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Cass County Trunked Systems (5) Trunked
Cass County Amateur Radio Amateur Radio
Cass County Category
Schools Category
Airports Category
Businesses Business Group

Illinois State Police Troop (was District 9)


Cass County

Cass County Sheriff's Department / 911

Mostly encrypted, but some mixed use on this system

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
150.995WQNK848 RM 45 RAN Cass911 Ashland Fire/EMS/Sheriff/Law: Dispatch (Ashland) NXDN48e Multi-Dispatch
151.0625WQNK848 RM 45 RAN Cass911 Arenzvil Fire/EMS/Sheriff/Law: Dispatch (Arenzville) NXDN48e Multi-Dispatch
151.0775WQNK848 RM 45 RAN Cass911 Chndlvll Fire/EMS/Sheriff/Law: Dispatch (Chandlerville) NXDN48e Multi-Dispatch
151.0925WQNK848 RM 45 RAN Cass911 Brdstwn Fire/EMS/Sheriff/Law: Dispatch (Beardstown) NXDN48e Multi-Dispatch
155.0325WQNK848 RM 45 RAN Cass911 Virginia Fire/EMS/Sheriff/Law: Dispatch (Virginia) NXDN48e Multi-Dispatch
159.105WPOY929 RM 411 DPL Cass Fire/EMS PG Fire/EMS: Paging - Countywide FMN Fire Dispatch
157.515 F 411 DPL Cass Fire 157515 Fire/EMS: Paging - Countywide (Repeats 159.105) FMN Fire Dispatch
Cass County Government
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
155.9475WQGJ669 RM 025 DPL Cass Health Health Department (Virginia) FMN Public Works
156.210WQEH749 RM 159.8 PL Cass Highway Highway Department FMN Public Works
37.980KDZ341 BM CassHiwayOld Highway Department (Virginia) [Expired 11/11] FM Public Works
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
159.675WQDU502 M 411 DPL VirginiaTwpRoad1 Virginia Township Highway [Expired 11/15] FMN Public Works
159.870WQDU502 M VirginiaTwpRoad2 Virginia Township Highway [Expired 11/15] FMN Public Works
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
154.980WQBD635 RM 606 DPL Arenzville Fire Fire: Dispatch [Expired 9/14] FMN Fire Dispatch
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
154.250WPDQ312 BM 114.8 PL Ashland Fire Ops Fire: Dispatch / Ops FMN Fire Dispatch
154.250WPDQ312 BM CSQ Ashland Fire PG Fire: Tone-Outs FMN Fire Dispatch
154.515WPEZ821 BM 141.3 PL Ashland Roads Roads / Bridges [Expired 6/04] FMN Public Works
153.005WQTS990 BM Ashland Water Ashland Water Company (CSQ Data) Telm Data
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
158.730WQFA482 RM 61 RAN Brdstwn Police Police: Dispatch (NX98) NXDN48E Law Dispatch
154.430WPCV371 RM 82.5 PL Brdstwn Fire/EMS Fire/EMS: Dispatch (Simulcast w/ 155.25) FMN Fire Dispatch
173.2875WPCV371 M Brdstwn Fire MX Fire: Mobile Extenders FMN Fire Dispatch
158.760WQBW719 RM 165 DPL Brdstwn Water Water Department (also Streets?) FMN Public Works
159.180WPUW291 BM Brds Maint/Util Maintenance / Utilities [Expired 5/22] FMN Public Works
158.730WQFA482 M 69.3 PL Brdstwn Sewer Sewer FMN Public Works

*Fire pages are possibly stored (from 159.105 D411) and repeated locally. (12/13)

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
154.325WQBA542 RM 306 DPL ChndlrvFire Fire: Paging / Dispatch (Page by Phone) FMN Fire Dispatch
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
155.250WPCV371 RM 074 DPL Virginia FireEMS Fire/EMS: Dispatch (Simulcast with 154.43) FMN EMS Dispatch


A-C Central School District 262


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
154.4825WQYF921 RM 10 RAN ACC Sch Ops/Bus Operations / Buses (also 151.985) NXDN48 Schools
Beardstown School District 15
Beardstown School District 15 (IL)
DMR Motorola Capacity Plus Multi Site (TRBO)
Operations (as of 9/20)
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
464.375WPAL774 RM 82.5 PL Brdstown Sch (OLD) Buses / Ops FMN Schools
Virginia School District 64
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
151.550WQSL375 RM 11 RAN Virginia Schools Ops / Buses NXDN48 Schools


Greater Beardstown Airport [K06]
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
108.600 BM K06 AWOS-3 Weather AWOS-3 FM Aircraft