System Name: Montgomery County, MD
Location: Various, MD
County: Montgomery
System Type: Project 25 Phase II
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 8E0 WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: August 11, 2022, 9:49 am CDT   [(2) Talkgroups Updated (Local Government)]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name Freqs
1 (1) 002 (2) Simulcast 851.2125851.275851.3375851.4875851.650852.8375852.8875852.9125


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3560de8TMont J1 SpEv 1J1 Special Events 1Interop
3565dedTMont J2 SpEv 2J2 Special Events 2Interop
3570df2TMont J3 SpEv 3J3 Special Events 3Interop
3575df7TMont J4 SpEv 4J4 Special Events 4Interop
3580dfcTMont J5 SpEv 5J5 Special Events 5Interop
3585e01TMont J6 SpEv 6J6 Special Events 6Interop
3590e06TMont J7 SpEvAnncJ7 Special Events AnnouncementInterop
3620e24TMont L1 LGEM 1L1 Local Government Emergency 1Interop
3625e29TMont L2 LGEM 2L2 Local Government Emergency 2Interop
3630e2eTMont L3 LGEM 3L3 Local Government Emergency 3Interop
3635e33TMont L4 LGEM 4L4 Local Government Emergency 4Interop
3640e38TMont L5 LGEM 5L5 Local Government Emergency 5Interop
3645e3dTMontL6 LGEM ANNCL6 Local Government Emergency AnnouncementInterop
3650e42TMont L7 LGCRD 1L7 Local Government Coordination 1Interop
3655e47TMont L8 LGCRD 2L8 Local Government Coordination 2Interop
3660e4cTMont L9 LGCRD 3L9 Local Government Coordination 3Interop
3665e51TMont L10 LGCRD 4L10 Local Government Coordination 4Interop
3670e56TMont L11L11 Local Government Coordination AnnouncementInterop
3680e60TMont L16 911L16 911 Local Government Emergency RevertInterop
Fire and Rescue Service
  • The four Great Falls talkgroups are hosted on the Montgomery system & can be scanned, but are only accessible by personnel from Fairfax Fire/Rescue Zone 41 on their radios.
  • 7A1/7B1/7C1/7D1/7E1/7F1/7A16 are all the same talkgroup (7A1-Ops1) but are labeled differently depending on which zone the radio is set.
  • 7A2/7B2/7C2/7D2/7E2/7F2 are all the same talkgroup (7A2-Dispatch) but are labeled differently depending on which zone the radio is set.
  • 7A3/7B3/7C3/7D3/7E3/7F3 are all the same talkgroup (7A3-Ops3) but are labeled differently depending on which zone the radio is set.
  • TG's 7D are for Secure Fireground Operations.
  • TG's 7E are for Special Operations and are secure.
  • TG's 7F are for Coordination.
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4000fa0DMCFR 7A1 Ops 17A1 Ops 1Fire-Tac
4005fa5DMCFR 7A2 Disp7A2 DispatchFire Dispatch
4010faaDMCFR 7A3 Ops 37A3 Ops 3Fire-Tac
4015fafDMCFR 7A4 Inc 107A4 Incident 10Fire-Tac
4020fb4DMCFR 7A5 Inc 117A5 Incident 11Fire-Tac
4025fb9DMCFR 7A6 Inc 127A6 Incident 12Fire-Tac
4030fbeDMCFR 7A7 Annc 107A7 Announcement 10Fire-Tac
4035fc3DMCFR 7A8 Inc 207A8 Incident 20Fire-Tac
4040fc8DMCFR 7A9 Inc 217A9 Incident 21Fire-Tac
4045fcdDMCFR 7A10 Inc 227A10 Incident 22Fire-Tac
4050fd2DMCFR 7A11 Annc207A11 Announcement 20Fire-Tac
4055fd7TEMCFR 7A12 MCSec7A12 MC SecureFire-Tac
4060fdcTEMCFR 7A13 MASec7A13 Mutual Aid Secure A13Fire-Tac
4065fe1DMCFR 7A14 Alt147A14 Alternate A14Fire-Tac
4070fe6TMCFR 7B4 Inc 307B4 Incident 30Fire-Tac
4075febTMCFR 7B5 Inc 317B5 Incident 31Fire-Tac
4080ff0TMCFR 7B6 Inc 327B6 Incident 32Fire-Tac
4085ff5TMCFR 7B7 Annc 307B7 Announcement 30Fire-Tac
4090ffaTMCFR 7B8 Inc 407B8 Incident 40Fire-Tac
4095fffTMCFR 7B9 Inc 417B9 Incident 41Fire-Tac
41001004TMCFR 7B10 Inc 427B10 Incident 42Fire-Tac
41051009TMCFR 7B11 Annc407B11 Announcement 40Fire-Tac
41151013TMCFR 7B137B13 Mutual Aid Secure B13Fire-Tac
41201018TMCFR 7B147B14 Alternate B14Fire-Tac
4125101dTMCFR 7C4 Inc 507C4 Incident 50Fire-Tac
41301022TMCFR 7C5 Inc 517C5 Incident 51Fire-Tac
41351027TMCFR 7C6 Inc 527C6 Incident 52Fire-Tac
4140102cTMCFR 7C7 Annc 507C7 Announcement 50Fire-Tac
41451031TMCFR 7C8 Inc 607C8 Incident 60Fire-Tac
41501036TMCFR 7C9 Inc 617C9 Incident 61Fire-Tac
4155103bTMCFR 7C10 Inc 627C10 Incident 62Fire-Tac
41601040TMCFR 7C11 Annc607C11 Announcement 60Fire-Tac
4170104aTMCFR 7C137C13 Mutual Aid Secure C13Fire-Tac
4175104fTMCFR 7C147C14 Alternate C14Fire-Tac
42251081TEMCFR 7D137D13 Mutual Aid Secure D13Fire-Tac
42301086TEMCFR 7D147D14 Alternate D14Fire-Tac
431510dbTMCFR 7F147F14 Alternate F14Fire-Tac
432010e0TMCFR 7G1 PSTA 17G1 Public Safety Training Academy 1Fire-Talk
432510e5TMCFR 7G2 PSTA 27G2 Public Safety Training Academy 2Fire-Talk
433010eaTMCFR 7G3 PSTA 37G3 Public Safety Training Academy 3Fire-Talk
433510efTMCFR 7G4 PSTA 47G4 Public Safety Training Academy 4Fire-Talk
434010f4TMCFR 7G5 Code7G5 Code ComplianceFire-Talk
434510f9TMCFR 7G6 CentMnt7G6 Central Maintenance FacilityFire-Talk
435010feTMCFR 7G11 LFRD 17G11 Local Fire and Rescue Departments 1Fire-Talk
43551103TMCFR 7G12 LFRD 27G12 Local Fire and Rescue Departments 2Fire-Talk
43601108TMCFR 7G13 CERT7G13 Community Emergency Response TeamFire-Talk
43701112TMCFR 7G15 OpsAdm7G15 Operations AdministrationFire-Talk
43851121TMCFR 7H1 EMRC7H1 Emergency Medical Resource CenterHospital
43901126TMCFR 7H2 CNSLT 17H2 Consult 1Hospital
4395112bTMCFR 7H3 CNSLT 27H3 Consult 2Hospital
44001130TeMCFR 7H4 HC GT7H4 Holy Cross Hospital GermantownHospital
44051135TeMCFR 7H5 HC SS7H5 Holy Cross Hospital Silver SpringHospital
4410113aTeMCFR 7H6 Mont MC7H6 Montgomery Medical CenterHospital
4415113fTeMCFR 7H7 NatMil7H7 National Military Medical CenterHospital
44201144TeMCFR 7H8 SGAH7H8 Shady Grove Adventist HospitalHospital
44251149TeMCFR 7H9 Sibley7H9 Sibley Memorial HospitalHospital
4430114eTeMCFR 7H10 Suburb7H10 Suburban HospitalHospital
44351153TeMCFR 7H11 Wh Oak7H11 White Oak Medical CenterHospital
44401158TMCFR All HospAll HospitalsHospital
44851185TMCFR Batt 1 TrngBattalion 1 TrainingFire-Talk
4490118aTMCFR Batt 2 TrngBattalion 2 TrainingFire-Talk
4495118fTMCFR Batt 3 TrngBattalion 3 TrainingFire-Talk
45001194TMCFR Batt 4 TrngBattalion 4 TrainingFire-Talk
45051199TMCFR Batt 5 TrngBattalion 5 TrainingFire-Talk
451511a3TMCFR Batt 1 AnncBattalion 1 AnnouncementFire-Talk
452011a8TMCFR Batt 2 AnncBattalion 2 AnnouncementFire-Talk
452511adTMCFR Batt 3 AnncBattalion 3 AnnouncementFire-Talk
453011b2TMCFR Batt 4 AnncBattalion 4 AnnouncementFire-Talk
453511b7TMCFR Batt 5 AnncBattalion 5 AnnouncementFire-Talk
454511c1TMCFR Station 1Fire Station 1Fire-Talk
455011c6TMCFR Station 2Fire Station 2Fire-Talk
455511cbTMCFR Station 3Fire Station 3Fire-Talk
456011d0TMCFR Station 4Fire Station 4Fire-Talk
456511d5TMCFR Station 5Fire Station 5Fire-Talk
457011daTMCFR Station 6Fire Station 6Fire-Talk
457511dfTMCFR Station 7Fire Station 7Fire-Talk
458011e4TMCFR Station 8Fire Station 8Fire-Talk
458511e9TMCFR Station 9Fire Station 9Fire-Talk
459011eeTMCFR Station 10Fire Station 10Fire-Talk
459511f3TMCFR Station 11Fire Station 11Fire-Talk
460011f8TMCFR Station 12Fire Station 12Fire-Talk
460511fdTMCFR Station 13Fire Station 13Fire-Talk
46101202TMCFR Station 14Fire Station 14Fire-Talk
46151207TMCFR Station 15Fire Station 15Fire-Talk
4620120cTMCFR Station 16Fire Station 16Fire-Talk
46251211TMCFR Station 17Fire Station 17Fire-Talk
46301216TMCFR Station 18Fire Station 18Fire-Talk
4635121bTMCFR Station 19Fire Station 19Fire-Talk
46401220TMCFR Station 20Fire Station 20Fire-Talk
46451225TMCFR Station 21Fire Station 21Fire-Talk
4650122aTMCFR Station 22Fire Station 22Fire-Talk
4655122fTMCFR Station 23Fire Station 23Fire-Talk
46601234TMCFR Station 24Fire Station 24Fire-Talk
46651239TMCFR Station 25Fire Station 25Fire-Talk
4670123eTMCFR Station 26Fire Station 26Fire-Talk
46751243TMCFR Station 27Fire Station 27Fire-Talk
46801248TMCFR Station 28Fire Station 28Fire-Talk
4685124dTMCFR Station 29Fire Station 29Fire-Talk
46901252TMCFR Station 30Fire Station 30Fire-Talk
46951257TMCFR Station 31Fire Station 31Fire-Talk
4700125cTMCFR Station 32Fire Station 32Fire-Talk
47051261TMCFR Station 33Fire Station 33Fire-Talk
47101266TMCFR Station 34Fire Station 34Fire-Talk
4715126bTMCFR Station 35Fire Station 35Fire-Talk
47401284TMCFR Station 40Fire Station 40Fire-Talk
47451289TMCFR Station 41Fire Station 41Fire-Talk
4750128eTMCFR Station 42Fire Station 42Fire-Talk
479012b6TMCFR Station 50Fire Station 50Fire-Talk
479512bbTMCFR Station 51Fire Station 51Fire-Talk
480012c0TMCFR Station 52Fire Station 52Fire-Talk
480512c5TMCFR Station 53Fire Station 53Fire-Talk
481012caTMCFR Station 54Fire Station 54Fire-Talk
52501482TMCFR 7 Marine 17 Marine 1Fire-Tac
52551487TEMCFR 7 Marine 27 Marine 2Fire-Tac
528514a5TMCFR GreatFalls1Great Falls 1 (Fairfax 41H)Fire-Tac
529014aaTMCFR GreatFalls2Great Falls 2 (Fairfax 41I)Fire-Tac
529114abTMCFR GreatFalls3Great Falls 3 (Fairfax 41J)Fire-Tac
529214acTMCFR GreatFalls4Great Falls 4 (Fairfax 41K)Fire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
60001770TMCPD A1 Dist1A1 District 1 Dispatch (Rockville)Law Dispatch
60051775TMCPD A2 Dist2A2 District 2 Dispatch (Bethesda)Law Dispatch
6010177aTMCPD A3 Dist3A3 District 3 Dispatch (Silver Spring)Law Dispatch
6015177fTMCPD A4 Dist4A4 District 4 Dispatch (Wheaton)Law Dispatch
60201784TMCPD A5 Dist5A5 District 5 Dispatch (Germantown)Law Dispatch
60251789TMCPD A6 Dist6A6 District 6 Dispatch (Montgomery Village)Law Dispatch
612517edTEMCPD A15 TAC 1A15 TAC 1Law Tac
6220184cTMCPD Animal ServG10 Animal ServicesLaw Tac
6235185bTRockville PD DspB10 Rockville Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
637518e7TTakomaPkPD 1A12 Takoma Park Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
64001900TMCPD Trng 6400TrainingLaw Talk
64051905TMCPD Trng 6405TrainingLaw Talk
6410190aTMCPD Trng 6410TrainingLaw Talk
65351987TChevyChaseVillPDA11 Chevy Chase Village Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
656519a5TMCPD Trng 6565TrainingLaw Talk
657019aaTMCPD Trng 6570TrainingLaw Talk
657519afTMCPD Trng 6575TrainingLaw Talk
658019b4TMCPD Trng 6580TrainingLaw Talk
658519b9TMCPD Trng 6585TrainingLaw Talk
659019beTMCPD Trng 6590TrainingLaw Talk
76051db5TChevyChVillPD T1Chevy Chase Village Police Tac 1Law Tac
Correction and Rehabilitation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
76451dddTMC CorrFac JanitCorrectional Facility JanitorsCorrections
76551de7TMC CorrFac 1Correctional Facility 1 PrimaryCorrections
76601decTMC CorrFac 2Correctional Facility 2 PerimeterCorrections
76651df1TMC CorrFac MntCorrectional Facility MaintenanceCorrections
76701df6TMC DetCntr 1Detention Center 1 PrimaryCorrections
76751dfbTMC DetCntr 2Detention Center 2 Perimeter Corrections
76851e05TMC Pre-ReleasePre-Release CenterCorrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
76001db0TMC H3 RadioShpH3 Radio ShopPublic Works
72551c57TMC PW BethesdaPublic Works - Bethesda ("Seven Locks")Public Works
71551bf3TMC PW ColesvillePublic Works - ColesvillePublic Works
71501beeTMC PW Flag 7150Public Works - FlaggersPublic Works
71751c07TMC PW Flag 7175Public Works - FlaggersPublic Works
71801c0cTMC PW Flag 7180Public Works - FlaggersPublic Works
72051c25TMC PW Flag 7205Public Works - FlaggersPublic Works
71701c02TMC PW Gbrg E PriPublic Works - Gaithersburg East PrimaryPublic Works
71851c11TMC PW Gburg WestPublic Works - Gaithersburg WestPublic Works
71401be4TMC PW Roads T/APublic Works - Roads Talkaround - Bethesda areaPublic Works
72001c20TMC PW SilvSpringPublic Works - Silver SpringPublic Works
62251851TMC PW SecurityPublic Works and Transportation - SecuritySecurity
76151dbfTMC Radio TestingRadio Testing (Metro Tunnels)Public Works
77001e14TMC Ride On AdminRide On - AdministrationTransportation
77101e1eTMC RideOn 7710Ride On - BusesTransportation
76951e0fTMC RideOn 7695Ride On - BussesTransportation
71001bbcTMC RideOnSup7100Ride On - SupervisorsTransportation
77201e28TMC RideOnSup7720Ride On - SupervisorsTransportation
72151c2fTMC TraffMgmtCtr1Traffic Management Center 1Public Works
72201c34TMC TraffMgmtCtr2Traffic Management Center 2Public Works
72751c6bTWstfldWhtnNBldgWestfield Wheaton North Building - SecuritySecurity
Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
6475194bTM-NCPPC PD DispPolice - DispatchLaw Dispatch
6490195aTM-NCPPC P9 CoordP9 Parks CoordinationPublic Works
Maryland State Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
659519c3TMSP RockvilleRockville (Barrack N)Law Dispatch
Maryland State Highway Administration
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
73751ccfTMSHA CHART 7375Coordinated Highways Action Response Team (CHART)Public Works
73801cd4TMSHA CHART 7380Coordinated Highways Action Response Team (CHART)Public Works
73851cd9TMSHA CHART 7385Coordinated Highways Action Response Team (CHART)Public Works
Maryland Transportation Authority
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
660519cdTMdTA ICC PDIntercounty Connector - PoliceLaw Dispatch
73901cdeTMdTA ICC MntIntercounty Connector - Maintenance/Snow PlowsPublic Works
Maryland Department of Natural Resources
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
64871957TMD NRP Area 5Natural Resources Police - Area 5 (Baltimore/Carroll/Howard/Montgomery)Law Dispatch
64881958TMD NRP Area 5Natural Resources Police - Area 5 (Baltimore/Carroll/Howard/Montgomery)Law Dispatch
National Institute of Standards and Technology
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
44551167TNIST 7N1 Fire7N1 FireFire Dispatch
661019d2TNIST 7N2 Police7N2 PoliceLaw Dispatch
4460116cTNIST 7N3 Safety7N3 SafetyFire-Tac
44651171TENIST 7N4 Reactor7N4 ReactorFederal
44701176TNIST 7N5 Emerg7N5 Emergency (Fire Response)Fire-Tac
4475117bTNIST 7N6 Annc7N6 AnnouncementFire-Tac
Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
68001a90TWSSC PolicePolice (H2) (also MD Natural Resources Police)Law Dispatch