Virginia State Police DVRS (Virginia)

Last Updated: December 4, 2018, 6:35 am

This is part of the STARS System. These are the "Statewide DVRS" vehicular repeater channels.


Each channel appears it can be programmed in the portable radios to operate in 'mixed-mode' and can have P25 NAC, PL/DPL or both depending on use requirements.

Thus far only NAC 07B, DPL 023, and PL 67.0 have been verified as programmed.


Statewide DVRS

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
764.15625WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-1 Vehicle Repeater 1 (Radio Maintenance/NOC) P25 Law Tac
764.16875WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-2 Vehicle Repeater 2 (VSP Radio Maintenance) P25 Law Tac
764.18125WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-3 Vehicle Repeater 3 (Division 2 - Culpepper) P25 Law Tac
764.19375WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-4 Vehicle Repeater 4 (VSP Radio Maintenance/NOC) P25 Law Tac
764.20625WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-5 Vehicle Repeater 5 (DGIF / ALL) P25 Law Tac
764.21875WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-6 Vehicle Repeater 6 P25 Law Tac
764.40625WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-7 Vehicle Repeater 7 P25 Law Tac
769.41875WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-8 Vehicle Repeater 8 (Division 6) FMN Law Tac
764.43125WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-9 Vehicle Repeater 9 P25 Law Tac
764.44375WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-10 Vehicle Repeater 10 P25 Law Tac
764.45625WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-11A Vehicle Repeater 11 (Legacy 1) P25 Law Tac
764.46875WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-12 Vehicle Repeater 12 P25 Law Tac
764.65625WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-13 Vehicle Repeater 13 (Division 3 - Appomattox) P25 Law Tac
764.66875WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-14 Vehicle Repeater 14 (VCALL/VTAC/VFIRE/VMED/VLAW/VMED) P25 Law Tac
764.68125WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-15 Vehicle Repeater 15 P25 Law Tac
769.69375WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-16 Vehicle Repeater 16 (DGIF Region 4) FMN Law Tac
764.70625WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-17 Vehicle Repeater 17 P25 Law Tac
764.71875WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-18 Vehicle Repeater 18 P25 Law Tac
764.90625WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-19 Vehicle Repeater 19 (Division 4 - Wytheville) P25 Law Tac
764.91875WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-20 Vehicle Repeater 20 P25 Law Tac
764.93125WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-21 Vehicle Repeater 21 P25 Law Tac
764.94375WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-22 Vehicle Repeater 22 P25 Law Tac
764.95625WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-23 Vehicle Repeater 23 (DGIF Region 1) P25 Law Tac
764.96875WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-24 Vehicle Repeater 24 P25 Law Tac
765.15625WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-25 Vehicle Repeater 25 (Division 1 - Richmond) P25 Law Tac
765.16875WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-26 Vehicle Repeater 26 (Division 5 - Chesapeake) P25 Law Tac
765.18125WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-27 Vehicle Repeater 27 (Federal Interface) P25 Law Tac
765.19375WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-28 Vehicle Repeater 28 P25 Law Tac
765.20625WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-29 Vehicle Repeater 29 (CAP PD) P25 Law Tac
765.21875WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-30 Vehicle Repeater 30 (EPU) P25 Law Tac
765.40625WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-31 Vehicle Repeater 31 (Division 1 - Richmond) P25 Law Tac
765.41875WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-32 Vehicle Repeater 32 P25 Law Tac
765.43125WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-33 Vehicle Repeater 33 P25 Law Tac
765.44375WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-34 Vehicle Repeater 34 P25 Law Tac
765.45625WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-35 Vehicle Repeater 35 (Division 6 - Salem) FMN Law Tac
765.46875WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-36 Vehicle Repeater 36 P25 Law Tac
765.65625WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-37 Vehicle Repeater 37 P25 Law Tac
765.66875WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-38 Vehicle Repeater 38 P25 Law Tac
765.68125WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-39 Vehicle Repeater 39 P25 Law Tac
765.69375WPTZ775 M VSP VR-40 Simp Simplex only (Direct) P25 Law Tac
765.70625WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-41 Vehicle Repeater 41 P25 Law Tac
765.71875WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-42A Vehicle Repeater 42 (Legacy 2) P25 Law Tac
765.90625WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-43 Vehicle Repeater 43 P25 Law Tac
765.91875WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-44 Vehicle Repeater 44 P25 Law Tac
765.93125WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-45 Vehicle Repeater 45 P25 Law Tac
765.94375WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-46 Vehicle Repeater 46 P25 Law Tac
765.95625WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-47 Vehicle Repeater 47 (Division 7 - Fairfax) P25 Law Tac
765.96875WPTZ775 RM VSP VR-48 Vehicle Repeater 48 P25 Law Tac