California Multi-Agency Radio System (CMARS) (California)

Last Updated: January 19, 2023, 07:10 am UTC

Statewide radio system for smaller agencies without own radio networks, or for fill in coverage as appopriate.   

Noted users include:Air Resources Boad, Conservation Corps, Dept of Corrections, Department of Forestry, Youth Authority, Parks and Rec, General Services.

Each agency assigned its own PL.   Frequencies also noted used on standalone basis at individual State facilities.



California Multi-Agency Radio System

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
851.5375WPBQ564 RM CMARS Blue 1 Bloomer Mtn FM Multi-Tac
851.5375WPBQ559 RM CMARS Blue 1 Silver Peak FM Multi-Tac
851.5375WPEJ472 RM CMARS Blue 1 Lyons Pk FM Multi-Tac
851.5375WPBQ558 RM CMARS Blue 1 Sacramento Resources Bldg FM Multi-Tac
851.5375WPBQ567 RM CMARS Blue 1 Fremont Pk FM Multi-Tac
851.5375WPBQ547 RM CMARS Blue 1 Breckenridge Mtn FM Multi-Tac
851.5375WPBQ557 RM CMARS Blue 1 Shaffer Mtn FM Multi-Tac
851.5375WPBQ543 RM CMARS Blue 1 Black Mtn Imperial FM Multi-Tac
851.5375WPEH574 RM CMARS Blue 2 Sonoma Mtn FM Multi-Tac
851.5375WPBQ551 RM CMARS Blue 2 Santa Ynez Pk FM Multi-Tac
851.5375WPHX759 RM CMARS Blue 2 Deadwood Pk FM Multi-Tac
851.5375WPEH577 RM CMARS Blue 3 Ione FM Multi-Tac
860.125WPBQ544 RM CMARS Brown 1 Chuckwalla FM Multi-Tac
860.125WPBQ541 RM CMARS Brown 1 Mt Soledad FM Multi-Tac
852.5375WPEH573 RM CMARS Green 1 Mt Vaca FM Multi-Tac
852.5375WPBQ542 RM CMARS Green 1 Ventura South Mtn FM Multi-Tac
852.5375WPBQ545 RM CMARS Green 1 Cactus City FM Multi-Tac
852.5375WPBQ561 RM CMARS Green 1 Pt. St. George FM Multi-Tac
852.5375WPBQ550 RM CMARS Green 1 Rodman Mtn FM Multi-Tac
852.5375WPBQ560 RM CMARS Green 1 Tuscan Butte FM Multi-Tac
852.5375WPBQ548 RM CMARS Green 1 Mt Lowe FM Multi-Tac
852.5375WPBQ549 RM CMARS Green 1 Oak Peak Kern FM Multi-Tac
852.5375WPBQ553 RM CMARS Green 1 Siskiyou Antelope Pk FM Multi-Tac
852.5375WPBQ552 RM CMARS Green 2 Santiago Pk FM Multi-Tac
852.5375WPBQ563 RM CMARS Green 2 Loma Prieta FM Multi-Tac
852.5375KNNR249 RM CMARS Green 3 Black Rock Riverside FM Multi-Tac
852.5375WPBQ555 RM CMARS Green 3 Joaquin Ridge FM Multi-Tac
853.3875WPBQ565 RM CMARS Orange 1 Calandra Lookout FM Multi-Tac
853.3875WPEH576 RM CMARS Orange 1 Pilot Pk FM Multi-Tac
853.3875WPEH575 RM CMARS Orange 2 Vollmer Pk FM Multi-Tac
853.3875WPEH572 RM CMARS Orange 3 Mt Bullion FM Multi-Tac
856.2625WPEI687 RM CMARS Purple 1 Jamestown FM Multi-Tac
856.2625WNZZ568 RM CMARS Purple 1 Peavine Ridge FM Multi-Tac