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Entity Entity Type
Barrow County Trunked Systems (2) Trunked
Barrow County Category
Businesses Business Group
Winder-Barrow Airport (WDR) Aircraft / Airport


Barrow County

Barrow County
Barrow County Public Safety P25
Project 25 Phase II
All of Barrow County now operates on P25 TRS. Fire Dispatch is Simulcast on 154.160.
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
159.13500WQKF812 BM 754 DPL BCSO Court Sheriff - Courthouse FMN Security
159.31500WQKF812 RM 023 DPL BCSO Jail Sheriff - Jail FMN Corrections
154.16000WNFG787 BM 206.5 PL BCFD Disp Fire Dispatch (Simulcast from TRS) FMN Fire Dispatch
45.36000KIS540 BM BC EMA Emergency Management Agency FMN Emergency Ops
463.75000WPRA258 RM BC BOE Board of Education FMN Schools
153.52250WPVC552 BM BC H2O Water and Waste FMN Utilities
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
154.06250WQOT445 BM SPD 0625 Police FMN Law Tac
159.30000WQOT445 RM SPD 3000 Police FMN Law Dispatch
159.37500WQOT445 BM SPD 3750 Police FMN Law Talk
158.84250WQOT445 BM SPD 8425 Police FMN Law Talk
155.05500WPQK678 RM S Pub Works Public Works FMN Public Works
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
154.10000WQEE632 RM W Pub Works Public Works FMN Public Works