Common Aviation (United States)

Last Updated: July 5, 2021, 5:09 pm



FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
121.500 M CSQ VHF Guard Aircraft Emergency and Distress (VHF Guard) AM Aircraft
121.775 M CSQ ELT Training Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) Training Beacons AM Aircraft
121.950 M CSQ AvSup 121.95 Aviation Support AM Business
122.200 M CSQ Flt Watch Wx Flight Watch Weather AM Aircraft
122.700 M CSQ FAA 122.700 Unicom AM Aircraft
122.725 M CSQ FAA 122.725 Unicom AM Aircraft
122.750 M CSQ Air-Air 122.750 Aircraft air-to-air AM Aircraft
122.775 M CSQ AvSup 122.775 Aviation Support AM Business
122.800 M CSQ FAA 122.8 Unicom AM Aircraft
122.850 M CSQ Multi 122.85 Multicom, Aviation Support AM Aircraft
122.900 M CSQ Multi 122.9 Multicom, Search and Rescue Training AM Aircraft
122.925 M CSQ Multi 122.925 Multicom - Special Use, Natural resource management AM Aircraft
122.950 BM CSQ Unicom 122.95 Unicom - Controlled Airports AM Aircraft
122.975 M CSQ FAA 122.975 Unicom AM Aircraft
123.000 M CSQ FAA 123.000 Unicom AM Aircraft
123.025 M CSQ Helo Air-Air Helicopter Air-to-Air AM Aircraft
123.050 M CSQ FAA 123.05 Unicom AM Aircraft
123.075 M CSQ FAA 123.075 Unicom AM Aircraft
123.100 M CSQ SAR Primary Search and Rescue primary, ATC for special events secondary AM Aircraft
123.125 M CSQ FlightTest123.12 Flight Test itinerant AM Business
123.150 M CSQ FlightTest123.15 Flight Test itinerant AM Business
123.175 M CSQ FlightTest123.17 Flight Test itinerant AM Business
123.200 M CSQ FlightTest123.2 Flight Test AM Business
123.225 M CSQ FlightTest123.22 Flight Test AM Business
123.250 M CSQ FlightTest123.25 Flight Test AM Business
123.275 M CSQ FlightTest123.27 Flight Test AM Business
123.300 M CSQ AvSup 123.3 Aviation Support AM Business
123.325 M CSQ FlightTest123.32 Flight Test AM Business
123.350 M CSQ FlightTest123.35 Flight Test AM Business
123.375 M CSQ FlightTest123.37 Flight Test AM Business
123.400 M CSQ FlightTest123.4 Flight Test itinerant AM Business
123.425 M CSQ FlightTest123.42 Flight Test itinerant AM Business
123.450 M CSQ FlightTest123.45 Flight Test/Unofficial Air-to-Air AM Business
123.475 M CSQ FlightTest123.47 Flight Test AM Business
123.500 M CSQ AvSup 123.5 Aviation Support AM Business
123.525 M CSQ FlightTest123.52 Flight Test AM Business
123.550 M CSQ FlightTest123.55 Flight Test AM Business
123.575 M CSQ FlightTest123.57 Flight Test AM Business
126.200 M CSQ MilCom 126.2 Military Common (advisory) AM Aircraft
129.525 M CSQ Deicing Comm Deicing Common AM Business
134.100 M CSQ MilCom 134.1 Military Common (advisory) AM Aircraft
135.850 M CSQ FltIns135.85 FAA Flight Inspection AM Federal
135.950 M CSQ FltIns135.95 FAA Flight Inspection AM Federal