Businesses, Recreation and Attractions (Lewis County)

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FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
153.4775WQTF858 M 251 DPL LogsdonFarms Logsdon Farms (Williamstown) FMN Business
462.0125WQUZ941 RM 315 DPL Briscoe Farm Briscoe, Clint: Farming (Williamstown) FMN Business
Sharpe Land and Cattle (Labelle)
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
464.025WQEQ376 RM 141.3 PL SLC Farm 1 Operations [FARM 1] [Expired 3/16] FMN Business
464.025WQEQ376 M 141.3 PL SLC Farm 2 Operations [FARM 2] FMN Business
462.200WQEQ376 RM 74.4 PL SLC Heart 3 Operations [HEART 3] FMN Business
462.200WQEQ376 M 74.4 PL SLC Heart 4 Operations [HEART 4] FMN Business
462.200WQEQ376 RM 79.7 PL SLC Heart 5 Operations [HEART 5] FMN Business
451.300WQEQ376 RM 131.8 PL SLC Feed 6 Operations [FEED 6] FMN Business
451.300WQEQ376 M 131.8 PL SLC Feed 7 Operations [FEED 7] FMN Business
451.300WQEQ376 RM 151.4 PL SLC Irri 8 Operations [IRRI 8] FMN Business
451.300WQEQ376 M 151.4 PL SLC Irri 9 Operations [IRRI 9] FMN Business
461.775WQEQ376 M 141.3 PL SLC Doze 10 Operations [DOZE 10] FMN Business
452.850WQEQ376 RM 127.3 PL SLC Irri 11 Operations [IRRI 11] FMN Business
452.850WQEQ376 M 127.3 PL SLC Irri 12 Operations [IRRI 12] FMN Business
Utilities / Service Companies
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
451.1625WNAM510 RM 516 DPL LCRC Ops U1 Lewis County Rural Cooperative (Lewistown) FMN Utilities
451.0625WNAM510 M LCRC Ops U2 Lewis County Rural Cooperative (Lewistown) FMN Utilities
456.0625WNAM510 M LCRC Ops U3 Lewis County Rural Cooperative (Lewistown) FMN Utilities
153.545WNAM510 RM LCRCoop Ops Lewis County Rural Cooperative (Lewistown) FMN Utilities
452.875 RM NEMWP Coop Northeast Missouri Electrical Power Cooperative FMN Utilities

Attractions and Recreation

Mark Twain Casino (La Grange)
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
452.150WPSQ251 M 94.8 PL MT Casino A Security (Repeater?) FMN Security
452.175WPSQ251 M MT Casino B Operations/Security FMN Security
452.225WPSQ251 M 110.9 PL MT Casino C Operations/Security FMN Security
452.250WPSQ251 M MT Casino D Operations/Security (D306?) FMN Security
452.400WPSQ251 M MT Casino E Operations/Security FMN Security