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Subcategory: Wells Fargo Center

Unique DB ID: 30438

The Wells Fargo Center is home to the 76ers, Flyers, and Wings Lacrosse.

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 39.90157 Longitude: -75.17155 Range: 1 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
463.900WPKF287 RM Security Security / Command Center DMR Security
468.900WPKF287 BM Security Security / Command Center Direct DMR Security
72.800 B Hearing Aids Hearing-Assist Transmitters FM Business
154.570 M Wireless Wireless Headsets for Game Operations FM Business
451.3625WQDL307 RM IT Dept Information Technology Department DMR Business
451.6625 RM AV Techs 2 Arenavision techs F2 DMR Business
452.7875WQDL307 RM Parking 1 Parking Ch 1 Telm Business
461.3875 RM Food Service Aramark Food Service DMR Business
461.5125WPKF287 BM Food Service Aramark Food Service - Suite Level DMR Business
462.0125WPKF287 BM 76er GameOps Extra #1 / 76er's Game Operations DMR Business
462.0625WPKF287 BM Talent Coord Extra #2 / Talent coordination DMR Business
463.6125 BM Food Service Aramark Food Service - Club Box Level DMR Business
463.7375WPKF287 RM Operations Operations DMR Business
463.8625WPKF287 BM AV Techs 1 Arenavision techs F1 DMR Business
463.9875 BM Food Service Aramark Food Service - Holts / Victors DMR Business
464.0125WPKF287 BM Bldg Maint Building Services & Maintenance DMR Business
464.1375WPKF287 BM Public Relat Public Relations / 76'ers Operations (Management) DMR Business
464.1875WPKF287 BM VIP / Flyers VIP / Flyers DMR Business
464.7625 RM Parking/Sec Parking / Outside Security DMR Business
465.7375 BM ArenaVision Arenavision DMR Business
466.7625WPKF287 RM Event Coord Operations, Event Coordination DMR Business
466.8625WPKF287 RM Event Coord Operations, Event Coordination DMR Business
467.6625 M Flyers Flyers FM Business
469.0875WPKF287 BM Parking 2 Parking Ch 2 / Scalper Patrol FM Business
476.050 RM Cameramen Cameramen FM Business