Mahoning County, Ohio

Category Report
Category Subcategory Lat Lon Range
Government and Safety ServicesMahoning County Trunked41.015-80.79817.16
Government and Safety ServicesMahoning County41.015-80.79817.16
Government and Safety ServicesCity of Youngstown41.088-80.6395.05
Government and Safety ServicesLocal Law Enforcement41.015-80.79817.16
Government and Safety ServicesLocal Fire Departments41.015-80.79817.16
Government and Safety ServicesEmergency Medical Services41.015-80.79817.16
Government and Safety ServicesEMS to Hospital41.015-80.79817.16
Government and Safety ServicesLocal Public Works41.015-80.79817.16
Amateur RadioSkywarn / ARES / RACES41.015-80.79817.16
Amateur RadioOther41.015-80.79817.16
K through 12 SchoolsAustintown Local Schools41.099-80.7633.79
K through 12 SchoolsBoardman Local Schools41.024-80.6743.57
K through 12 SchoolsCampbell City Schools41.077-80.5931.68
K through 12 SchoolsCanfield Local Schools41.025-80.7514.71
K through 12 SchoolsJackson-Milton Local School District41.083-80.9035.53
K through 12 SchoolsPoland Local Schools41.016-80.5793.54
K through 12 SchoolsSouth Range Local Schools40.973-80.7377.59
K through 12 SchoolsSpringfield Local Schools40.946-80.5744.46
K through 12 SchoolsStruthers City Schools41.051-80.5881.68
K through 12 SchoolsWest Branch Local Schools40.9-80.9739.59
K through 12 SchoolsYoungstown City Schools41.08-80.6385
Higher EducationYoungstown State University41.107-80.6490.43
HospitalsSaint Elizabeth Hospital of Humility of Mary41.114-80.6580.16
HospitalsTod Children's Hospital of Forum Health (North Side)41.135-80.6580.16