Turning Stone Resort Casino

System Name: Turning Stone Resort Casino
Location: Verona, NY
County: Oneida
System Type: DMR Hytera XPT
System Voice: DMR
Last Updated: September 5, 2023, 6:40 pm CDT   [Imported talkgroups (4 Added, 2 Updated) for All]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) Casino 454.1125 (CC 7)454.3125 (CC 7)454.5125 (CC 7)454.2625 (CC 7)


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
9TRadio TechsRadio TechniciansBusiness
39TYBR Security EmrYBR Security Emergency ChannelSecurity
97TPointPl SecurityPoint Place Casino SecuritySecurity
100TSecurity CommandSecurity CommandSecurity
101TSupervisor ChanSupervisor ChannelBusiness
102TFirst AidFirst AidEMS-Tac
103TFire SafetyFire SafetyFire-Tac
105TAlarms MaintAlarms MaintenanceBusiness
113TFloor SecurityFloor SecuritySecurity
119TNYS Gaming CommNYS Gaming CommissionLaw Tac
120TGamingCommissionGaming CommissionBusiness
121TNationGamingCommNation Gaming CommissionBusiness
122TGamingCommissionGaming CommissionBusiness
123TNationGamingCommNation Gaming CommissionBusiness
128TGolf ShuttleGolf Course ShuttleBusiness
133TGuest ServicesGuest ServicesBusiness
134TSlot AttendantsSlot Machine AttendantsBusiness
135TSlot AttendantsSlot Machine AttendantsBusiness
136TGame TechsGame TechsBusiness
138TGame TechsGame TechsBusiness
140TBingo OpsBingo OperationsBusiness
143TBingo OpsBingo OperationsBusiness
145TATM TechsATM TechsBusiness
151TEntertainmentEntertainment CrewBusiness
169TPro ShopPro ShopBusiness
170TGolf CoursesGolf CoursesBusiness
171TGolf Food CartGolf Courses Food CartBusiness
174THotel ServicesHotel ServicesBusiness
179TFood/BeverageFood and BeverageBusiness
182TRestaurant SeatRestaurant SeatingBusiness
195TCode OrangeCode Orange ChannelBusiness
203TLake House EmrLake House Emergency ChannelSecurity
211TLake House SecLake House SecuritySecurity
232TSecurity BaseSecurity BaseSecurity
250TEmerGroup-OrangeEmergency Group - Code OrangeSecurity
251TEmerGroup-RedEmergency Group - Code RedSecurity