System Name: U.S. Marshals Service
Location: Regional, NJ NY PA
County: 14 Counties
System Type: Project 25 Phase II
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 4F0 WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: November 11, 2023, 22:20 pm UTC   [Changed Site # 146 (New Brunswick) to 146 (New Brunswick)]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name County Freqs
1 (1) 102 (66) Atlantic City Atlantic, NJ 170.8375c171.6125c   
1 (1) 143 (8F) Cape May Cape May, NJ 168.8875c168.925c   
1 (1) 122 (7A) Central Islip Courthouse Suffolk, NY 171.2625c171.4625c171.6875c173.7875 
1 (1) 109 (6D) Finchville Orange, NY 169.7625c170.8625c171.9875  
1 (1) 144 (90) Frankford Sussex, NJ 170.3375c172.050c173.050  
1 (1) 110 (6E) Freehold Monmouth, NJ 171.6875c171.725c   
1 (1) 145 (91) Harmony Warren, NJ 170.5625c171.1625173.1875c  
1 (1) 132 (84) Lambertville Hunterdon, NJ 170.675c172.6625c   
1 (1) 115 (73) Manahawkin Ocean, NJ 170.600c170.8625c   
1 (1) 117 (75) Middle Island Suffolk, NY 171.725c172.6625c173.725  
1 (1) 103 (67) Mt Beacon Dutchess, NY 169.6375c171.6625c173.125  
1 (1) 146 (92) New Brunswick Middlesex, NJ 171.6625c172.1125c173.6375  
1 (1) 001 (1) NYC Area Simulcast New York City, NY 406.6125c406.8125c407.2125c408.250c409.2125
1 (1) 128 (80) Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA 171.9875172.7625c173.550c  
1 (1) 127 (7F) Plainview Nassau, NY 170.5625c170.9125c170.9625c171.4375 
1 (1) 118 (76) Randolph Morris, NJ 168.9875c171.6125171.750173.550c173.850
1 (1) 129 (81) Southampton Suffolk, NY 169.6375c170.675c171.6125c  
1 (1) 130 (82) Swedesboro Gloucester, NJ 170.3375c170.675c171.5125172.1125 
1 (1) 114 (72) Trenton Mercer, NJ 168.9125c170.9125c   


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1100bTEFederal IO 1Federal Interop 1Federal
1200cTEFederal IO 2Federal Interop 2Federal
1300dTEFederal IO 3Federal Interop 3Federal
1400eTEFederal IO 4Federal Interop 4Federal
1500fTEFederal IO 5Federal Interop 5Federal
16010TEFederal IO 6Federal Interop 6Federal
17011TEFederal IO 7Federal Interop 7Federal
18012TEFederal IO 8Federal Interop 8Federal
19013TEFederal IO 9Federal Interop 9Federal
20014TEFederal IO 10Federal Interop 10Federal
21015TEFederal IO 11Federal Interop 11Federal
22016TEFederal IO 12Federal Interop 12Federal
23017TEFederal IO 13Federal Interop 13Federal
24018TEFederal IO 14Federal Interop 14Federal
25019TEFederal IO 15Federal Interop 15Federal
2601aTEFederal IO 16Federal Interop 16Federal
2701bTELocal IO 1Local Interop 1Interop
2801cTELocal IO 2Local Interop 2Interop
2901dTELocal IO 3Local Interop 3Interop
3001eTELocal IO 4Local Interop 4Interop
3101fTELocal IO 5Local Interop 5Interop
32020TELocal IO 6Local Interop 6Interop
33021TELocal IO 7Local Interop 7Interop
34022TELocal IO 8Local Interop 8Interop
35023TELocal IO 9Local Interop 9Interop
36024TELocal IO 10Local Interop 10Interop
37025TELocal IO 11Local Interop 11Interop
38026TELocal IO 12Local Interop 12Interop
39027TELocal IO 13Local Interop 13Interop
40028TELocal IO 14Local Interop 14Interop
41029TELocal IO 15Local Interop 15Interop
4202aTELocal IO 16Local Interop 16Interop
50032TEFIO 1 LinkFIO 1 LinkFederal
DHS Homeland Security Investigations
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
306017789TENewark HSI 1Newark HSI 1Federal
30602778aTENewark HSI 2Newark HSI 2Federal
30603778bTENewark HSI 3Newark HSI 3Federal
30604778cTENewark HSI 4Newark HSI 4Federal
30605778dTENewark HSI 5Newark HSI 5Federal
30606778eTENewark HSI 6Newark HSI 6Federal
30607778fTEAtlanticCity HSIAtlantic City HSIFederal
306087790TECherryHill HSI 1Cherry Hill HSI 1Federal
306097791TECherryHill HSI 2Cherry Hill HSI 2Federal
326017f59TENYC HSI 1NYC HSI 1Federal
326027f5aTENYC HSI 2NYC HSI 2Federal
326037f5bTENYC HSI 3NYC HSI 3Federal
326047f5cTENYC HSI 4NYC HSI 4Federal
326057f5dTENYC HSI 5NYC HSI 5Federal
326067f5eTENYC HSI 6NYC HSI 6Federal
326077f5fTENYC HSI 7NYC HSI 7Federal
326087f60TENYC HSI 8NYC HSI 8Federal
326097f61TENY HSI SRTNY HSI SRTFederal
326107f62TEJFK HSI 1JFK HSI 1Federal
326117f63TEJFK HSI 2JFK HSI 2Federal
326127f64TELongIsland HSI 1Long Island HSI 1Federal
326137f65TELongIsland HSI 2Long Island HSI 2Federal
326147f66TEHudsonValley HSIHudson Valley HSIFederal
DHS Immigration and Customs Enforcement
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3063177a7TENewark ERO 1Newark Enforcement and Removal Ops 1Federal
3063277a8TENewark ERO 2Newark Enforcement and Removal Ops 2Federal
3063377a9TENewark ERO 3Newark Enforcement and Removal Ops 3Federal
3063477aaTENewark ERO 4Newark Enforcement and Removal Ops 4Federal
3063577abTENewark ERO 5Newark Enforcement and Removal Ops 5Federal
3063677acTENewark ERO 6Newark Enforcement and Removal Ops 6Federal
3063777adTEMarlton ERO 1Marlton Enforcement and Removal Ops 1Federal
3063877aeTEMarlton ERO 2Marlton Enforcement and Removal Ops 2Federal
3066177c5TEICE OperationsICE OperationsFederal
3066377c7TENJ ICE IO 1NJ ICE Interop 1Federal
3066477c8TENJ ICE IO 2NJ ICE Interop 2Federal
3066577c9TENY/NJ Maint 1NY/NJ Maintenance 1Federal
326317f77TENYC ERO 1NYC Enforcement and Removal Ops 1Federal
326327f78TENYC ERO 2NYC Enforcement and Removal Ops 2Federal
326337f79TENYC ERO 3NYC Enforcement and Removal Ops 3Federal
326347f7aTENYC ERO 4NYC Enforcement and Removal Ops 4Federal
326357f7bTENYC ERO 5NYC Enforcement and Removal Ops 5Federal
326367f7cTENYC ERO 6NYC Enforcement and Removal Ops 6Federal
326377f7dTENYC ERO 7NYC Enforcement and Removal Ops 7Federal
326387f7eTENYC ERO 8NYC Enforcement and Removal Ops 8Federal
326397f7fTENewburgh ERONewburgh Enforcement and Removal OpsFederal
326407f80TECentralIslip EROCentral Islip Enforcement and Removal OpsFederal
326417f81TENY ERO SRTNY Enforcement and Removal Ops SRTFederal
326637f97TENY ICE IO 1NY ICE Interop 1Federal
326647f98TENY ICE IO 2NY ICE Interop 2Federal