Sports Stadiums/Arenas (Philadelphia County)

Last Updated: June 7, 2022, 14:37 pm UTC


Sports Stadiums/Arenas

Citizens Bank Park

This is where the Philadelphia Phillies win.

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
461.850WQGL616 RM CC 1
TG 11
SL 1
Park Ops/Sec Ch 1 - Park Operations/Public Security DMR Security
463.450WQGL616 RM CC 1
TG 12
SL 1
Player Sec Ch 2 - Player Security DMR Security
461.850WQGL616 M CC 1
TG 13
SL 2
Medical Ch 3 - Medical DMR EMS-Talk
461.600WQGL616 M CC 4
TG 31
SL 1
FoodSvc Mgmt Ch 4 - Aramark Food Service Management DMR Business
461.050WQGL616 RM CC 1
TG 14
SL 1
SPECTRA Mgt Ch 5 - SPECTRA Building Management DMR Business
461.175WQGL616 RM CC 1
TG 15
SL 1
Custodial Ch 6 - ARA Custodians DMR Business
461.425WQGL616 M Entertainmnt Ch 7 - Promo/Entertainment DMR Business
466.025WQGL616 M Audio/Video Ch 8 - Audio/Video DMR Business
466.275WQGL616 M Parking Ch 9 - Parking DMR Business
466.325WQGL616 M CC 1
TG 19
SL 1
UC/Ramp Sec Ch 10 - Upper Concourse and Ramp Security DMR Security
466.425WQGL616 M Bullpen Sec Ch 11 - Bullpen Security DMR Security
461.175WQGL616 M CC 1
TG 20
SL 2
Premium Svcs Ch 12 - Premium Services DMR Business
466.975WQGL616 M Ch 13 T/A Ch 13 - Swicth Over DMR Business
468.300WQGL616 M Ch 14 T/A Ch 14 - Switch Over DMR Business
468.425WQGL616 M Ch 15 T/A Ch 15 - Switch Over DMR Business
461.600WQGL616 RM Emergency Ch 16 - Emergency Repeater DMR Business
468.700WQGL616 M Emergency Emergency Simplex DMR Business
461.050WQGL616 M CC 1
TG 17
SL 2
Phanavision Phanavision DMR Business
461.600WQGL616 M CC 4
TG 35
SL 2
IT Ops Information Technology DMR Business
456.900WQGP939 M 506 DPL Beer Cooler Aramark Beer Cooler/Supply FMN Business
151.895 M Scoreboard Scoreboard FMN Business
466.7125 M Sportsnet Comcast Sportsnet DMR Business
450.100 BM 151.4 PL Comcast IFB Comcast Sportsnet IFB Feed FM Media
Lincoln Financial Field

Home of the Philadelphia Eagles.

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
461.2375WPYC747 M Security 1 Security Ch 1 - Simplex FM Security
461.3875WPYC747 M Security 2 Security Ch 2 - Command Post Simplex FM Security
464.0875WPYC747 RM Security 3 Security Ch 3 - Repeater (Primary) FM Security
461.1375WPYC747 M Security 4 Security Ch 4 - Auxiliary FM Security
464.750 RM 233.6 PL Security Security (New 2010) FM Security
452.0125WPYC747 RM 311 DPL Command Ctr Ch 1 - Command Center FM Business
461.125WPYC747 RM 172 DPL Housekeeping Ch 2 - Housekeeping FM Business
461.800WPYC747 RM 654 DPL Event Staff Ch 3 - Event Staff FM Business
464.025WPYC747 M 065 DPL VIP Parking Ch 4 - VIP Parking FM Business
469.025WPYC747 M Cheerleaders Ch 5 - Cheerleaders FM Business
461.750WPYC747 RM 351 DPL Premium Svcs Ch 6 - Premium Services FM Business
464.725WPYC747 RM 229.1 PL Medical Ch 7 - Medical FM Business
468.600WPYC747 M Audio/Video Ch 8 - Audio/Video FM Business
461.075WPYC747 M Scoreboard Ch 9 - Scoreboard FM Business
466.075WPYC747 M Swoop Ch 10 - Swoop FM Business
452.175WPYC747 M Public Relat Ch 11 - Media relations/Public Relations FM Business
457.175WPYC747 M Corp Sales Ch 12 - Corporate sales FM Business
463.400WPYC747 RM 351 DPL Retail Ch 13 - Stores / Retail FM Business
463.600WPYC747 RM 071 DPL Sports Svcs Ch 14 - Sports Services FM Business
463.350WPYC747 RM 432 DPL Rest Assoc Ch 15 - Rest Association FM Business
466.075WPYC747 M Trainers Ch 16 - Trainers FM Business
461.200WPYC747 RM 146.2 PL Food Service Ch 17 - Aramark Food Service FM Business
463.8375WPYC747 RM 332 DPL The Linc The Linc FM Business
Wells Fargo Center

The Wells Fargo Center is home to the 76ers, Flyers, and Wings Lacrosse.

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
461.3875 RM Food Service Aramark Food Service DMR Business
463.6125 BM Food Service Aramark Food Service - Club Box Level DMR Business
463.9875 BM Food Service Aramark Food Service - Holts / Victors DMR Business
461.5125WPKF287 BM Food Service Aramark Food Service - Suite Level DMR Business
465.7375 BM ArenaVision Arenavision DMR Business
463.8625WPKF287 BM AV Techs 1 Arenavision techs F1 DMR Business
451.6625 RM AV Techs 2 Arenavision techs F2 DMR Business
464.0125WPKF287 BM Bldg Maint Building Services & Maintenance DMR Business
476.050 RM Cameramen Cameramen FM Business
462.0125WPKF287 BM 76er GameOps Extra #1 / 76er's Game Operations DMR Business
462.0625WPKF287 BM Talent Coord Extra #2 / Talent coordination DMR Business
467.6625 M Flyers Flyers FM Business
72.800 B Hearing Aids Hearing-Assist Transmitters FM Business
451.3625WQDL307 RM IT Dept Information Technology Department DMR Business
463.7375WPKF287 RM Operations Operations DMR Business
466.7625WPKF287 RM Event Coord Operations, Event Coordination DMR Business
466.8625WPKF287 RM Event Coord Operations, Event Coordination DMR Business
464.7625 RM Parking/Sec Parking / Outside Security DMR Business
452.7875WQDL307 RM Parking 1 Parking Ch 1 Telm Business
469.0875WPKF287 BM Parking 2 Parking Ch 2 / Scalper Patrol FM Business
464.1375WPKF287 BM Public Relat Public Relations / 76'ers Operations (Management) DMR Business
463.900WPKF287 RM Security Security / Command Center DMR Security
468.900WPKF287 BM Security Security / Command Center Direct DMR Security
464.1875WPKF287 BM VIP / Flyers VIP / Flyers DMR Business
154.570 M Wireless Wireless Headsets for Game Operations FM Business