2Fire-Tac
56112db3AMFD3 FiregrdCh. A03 Fireground 3Fire-Tac
56144db5AMFD4 MedCh. A04 MED 4 / EMS SecondaryEMS-Tac
56176db7AMFD5 MedCh. A05 MED 5 / EMS PrimaryEMS-Tac
56816ddfAMFD All CallAll Call SecondaryFire-Talk
56848de1AMFD911Direct911 DirectFire-Talk
56880de3AMFD Com EdCh. B09 Community EducationFire-Talk
56912de5AMFD15 TrainCh. A15 TrainingFire-Talk
56944de7AMFD FireFireFire-Talk
56976de9AMFD InspectrCh. B10 InspectorsFire-Talk
57008debAMFD13 UW EMSCh. A13 UW EMS (Stadium Paramedics)EMS-Talk
57040dedAMFD14 SpcEvtCh. A14 Special EventsFire-Talk
57072defAMFD16 RITCh. 16 RITFire-Tac
57104df1AMFDwas Ch. B14 Special EventsFire-Talk
57648e13ASt Marys HosCh. A09 St. Marys HospitalHospital
57680e15AMeriter HospCh. A10 Meriter HospitalHospital
57712e17AUW HospitalCh. A11 UW HospitalHospital
57776e1bAMFD Alt HospAlternate HospitalsHospital
57808e1dASauk Pr HospSauk Prairie HospitalHospital
57840e1fAStoughtonHspStoughton HospitalHospital
57872e21AVA HospitalCh. A12 Veterans Administration HospitalHospital
58352e3fASt Marys SP St Mary's Sun Prairie Emergency CenterHospital
58384e41AUW HOSP EASTUW Hospital EastHospital
58576e4dAAmbClinicAllAmbulance to Clinics All CallHospital
58608e4fADean EastAmbulance to Dean East ClinicHospital
58640e51ADean WestAmbulance to Dean West ClinicHospital
58672e53ADean ClinicsDean Clinics CommonEMS-Talk
58928e63AEOC-DeanEastEOC to Dean East ClinicEMS-Talk
58960e65AEOC-DeanWestEOC to Dean West ClinicEMS-Talk
58992e67AEOC-Phy+EastEOC to Physicians Plus East ClinicEMS-Talk
59056e6bACommonClinicCommon ClinicsEMS-Talk
59216e75AMFD Stn AllStation All Call BackupFire Dispatch
59248e77AMFD Stn1AlrtStation 1 AlertingFire Dispatch
59280e79AMFD Stn2AlrtStation 2 AlertingFire Dispatch
59312e7bAMFD Stn3AlrtStation 3 AlertingFire Dispatch
59344e7dAMFD Stn4AlrtStation 4 AlertingFire Dispatch
59376e7fAMFD Stn5AlrtStation 5 AlertingFire Dispatch
59408e81AMFD Stn6AlrtStation 6 AlertingFire Dispatch
59440e83AMFD Stn7AlrtStation 7 AlertingFire Dispatch
59472e85AMFD Stn8AlrtStation 8 AlertingFire Dispatch
59504e87AMFD Stn9AlrtStation 9 AlertingFire Dispatch
59536e89AMFDStn10AlrtStation 10 AlertingFire Dispatch
59568e8bAMFDStn11AlrtStation 11 AlertingFire Dispatch
59600e8dAMFDStn12AlrtStation 12 AlertingFire Dispatch
59632e8fAMFDStn13AlrtStation 13 AlertingFire Dispatch
59856e9dAMFD All StnsAll Stations AlertingFire Dispatch