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Sweetwater County Trunked Systems (19) Trunked
Sweetwater County Amateur Radio Amateur Radio
Sweetwater County Category
Businesses Business Group
Sweetwater County Airport (RKS) Aircraft / Airport


Sweetwater County

Sweetwater County
WyoLink P25 (1A4)
Project 25 Phase I
Most state and county law enforcement traffic is now on this system.
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
160.080WQJF493 BM SweetCo SO D Sheriff Digital FMN Law Dispatch
155.415WRU977 RM 100.0 PL SweetCo SO1E Sheriff Dispatch East FMN Law Dispatch
155.415WRU977 RM 103.5 PL SweetCo SO1W Sheriff Dispatch West FMN Law Dispatch
155.415WRU977 M 114.8 PL SweetCo SO1D Sheriff Dispatch Direct FMN Law Talk
154.9875WQIW879 RM SweetCo SO2 Sheriff Operations FMN Law Talk
158.9325WQBZ741 M SweetCo SO3T Sheriff Tactical FMN Law Tac
155.670WQCT459 RM 88.5 PL SweetCo SO4? Sheriff ? FMN Law Talk
155.760WQL808 RM SweetCo SO5? Sheriff ? FMN Law Talk
154.7625WQL808 M SweetCo SO6? Sheriff ? FMN Law Talk
155.055KNBZ664 RM 118.8 PL SweetCo FD 1 Fire FMN Fire Dispatch
150.805WQBA208 RM 91.5 PL SweetCo FD 2 Fire FMN Fire Dispatch
155.220WXB892 BM SweetCo SAR Search and Rescue FMN EMS-Talk
453.250WPTR537 RM 100.0 PL SweetCo EMA1 Emergency Management FMN Emergency Ops
153.860WPTR537 BM SweetCo EMA2 Emergency Management ? FMN Emergency Ops
463.200WPDC837 RM SweetCo Park Parks and Recreation FMN Public Works
155.9325WQIU494 RM SweetCo Air Airport Authority FMN Multi-Dispatch
158.775WPBH272 RM SweetCo Tr D Transit Dispatch FMN Transportation
154.1675WQEK325 RM SweetCo Tr O Transit Operations FMN Transportation
47.580WQBB678 BM School Dist1 Sweetwater School District 1 FM Schools
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
154.800KNEU541 BM Bairoil PD D Police Dispatch FMN Law Dispatch
154.740KNEU541 M Bairoil PD C Police Car to Car FMN Law Talk
155.100KNEU548 BM Bairoil PW Public Works FMN Public Works
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
155.355WPYX540 RM Farson Fire Fire - Dispatch FMN Fire Dispatch
Green River
WyoLink P25 (1A4)
Project 25 Phase I
Green River Police is also linked to WyoLink
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
155.190WRE378 BM 114.8 PL GreenRv PD 2 Police 2 FMN Law Talk
156.165WRE237 BM GreenRv PD 3 Police 3 Car to Car FMN Law Talk
154.295KNAU400 BM 186.2 PL GreenRv FD Fire FMN Fire Dispatch
155.265WSW327 BM 179.9 PL GreenRv EMS EMS FMN EMS Dispatch
159.900WPTG272 BM GreenRv Sch1 School Security FMN Security
152.450WPRG882 RM 141.3 PL GreenRv Sch2 School Buses FMN Schools
Rock Springs
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
154.800KNJC921 RM 103.5 PL RockSpr PD D Police Dispatch FMN Law Dispatch
159.000WQGI626 M RockSpr PD?T Police Tactical FMN Law Tac
154.025WPGH276 BM RockSpr PD? Police ? FMN Law Talk
154.130WNQZ825 BM RockSpr FD Fire Dispatch FMN Fire Dispatch
155.355WQFM635 BM CSQ RockSpr EMS EMS FMN EMS-Talk
462.200WQBU275 BM CSQ RockSpr Hosp Hospital FMN Business
453.975WPTX934 RM 100.0 PL RockSpr Serv Services FMN Public Works
158.745WNPG879 BM RockSpr Wtr1 Water Dept. FMN Public Works
158.820WNPG879 BM RockSpr Wtr2 Water Dept. FMN Public Works
155.085WRA659 BM RockSpr City City Services FMN Public Works
461.775WPAU494 RM RockSpr Sch1 School Maintenance/Security FMN Schools
464.3625WQHH426 RM RockSpr Sch2 School Buses FMN Schools
155.550WPWG411 RM CSQ WWCC Police Western Wyoming Community College Police FMN Law Dispatch
159.930WPRF668 M WWCC Maint Western Wyoming Community CollegeMaintenance FMN Schools
151.580WPTE861 M 146.2 PL WWCC Plant Western Wyoming Community CollegePhysical Plant FMN Schools

Wamsutter is primarly dispatched by Carbon County

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
154.800WQEV495 BM Wamsutter FD/EMS Fire/EMS FMN Fire Dispatch