System Name: Lancaster County
Location: Lincoln, NE
County: Lancaster
System Type: Project 25 Phase II
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: BB0 WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: November 26, 2022, 9:29 pm CST   [Updated encryption settings for 13 talkgroups for Lincoln]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name Freqs
5 (5) 023 (17) Lincoln-Lancaster County Simulcast 852.850853.5625853.7375854.1875854.6875c856.2125c856.4625c856.4625


Despite Law Enforcement talkgroups being encrypted, Lincoln/Lancaster County offers a feed of Law Enforcement dispatch that is delayed 10 minutes. The county EOC/EMA is combined between Lincoln and the County

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
121502f76DELanCo SO TrainSheriff TrainingLaw Talk
121512f77DELanCo SO OpsSheriff OperationsLaw Tac
121522f78DELanCo SO CourtSherriff CourtLaw Tac
121532f79DELanCo SO CivilSheriff CivilLaw Tac
121542f7aDELanCo SO TACSheriff TacticalLaw Tac
121552f7bDELanCo SO FTFSheriff Fugitive Task ForceLaw Tac
121582f7eDLanCo/Linc EMA 1Emergency Management Talk 1Emergency Ops
121592f7fDLanCo ADF TransAdult Detention Facility TransporationCorrections
121602f80DLanCo ADF TacAdult Detention Facility TacticalCorrections
12845322dDLanCo/Linc EMA 2Emergency Management Talk 2Emergency Ops

Despite Law Enforcement talkgroups being encrypted, Lincoln/Lancaster County offers a feed of Law Enforcement dispatch that is delayed 10 minutes.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
121012f45DELincoln PD 1 WPolice 1 West DispatchLaw Dispatch
121022f46DELincoln PD 2 W CPolice 2 West Car/CarLaw Dispatch
121032f47DELincoln PD 3 EPolice 3 East DispatchLaw Dispatch
121042f48DELincoln PD 4 E CPolice 4 East Car/CarLaw Tac
121052f49DELincoln PD 5 XPolice 5 Expanded DispatchLaw Dispatch
121062f4aDELincoln PD 6 X CPolice 6 Expanded Car/CarLaw Tac
121072f4bDELincoln PD 7 OpsPolice 7 LE OperationsLaw Tac
121082f4cDELincoln PD 8 OpsPolice 8 LE OperationsLaw Tac
121092f4dDELincoln PD 9 OpsPolice 9 LE OperationsLaw Tac
121102f4eDELincoln PD 10 OpPolice 10 LE OperationsLaw Tac
121112f4fDELincoln PD 11 OpPolice 11 LE OperationsLaw Tac
121122f50DELincoln PD 12 OpPolice 12 LE OperationsLaw Tac
121132f51DELincoln PD 13 PSPolice 13 PSMulti-Tac
121142f52DELincoln PD 14 PSPolice 14 PSMulti-Tac
121152f53DELincoln PD 15 CLPolice 15 PS CLRMulti-Tac
121162f54DELincoln PD 16 InPolice 16 InfoLaw Talk
121192f57DELincoln PD K9Police K9Law Tac
121202f58DELincoln PD SWATPolice SWATLaw Tac
121232f5bDELincoln PD Narc1Police Narcotics 1Law Tac
121242f5cDELincoln PD Narc2Police Narcotics 2Law Tac
121292f61DELincoln PD TraffPolice TrafficLaw Tac
1250230d6DLincoln FD 2 TacFire 2 TacFire-Tac
1250330d7DLincoln FD 3 TacFire 3 TacFire-Tac
1250430d8DLincoln FD 4 TacFire 4 TacFire-Tac
1250530d9DLincoln FD 5 TacFire 5 TacFire-Tac
1250630daDLincoln FD 6 TacFire 6 TacFire-Tac
1250730dbDLincoln FD 7 TacFire 7 TacFire-Tac
1250830dcDLincoln FD 8 TacFire 8 TacFire-Tac
1250930ddDLincoln FD9 TacFire 9 TacFire-Tac
1251030deDLincoln FD 10 TcFire 10 TacFire-Tac
1251130dfDLincoln FD 11 TcFire 11 TacFire-Tac
1251230e0DLincoln FD 12 TcFire 12 TacFire-Tac
1252030e8DLincoln Emerg TsEmergency TestOther
1252130e9DLincoln FD AlertFire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
1252230eaDLincoln FD ComFire CommonFire-Talk
1252330ebDLincoln FD ComFire Traning CommonFire-Talk
1252430ecDLincoln FD LogFire Logistics CommonFire-Talk
1252630eeDLincoln USARUrban Search / RescueEmergency Ops
1252730efDLincoln FD PlansFire Plans CommonFire-Tac
1253130f3DLincoln FD HZMT1Fire Hazmat 1Fire-Tac
1253230f4DLincoln FD HZMT2Fire Hazmat 2Fire-Tac
1253330f5DLincoln FD HZMT3Fire Hazmat 3Fire-Tac
1253430f6DLincoln FD HZMT4Fire Hazmat 4Fire-Tac
126013139DLincoln Snow 1Snow Route 1Public Works
12602313aDLincoln Snow 2Snow Route 2Public Works
126403160DStarTran AnStarTran AnnouncementsTransportation
126413161DStarTran VanStarTran HandivanTransportation
126423162DStarTran ReplyStarTran ReplyTransportation
126433163DStarTran Tac 1StarTran Tac 1Transportation
12650316aDLAA SecurityLincoln Airport Authority SecurityLaw Dispatch
126603174DLAA OperationsLincoln Airport Authority OperationsPublic Works
1271131a7DLincoln ACOAnimal ControlPublic Works
128013201DLincoln Interp 1Interoperability 1Interop
128023202DLincoln Interp 2Interoperability 2Interop
128033203DLincoln Interp 3Interoperability 3Interop
128043204DLincoln Interp 4Interoperability 4Interop
128053205DLincoln Interp 5Interoperability 5Interop
128063206DLincoln Interp 6Interoperability 6Interop
128073207DLincoln Interp 7Interoperability 7Interop
128083208DLincoln Interp 8Interoperability 8Interop
128093209DLincoln Interp 9Interoperability 9Interop
12810320aDLincoln Interp10Interoperability 10Interop
12811320bDLincoln Interp11Interoperability 11Interop
12812320cDLincoln Interp12Interoperability 12Interop
12813320dDLincoln Interp13Interoperability 13Interop
12814320eDLincoln Interp14Interoperability 14Interop
12815320fDLincoln Interp15Interoperability 15Interop
128163210DLincoln Interp16Interoperability 16Interop
128403228DCHI St ElizabethCHI Health St ElizabethHospital
128413229DBryan Med WestBryan Medical Center WestHospital
12842322aDBryan Med EastBryan Medical Center EastHospital
12843322bDCHI HeartCHI Health Nebraska HeartHospital
12844322cDMidwest MedTransMidwest Medical Transport CompanyEMS Dispatch
128513233DELincoln MCI 1Mass Casualty Incident 1Multi-Tac
128523234DELincoln MCI 2Mass Casualty Incident 2Multi-Tac
128533235DELincoln MCI 3Mass Casualty Incident 3Multi-Tac
128543236DELincoln MCI 4Mass Casualty Incident 4Multi-Tac
128553237DELincoln MCI 5Mass Casualty Incident 5Multi-Tac
128563238DELincoln MCI 6Mass Casualty Incident 6Multi-Tac
128573239DELincoln MCI 7Mass Casualty Incident 7Multi-Tac
12858323aDELincoln MCI 8Mass Casualty Incident 8Multi-Tac
12859323bDELincoln MCI 9Mass Casualty Incident 9Multi-Tac
12860323cDELincoln MCI 10Mass Casualty Incident 10Multi-Tac
12861323dDELincoln MCI 11Mass Casualty Incident 11Multi-Tac
12862323eDELincoln MCI 12Mass Casualty Incident 12Multi-Tac
12863323fDELincoln MCI 13Mass Casualty Incident 13Multi-Tac
128643240DELincoln MCI 14Mass Casualty Incident 14Multi-Tac
128653241DELincoln MCI 15Mass Casualty Incident 15Multi-Tac
128663242DELincoln MCI 16Mass Casualty Incident 16Multi-Tac
128713247DELincoln Train 1Training 1Multi-Talk
128723248DELincoln Train 2Training 2Multi-Talk
128733249DELincoln Train 3Training 3Multi-Talk
12874324aDELincoln Train 4Training 4Multi-Talk
12875324bDELincoln Train 5Training 5Multi-Talk
12876324cDELincoln Train 6Training 6Multi-Talk
12877324dDELincoln Train 7Training 7Multi-Talk
12878324eDELincoln Train 8Training 8Multi-Talk
12879324fDLincoln Train 9Training 9Multi-Talk
128803250DLincoln Train 10Training 10Multi-Talk
128813251DLincoln Train 11Training 11Multi-Talk
128823252DLincoln Train 12Training 12Multi-Talk
128833253DLincoln Train 13Training 13Multi-Talk
128843254DLincoln Train 14Training 14Multi-Talk
128853255DLincoln Train 15Training 15Multi-Talk
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
121612f81DEUNL PD 1UNL Police 1Law Dispatch
121682f88DEUNL PD/FD 1UNL Police/Fire 1Fire Dispatch
121692f89DEUNL PD/FD 2UNL Police/Fire 2Multi-Tac
121702f8aDEUNL PD/FD 3UNL Police/Fire 3Multi-Tac
121712f8bDEUNL Red 1UNL Gameday Red 1Schools
121722f8cDEUNL Red 2UNL Gameday Red 2Schools
121732f8dDEUNL Red 3UNL Gameday Red 3Schools
121742f8eDEUNL Red 4UNL Gameday Red 4Schools
121752f8fDEUNL Red 5UNL Gameday Red 5Schools
121762f90DEUNL Red 6UNL Gameday Red 6Schools
121772f91DEUNL Red 7UNL Gameday Red 7Schools
121782f92DEUNL Red 8UNL Gameday Red 8Schools
121792f93DEUNL Red 9UNL Gameday Red 9Schools
121802f94DEUNL Red 10UNL Gameday Red 10Schools
121812f95DUNL White 1UNL Gameday White 1Schools
121822f96DUNL White 2UNL Gameday White 2Schools
121832f97DUNL White 3UNL Gameday White 3Schools
121842f98DUNL White 4UNL Gameday White 4Schools
121852f99DUNL White 5UNL Gameday White 5Schools
121862f9aDUNL White 6UNL Gameday White 6Schools