System Name: Apple
Location: Cupertino, AZ CA NV NC OR TX
County: 10 Counties
System Type: DMR Tier 3 Capacity Max
System Voice: DMR
System ID: HEX: L9 DEC: L9
Last Updated: April 20, 2024, 15:36 pm UTC   [Changed Site # 006 (Austin (Riata Vista)) to 6 (Riata Vista (Austin))]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
005 (5) Apple Data Center (Maiden NC) Catawba, NC 461.450c464.125  
027 (1B) Apple Data Center (Prineville, OR) Crook, OR 463.4125464.975c  
026 (1A) Apple / Beats Culver City Media Campus Los Angeles, CA 461.150461.650c461.8375464.250
041 (29) 5500 Jefferson - Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA 463.375464.450c  
042 (2A) 8777 Washington - Culver City Los Angeles, CA 451.450c452.675  
043 (2B) 10000 Washington - Culver City Los Angeles, CA 462.300c463.5875  
023 (17) Apple Data Center (Mesa, AZ) Maricopa, AZ 452.425c452.450461.050461.550
004 (4) Elk Grove Campus (Elk Grove, CA) Sacramento, CA 461.5625c464.175  
039 (27) Rancho Bernardo (San Diego) San Diego, CA 463.4875464.8625c  
002 (2) Apple Campus (Cupertino, CA) Santa Clara, CA 452.175c461.5125464.7875 
009 (9) Apple Park Headquarters (Cupertino, CA) Santa Clara, CA 461.500462.025463.775c464.700
018 (12) Black Mountain Santa Clara, CA 451.300462.0125464.450464.900c
032 (20) Apple Results Way Campus (Cupertino, CA) Santa Clara, CA 451.950c463.3625  
036 (24) Apple Benecia 1 and 2 (Sunnyvale, CA) - OFFLINE Santa Clara, CA 461.9875c   
044 (2C) Apple Orchard Pkwy (San Jose, CA) - OFFLINE Santa Clara, CA 461.050c   
045 (2D) Apple Wolfe Campus (Sunnyvale, CA) Santa Clara, CA 463.3125c464.9625  
046 (2E) Apple Scott Blvd (Santa Clara, CA) Santa Clara, CA 461.5375c   
006 (6) Riata Vista (Austin) Travis, TX 462.150c   
024 (18) Apple Data Center (Sparks, NV) 1 Washoe, NV 464.150c464.800  
025 (19) Apple Data Center (Sparks, NV) 2 Washoe, NV 461.400c464.125  


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51TEEncrypted 51EncryptedBusiness
59TeSecurity 59Security (Alpha 1, Bravo 1, Bravo 4)Security
60TEEncrypted 60EncryptedBusiness
61TEEncrypted 61EncryptedBusiness
63TSecurity InfLoopSecurity (Infinite Loop Campus)Security
72TEEncrypted 72EncryptedBusiness
88TSecurity Disp 88Security DispatchSecurity
182TEEncrypted 182EncryptedBusiness
239TEEncrypted 239EncryptedBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45TEAPPLE CC PATROLMobile Security PatrolSecurity
87TEAPPLE CC SECSecuritySecurity
89TAPPLE CC PARKINGParkingBusiness
92TAPPLE CC 92Apple Culver CityBusiness
100TAPPLE CC 100Apple Culver CityBusiness
109TEAPPLE CC 109Apple Culver CityBusiness
114TAPPLE CC HKHousekeeping / CustodialBusiness
122TAPPLE CC VALETValet ParkingBusiness
300TEAPPLE CC 300Apple Culver CityBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
88TEMaiden 88Maiden Data CenterBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
305TEApple SD 305 EncSan Diego (Encrypted)Business
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
88TSparks SecuritySecurity DispatchSecurity