System Name: US Steel Corporation
Location: Various, PA
County: Allegheny
System Type: LTR Standard
System Voice: Analog
Last Updated: September 30, 2017, 6:25 pm CDT   [Changed Site # 003 (Irvin Works) to 003 (Irvin Works)]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) Clairton Works 01 451.537502 452.037503 452.312504 452.637505 452.8625
003 (3) Irvin Works 01 451.187502 451.487503 451.737504 452.162505 452.4875


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-05-015AGas ServiceGas ServiceBusiness
0-05-016AFire DeptFire DeptartmentFire Dispatch
0-05-239ACLRT ProtectCLRT Plant Protection Private (Patrol)Security
0-05-240ACLRT NonEmerCLRT Non-EmergencyBusiness
0-05-250ACLRT EmergCLRT EmergencyEmergency Ops
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
0-01-015ACrane 15Crane 15Business
0-01-016ACrane 16Crane 16Business
0-01-017ACrane 17Crane 17Business
0-01-020ACrane 20Crane 20Business
0-01-021ACrane Wk 1Crane Wk 1Business
0-01-022ACrane Wk 2Crane Wk 2Business
0-01-023ACrane Wk 3Crane Wk 3Business
0-01-024ACrane Wk 4Crane Wk 4Business
0-01-031AMachine ShopMachine ShopBusiness
0-01-050AHot MillHot MillBusiness
0-01-051AHS CraneHS CraneBusiness
0-01-052AHS MntcHS MntcBusiness
0-01-053AHS RollHS RollBusiness
0-01-054AHS Slab YdHS Slab YdBusiness
0-01-055AHS Sys RepHS Sys RepBusiness
0-01-060AConst ShopConst ShopBusiness
0-01-070AAir SteamAir SteamBusiness
0-01-080AWire GangWire GangBusiness
0-01-081AWG Work 1WG Work 1Business
0-01-082AWG Work 2WG Work 2Business
0-01-090ACold MillCold MillBusiness
0-01-093ARoll ShopRoll ShopBusiness
0-01-094A10926 Crane10926 CraneBusiness
0-01-095A104 Crane104 CraneBusiness
0-01-099A32 Crane32 CraneBusiness
0-01-100ACrane 100Crane 100Business
0-01-101ACrane 101Crane 101Business
0-01-102ACrane 102Crane 102Business
0-01-103ACrane 103Crane 103Business
0-01-110APickle LinePickle LineBusiness
0-01-111A84 Pckl Prod84 Pckl ProdBusiness
0-01-112A84 Pckl Mntc84 Pckl MntcBusiness
0-01-113A64 Pckl Prod64 Pckl ProdBusiness
0-01-114A64 Pckl Mntc64 Pckl MntcBusiness
0-01-115ARaw CoilRaw CoilBusiness
0-01-120AStruct ShopStruct ShopBusiness
0-01-121ASS Work 1SS Work 1Business
0-01-122ASS Work 2SS Work 2Business
0-01-142AUtil ElectriUtil ElecBusiness
0-01-160AWaterQualityWater QualityBusiness
0-01-170AHPH OCA CAHPH OCA CABusiness
0-01-171AHPH ProdHPH ProdBusiness
0-01-172AHPH Mntc 1HPH Mntc 1Business
0-01-173AHPH Mntc 2HPH Mntc 2Business
0-01-174AHPH SysHPH SysBusiness
0-01-175AOCA CraneOCA CraneBusiness
0-01-185ACM ManagersCM ManagersBusiness
0-01-200APipe ShopPipe ShopBusiness
0-01-201APipe Work 1Pipe Work 1Business
0-01-202APipe Work 2Pipe Work 2Business
0-01-239AIRV PP PrivIRV PP PrivBusiness
0-01-240AIRV Non-EmerIRV Non-EmerBusiness
0-01-242APhone PatchPhone PatchBusiness
0-01-250AIRV EmergIRV EmergencyEmergency Ops