Illinois Central College (Peoria)

System Name: Illinois Central College (Peoria)
Location: Peoria area, IL
County: 2 Counties
System Type: DMR Conventional Networked
System Voice: DMR
Last Updated: October 9, 2022, 17:23 pm UTC   [(2) Talkgroups Updated (Campus Operations)]
System Notes

It appears that the three repeaters (453.225, 453.975, and 461.6375) simulcast from all three campuses (Peoria, East Peoria, and Pekin).  If this is incorrect, please submit an update.

There supposedly is a backup system if the primary system were to fail but have not heard that system.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) East Peoria Campus Peoria 453.225 (CC 2)453.975 (CC 3)
002 (2) Peoria Campus Peoria 453.225 (CC 2)453.975 (CC 3)
003 (3) Pekin Campus Peoria 461.6375 (CC 1) 


DEC Slot Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
202TICC Maint 1Facilities (Ch 1)Schools
211TICC Police 2Police: Dispatch (Ch 2)Law Dispatch