System Name: Scott County CPSCS
Location: Georgetown, KY
County: Scott
System Type: Project 25 Phase II
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 014 WACN: 92538
Last Updated: September 21, 2021, 6:38 am CDT   [Updated encryption settings for 9 talkgroups(Georgetown-Scott County EMS)]
System Notes

Scott County - Countywide Public Safety Communications System (CPSCS)

New countywide P-25 Phase II system on-line as of 28-Jan-2020.

Law enforcement and EMS talkgroups are reported to be encrypted.

As this is a Harris P-25 system, all frequencies are capable of being used as a control channel.

Tower sites at: Lancaster Tower (Georgetown), Woodlake Road Tower, Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Tower, Frogtown Road Tower, KY American Water Tower (Gunnell Road), Porter Road Tower

When fire is dispatched on a call with EMS, they are assigned an incident channel by dispatch

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name Freqs
10 (A) 010 (A) Countywide Simulcast 854.1125c855.8875c856.1375c856.7125c856.8875c857.1375c857.7125c857.9625c


Scott County EMA and Homeland Security
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2401961TEEMA 1Emergency Management 1Emergency Ops
2402962TEEMA 2Emergency Management 2Emergency Ops
2403963TEEMA 3Emergency Management 3Emergency Ops
2404964TECOMMANDEmergency Management CommandEmergency Ops
2405965TEANNCEmergency Management AnnouncementEmergency Ops
Georgetown-Scott County EMS

Provides EMS services to all of Scott County, including the city of Georgetown.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2726aa6TEGC_HOSPEMS to Georgetown Community HospitalHospital
2727aa7TEBAPTISTEMS to Central BaptistHospital
2728aa8TESJHEMS to St Joseph HospitalHospital
2729aa9TESJH_EASTEMS to St Joseph Hospital EastHospital
2730aaaTEUKMCEMS to University of KY Medical CenterHospital
2731aabTEVAEMS to VA Medical Center (Bowling Campus)Hospital
2732aacTEFRANKREGEMS to Frankfort Regional Medical CenterHospital
2733aadTEHMHEMS to Harrison Memorial HospitalHospital
2734aaeTEBRBNHOSPEMS to Bourbon Community HospitalHospital
2735aafTECLARKREGEMS to Clark Regional Medical CenterHospital
23018fdTEEMS 1EMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
23028feTeEMS 2EMS Channel 2EMS-Tac
Scott County Sheriff
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
211083eTESCSO1Sheriff Channel 1 - DispatchLaw Dispatch
211183fTESCSO2Sheriff Channel 2 - Info/RecordsLaw Talk
2112840TESCSO3Sheriff Channel 3 - Car2CarLaw Talk
2113841TESGPDStamping Ground Police PrivateLaw Talk
2114842TETAC1County Law Enforcement Tactical 1Law Tac
2115843TETAC2County Law Enforcement Tactical 2Law Tac
2116844TSCDC1Scott County Detention Center 1 CorrectionsCorrections
2117845TCOURT1Court Security & Balilifs 1Law Talk
2118846TCOURT2Court Security & Balilifs 2Law Talk
2119847TESCDC2Scott County Detention Center 2 CorrectionsCorrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2101835TEGPD1Police Channel 1 - DispatchLaw Dispatch
2102836TEGPD2Police Channel 2 - Info/RecordsLaw Talk
2103837TEGPD3Police Channel 3 - Car2CarLaw Tac
2104838TEGPD TacGPD OperationsLaw Tac
2105839TEGPD TacGPD OperationsLaw Tac
210683aTEGPD OpsGPD OperationsLaw Talk
210783bTEGPD OpsGPD OperationsLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2201899TeFDDISPCountywide Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
220289aTINCD1Countywide Fire Incident 1Multi-Tac
220389bTINCD2Countywide Fire Incident 2Multi-Tac
220489cTINCD3Countywide Fire Incident 3Multi-Tac
220589dTTRAININGCountywide Fire TrainingFire-Talk
220689eTCHIEFSCountywide Chiefs ConferenceFire-Talk
220789fTGFDTRAINGeorgetown Fire TrainingFire-Talk
22088a0TSGTRAINStamping Ground Fire TrainingFire-Talk
Georgetown/Scott County Countywide
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20017d1TeOTAROver the Air RekeyData
20027d2TeMUTUAL 1Countywide Mutual Aid 1Interop
20037d3TeMUTUAL 2Countywide Mutual Aid 2Interop
20047d4TeSCHOOLSCountywide Schools Mutual AidInterop
20057d5TESC EVENT 1Countywide Event 1Interop
20067d6TSC EVENT 2Countywide Event 2Interop

"When Animal Control is responding to a call involving Public Safety such as EMS, Fire, or Law Enforcement they will switch to ANML_2 and will notify 911 of status, report, etc."

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
25019c5TSCROADSCounty Road DepartmentPublic Works
25029c6TPUBWORKS1Georgetown Public Works - Ch 1Public Works
25039c7TPUBWORKS2Georgetown Public Works - Ch 2Public Works
25049c8TANML_1County Animal Care & Control - Ch 1Public Works
25059c9TANML_2County Animal Care & Control - Ch 2(911 Link)Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2701a8dTP_8CAL908CALL90 Gateway InteropInterop
2702a8eTP_8TAC918TAC91 Gateway InteropInterop
2703a8fTP_VTAC11VTAC11 Gateway InteropInterop
2704a90TP_VTAC12VTAC12 Gateway InteropInterop
2705a91TP_VTAC13VTAC13 Gateway InteropInterop
2706a92TP_VTAC14VTAC14 Gateway InteropInterop
2707a93TP_VTAC17VTAC17 Gateway InteropInterop
2708a94TP_VMAVMA Gateway InteropInterop
2709a95TP_VCAL10VCALL10 Gateway InteropInterop
2710a96TRS OTAPOver the air ProgrammingData
2712a98THCEMSHarrison County EMS InteropInterop
2713a99TGRANTEMSGrant County EMS (AMR) InteropInterop
2714a9aTWCEMSWoodford County EMS InteropInterop
2715a9bTOCEMSOwen County EMS InteropInterop
2716a9cTMCEMSMadison County EMS InteropInterop
2717a9dTLEX_FDLexington Fire InteropInterop
2718a9eTGRANT_FDGrant County Fire InteropInterop
2719a9fTHARR_FDHarrison County Fire InteropInterop
2720aa0TBRBN_FDBourbon County Fire InteropInterop
2721aa1TWOOD_FDWoodford County Fire InteropInterop
2722aa2TFRANK_FDFranklin County Fire InteropInterop
2723aa3TFFORT_FDFrankfort City Fire InteropInterop
2724aa4TOWEN_FDOwen County Fire InteropInterop
2725aa5TPARIS_FDParis City Fire InteropInterop
2736ab0TUKPDUniversity of KY Police InteropInterop
2737ab1TUKEVTUniversity of KY Event InteropInterop
2738ab2TFPDFrankfort City Police InteropInterop
2739ab3TFCSOFranklin County Sheriff InteropInterop
2740ab4TOCSOOwen County Sheriff InteropInterop
2741ab5TOPDOwenton City Police InteropInterop
2742ab6TGCSOGrant County Sheriff InteropInterop
2743ab7TDRPDDry Ridge Police InteropInterop
2744ab8TWTPDWilliamstown Police InteropInterop
2745ab9THCSOHarrison County Sheriff InteropInterop
2746abaTCPDCynthiana Police InteropInterop
2747abbTBCSOBourbon County Sheriff InteropInterop
2748abcTPPDParis Police InteropInterop
2749abdTWCSWoodford County Sheriff InteropInterop
2750abeTVPDVersailles Police InteropInterop