CO-Denver County

Entity Entity Type
Denver County Trunked Systems (68) Trunked
Denver County Amateur Radio Amateur Radio
Denver County Category
Higher Education Category
Attractions Attraction
Business Business Group
Denver International Airport (DEN) Aircraft / Airport
News Media Business Group
Sports Venues Attraction

CO-Adams County

Entity Entity Type
Adams County Trunked Systems (33) Trunked
Adams County Amateur Radio Amateur Radio
Adams County Category
Adams County School Districts Category
Attractions Attraction
Businesses Business Group
Front Range Airport - KFTG Aircraft / Airport

CO-Arapahoe County

Entity Entity Type
Arapahoe County Trunked Systems (27) Trunked
Arapahoe County Amateur Radio Amateur Radio
Arapahoe County Category
Volunteer Search & Rescue Category
Schools Category
Buckley Space Force Base KBKF Military
Business Business Group
Centennial Airport (APA) Aircraft / Airport

CO-Boulder County

Entity Entity Type
Boulder County Trunked Systems (44) Trunked
Boulder County Amateur Radio Amateur Radio
Boulder (County) Category
Boulder (City) Category
Longmont Category
Louisville Category
University of Colorado - Boulder Category
Boulder - Boulder Municipal Airport Aircraft / Airport
Business Business Group
Schools Business Group
Special Events Attraction
Vance Brand Airport (LMO) Aircraft / Airport

CO-Clear Creek County

Entity Entity Type
Clear Creek County Trunked Systems (7) Trunked
Clear Creek County Amateur Radio Amateur Radio
Clear Creek County Category
Clear Creek County Business Business Group

CO-Douglas County

Entity Entity Type
Douglas County Trunked Systems (19) Trunked
Douglas County Amateur Radio Amateur Radio
Douglas County Category
Municipalities / Trusts Category
Search and Rescue Category
Business Business Group

CO-Elbert County

Entity Entity Type
Elbert County Trunked Systems (3) Trunked
Elbert County Amateur Radio Amateur Radio
Elbert County Category
Elbert Fire Protection Districts Category

CO-Gilpin County

Entity Entity Type
Gilpin County Trunked Systems (5) Trunked
Gilpin County Amateur Radio Amateur Radio
Gilpin County Category
Business Business Group

CO-Park County

Entity Entity Type
Park County Trunked Systems (2) Trunked
Park County Category
Park County Schools Category
Business Business Group