Wieland Rolled Products / Winchester - East Alton (DMR)

System Name: Wieland Rolled Products / Winchester - East Alton (DMR)
Location: East Alton, IL
County: Madison
System Type: DMR Motorola Capacity Plus Multi Site (TRBO)
System Voice: DMR
Last Updated: October 28, 2023, 12:02 pm CDT   [Removed FCC Callsign: 1123456 from Site: (002) Casting Plant]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
002 (2) Casting Plant 01 856.362502 859.3625  
001 (1) Mill/Shot Tower 01 855.362502 859.937503 857.362504 858.3625


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
200TOlin All CallOlin All CallBusiness
201TEmergencyEmergencyEmergency Ops
207TZ1 WW MaintZone 1 WW Maintenance [Z1WWMNT]Business
212TZ4 WW MaintZone 4 WW Maintenance [Z4WWMNT]Business
215TWinch StoresWinchester Stores [STORES]Business
Wieland Rolled Products

Sites 1 and 2

DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
101TBrassProtection1Brass Protection 1 [BRASS PROTECT 1]Security
102TBrassProtection2Brass Protection 2 [BRASS PROTECT 2]Security
105TPlant 3Plant 3 [PLANT 3]Business
106TZ1 Brass ProdZone 1 Brass Production [Z1BRPRD]Business
107TBrass ShippingBrass Shipping [BRASS SHIP]Business
108TAll Z1 MaintenanAll Z1 Maintenance [ALLZ1MNT]Business
109TZ1 Br MaintenancZone 1 Maintenance [Z1BRMNT]Business
110TZ1 Maint Group 2Zone 1 Maintenance Group 2 [Z1MNGP 2]Business
111TZ1 Maint Group 3Zone 1 Maintenance Group 3 [Z1MNGP 3]Business
112TZ1 Maint Group 4Zone 1 Maintenance Group 4 [Z1MNGP 4]Business
113TZ1 Maint Group TZone 1 Maintenance Group T? [Z1MTGPT]Business
114TZ17 SupervisorZone 17 Supervisor [Z17SUPER]Business
115TZ17 CastingZone 17 Casting [Z17CASTING]Business
116TZ17 ProductionZone 17 Production [Z17PROD]Business
117T25 Mill25 Mill [25 MILL]Business
118THot MillHot Mill [HOT MILL]Business
119TAll Z17 MaintAll Z17 Maintenance [ALL Z17 MAINT]Business
120TZ17 Maintenance1Z17 Maintenance 1 [Z17MAINT 1]Business
121TZ17 Maintenance2Z17 Maintenance 2 [Z17MAINT 2]Business
122TZ17 Maintenance3Z17 Maintenance 3 [Z17MAINT 3]Business
123TZ17 Maintenance4Z17 Maintenance 4 [Z17MAINT 4]Business
124TAll EngineerAll Engineer [ALLENGINEER]Business
125TSpecial ProdSpecial Production [SPECIAL PROD]Business
126TElec EngineerElectrical Engineer [ELEC ENGINEER]Business
127TUtility GBCUtility Global Brass [UTILITY GBC]Business
128TUtility OlinUtility Olin [UTILITY OLIN]Business
129TE/E EngineerE/E Engineer [E/E ENGINEER]Business
130TFab MaintenanceFab Maintenance [FAB MAINT]Business
131TSr SupervisorSenior Supervisor [SRSUPV]Business
132TZ1 Brass SrZone 1 Brass Sr [Z1BRSR]Business
134TZ17 EngineerZone 17 Engineer [Z17 ENGINEER]Business
253TGBC All CallGlobal Brass All Call [GBC ALL CALL]Business
254TEmergencyEmergency [EMERGENCY]Emergency Ops
255TSystem Wide A/CSystem Wide All Call [SYSTEM WIDE A/C]Business