Kentucky Wireless Interoperability Executive Committee (KWIEC) (Kentucky)

Last Updated: April 26, 2022, 6:53 am
This is the statewide Mutual Aid System maintained by the Kentucky State Police for use, ultimately, by all 
first responder agencies in the Commonwealth. It is a four pronged system using mostly existing frequencies 
in the three bands available currently: 150MHz, 450MHz and 800MHz with bridging between the 150 MHz and 450MHz 
systems as needed by the various KSP Posts across the Commonwealth.

(The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) recently [2006-11-01] selected Kentucky's 
Mutual Aid and Interoperability (MAI) initiative as a winner in its 2006 Recognition Awards for Outstanding Achievement 
in the Field of Information Technology in State Government. The winning initiatives were chosen from 139 submissions 
by 33 states. For full release see: )
Go here, KWEIC Mutual Aid, for more detailed information about KMAI....

150 MHz Band
The KLEEN channel (155.47500) is dedicated to law enforcement emergency use.  It is a national channel set aside by the FCC and each 
state is free to set their own rules and assign it their own name.  It is restricted to law enforcement, but the Commonwealth 
may petition the FCC to grant authorizations for other public safety usage.  The Commonwealth has 22 KLEEN Base Stations across 

The Inter City channel (155.37000) is dedicated to law enforcement communication between police departments.  For the most part, it is no 
longer used.  However, many agencies in Kentucky still have this channel licensed.  There are numerous Inter City Base Stations 
operating at the local level.  At the state level, there are 16 Inter City Base Stations across Kentucky with each connected to 
a Kentucky State Police (KSP) Post.

450 MHz Band
The KSP State channel (453.30000) is dedicated to public safety emergency use.  It is licensed, operated, and controlled by the KSP.  It 
consists of 96 Base Stations across Kentucky.  It is the only known dedicated statewide infrastructure in place for communications 
interoperability.  45 public safety agencies have signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to use this Mutual Aid channel as an 
emergency communications link into the KSP.   The coverage is statewide and excellent with a 95% coverage footprint.

800 MHz Band
The FCC adopted the National Public Safety Plan which created the National Public Safety Planning Advisory Committee (NPSPAC) to 
assign mutual aid channels to facilitate communications interoperability among local, state, and federal public safety agencies.  
It consists of one calling channel and four tactical channels.  The following information added 10/28/2006 based upon other information 
(replacing outdated info from the original web page construction):  There are twenty operating 800MHz base stations in the Commonwealth. 
These stations are located along the I-75 and I-65 corridors as well as other locations to allow coverage of the Ohio Valley and other 
selected areas with operating 800MHz Public Service Systems.
KY Mutual Aid Plan
Note: all frequencies are given as Mobile/Base. 150 MHz Frequency Band(PL = 156.7) ID - Direct - Use VMA - 155.4750 MHz (Primary Call Channel) VCALL - 155.7525 MHz VTAC 1 - 151.1375 MHz VTAC 2 - 154.4525 MHz VTAC 3 - 158.7375 MHz VTAC 4 - 159.4725 MHz 450 MHz Frequency Band (PL = 162.2) UMA - 458.300/453.30000 - Primary Call Channel 800 MHz System Plan (PL = 156.7): KY Mutual Aid CALL - 806.01250/851.01250 KY Mutual Aid TAC 1 - 806.51250/851.51250 KY Mutual Aid TAC 2 - 807.01250/852.01250 KY Mutual Aid TAC 3 - 807.51250/852.51250 KY Mutual Aid TAC 4 - 808.01250/853.01250


150 MHz Mutual Aid

Kentucky Mutual Aid and Interoperability Initiative (KYMAI)-VHF

This system uses the KLEEN Freq (155.47500) and the Inter-City freq (155.370000)

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
155.47500KB86539 M 156.7 PL KYMAIVMAC KY Mutual Aid (KLEEN)--VMA FM Interop
155.75250WQHM726 M 156.7 PL KYMAIVCall10 KY Mutual Aid--VCall10 FM Interop
151.13750WQHM726 M 156.7 PL KYMAIVTAC11 KY Mutual Aid--VTAC11 FM Interop
154.45250WQHM726 M 156.7 PL KYMAIVTAC12 KY Mutual Aid--VTAC12 FM Interop
158.73750WQHM726 M 156.7 PL KYMAIVTAC13 KY Mutual Aid--VTAC13 FM Interop
159.47250WQHM726 M 156.7 PL KYMAIVTAC14 KY Mutual Aid--VTAC14 FM Interop
155.37000WQHM726 B 156.7 PL KYMAIVMAIC KY Mutual Aid-- Inter-City FM Interop

450 MHz Mutual Aid

Kentucky Mutual Aid and Interoperability Initiative (KYMAI)-UHF
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
453.30000WNDV450 BM 162.2 PL KYMAIUMA KY Mutual Aid--UHF FM Interop
453.21250 RM 156.7 PL KYMAIUCALL40 KY Mutual Aid-UCALL40 FMN Interop
453.46250 RM 156.7 PL KYMAIUTAC41 KY Mutual Aid-UTAC41 FMN Interop
453.71250 RM 156.7 PL KYMAIUTAC42 KY Mutual Aid-UTAC42 FMN Interop
453.86250 RM 156.7 PL KYMAIUTAC43 KY Mutual Aid-UTAC43 FMN Interop

800 MHz Mutual Aid

Kentucky Mutual Aid and Interoperability Initiative (KYMAI)-800

Kentucky Mutual Aid and Interoperability Initiative (KYMAI) 800 MHz locations:

  1. PLEASANTVIEW (WQEY742-Whitley)
  2. LONDON (WQEY742-Laurel)
  3. MINTONVILLE (WQEY742-Pulaski)
  4. MOUNT VERNON (WQEZ287-Rockcastle)
  5. CLAYS FERRY (WQEY742-Madison)
  6. LEXINGTON (WQEY743-Fayette)
  7. DRY RIDGE (WQEY743-Grant)
  8. COVINGTON (WQEY743-Kenton)
  9. BOWLING GREEN (WQEZ287-Warren)
  10. SCOTTSVILLE (WQEY742-Allen)
  11. ELIZABETHTOWN (WQEZ287-Hardin)
  12. JEFFERSONTOWN (WQEY742-Jefferson)
  13. louisville (Jefferson)
  14. COLUMBIA (WQEZ287-Adair)
  15. WESTBEND (WQEY743-Powell)
  16. LAGRANGE (WQEY743-Oldham)
  17. HENDERSON (WQEZ287-Henderson)
  18. MADISONVILLE (WQEZ287-Hopkins)
  19. PADUCAH (WQGN992-McCracken)
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
851.01250 RM 156.7 PL KYMAI8CALL90 KY Mutual Aid 8CALL90 FM Interop
851.51250 RM 156.7 PL KYMAI8TAC91 KY Mutual Aid 8TAC91 FM Interop
852.01250 RM 156.7 PL KYMAI8TAC92 KY Mutual Aid 8TAC92 FM Interop
852.51250 RM 156.7 PL KYMAI8TAC93 KY Mutual Aid 8TAC93 FM Interop
853.01250 RM 156.7 PL KYMAI8TAC94 KY Mutual Aid 8TAC94 FM Interop