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Bryan County Trunked Systems (2) Trunked
Bryan County Amateur Radio Amateur Radio
Bryan County Category


Bryan County

Bryan County
Southeast Georgia Regional Radio Network (SEGARRN)
Project 25 Phase II
Bryan County is now on the SEGARRN system.
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
158.85000KBH355 RM 167.9 PL BCSO Disp Sheriff Dispatch FMN Law Dispatch
154.84500KBH355 BM BCSO Sheriff FMN Law Tac
45.16000WNWD555 BM WNWD555 Sheriff - Work Camp FM Corrections
465.12500WPMZ905 BM BCPS Public Safety FMN Law Talk
465.17500WPMZ905 BM BCPS Public Safety FMN Law Talk
156.12000KNNT804 RM 91.5 PL BCFD/EMS N Fire / EMS - North FMN Fire Dispatch
154.25000WNKK964 RM 91.5 PL BCFD/EMS S Fire / EMS - South FMN Fire Dispatch
156.24000WPKA464 RM 173.8 PL BCEMA Emergency Management (?) FMN Emergency Ops
452.06250WQSB330 BM BCBOE 1 Board of Education 1 FMN Schools
451.23750WQSB330 BM BCBOE 2 Board of Education 2 FMN Schools
457.06250WQSB330 BM BCBOE 3 Board of Education 3 FMN Schools
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
159.71250WQJQ212 BM P H2O Water Department Telm Public Works
Richmond Hill
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
158.73000WPFS707 RM 167.9 PL RHPD Disp Police Department FMN Law Dispatch
154.32500WZS981 BM 186.2 PL RHFD Disp Fire Department FMN Fire Dispatch
155.95500WPBX241 BM RHFD Fire Department FMN Fire-Tac
464.95000WPWX854 BM RH H2O Water Department Telm Public Works