SKYWARN/Amateur Radio (Missouri)

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SKYWARN/Amateur Radio

By County

This information will be eventually moved to their respective county pages.  No additional information will be added here.

FrequencyInputLicenseTypeToneTone InAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
146.655  RM Carrolton Carrolton FM Ham
147.120  RM 151.4 PL 151.4 PL Cass Cass FM Ham
147.225  RM Chillicothe Chillicothe FM Ham
147.375  RM 156.7 PL 156.7 PL Excel Sprgs Excelsior Springs FM Ham
147.210  RM 147.2100 Joplin FM Ham
146.820  RM 151.4 PL 151.4 PL KC Nat Weath Kansas City National Weather Service Main FM Ham
145.130  RM BC Kirksvlle Kirksville FM Ham
146.805  RM Macon Macon FM Ham
146.925  RM New Madrid New Madrid FM Ham
147.225147.825 RM NCMO Primary North Central MO - Chillicothe SKYWARN - Primary FM Ham
146.955146.355 RM NCMO Backup North Central MO - Trenton SKYWARN - Backup FM Ham
147.030147.630 RM 179.9 PL 179.9 PL PettisCoSkyW Pettis County Skywarn - Sedailia FM Ham
146.790  RM 107.2 PL 107.2 PL Ray-Clay Ham Ray/Clay FM Ham
146.790  RM Rolla Rolla FM Ham
146.940146.340 K0STL RM 141.3 PL 141.3 PL St L/Clayton Saint Louis/Clayton FM Ham
145.490144.890 W0ECA RM 141.3 PL 141.3 PL StCharlesEMA St. Charles EMA FM Ham
146.625  RM SteGenevieve Ste Genevieve FM Ham
146.955146.355 KB0RPJ RM CSQ CSQ Trenton Trenton FM Ham
146.880  RM 107.2 PL 107.2 PL Warrensburg Warrensburg FM Ham
146.550  M WethrWatcher Weather Watchers (Nationwide Amateur Radio Simplex) FM Ham

Missouri Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) Interoperabiltiy Freqs

By County

Submited by ARES Macon County Official Emergency Station W1JEQ

Wide Area Frequencies are listed by Primary MSHP District

FrequencyInputLicenseTypeToneTone InAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
145.070  BM CSQ Macon County Macon County - Packet Radio (also local input to statewide network (Missouri Emergergency Packet Network MEPN FM Ham
VHF 'Wide Area' Frequencies
FrequencyInputLicenseTypeToneTone InAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
146.550  BM CSQ HVCall Statewide FM Ham
147.555  BM 100.0 PL HVStage Statewide FM Ham
144.990  BM CSQ HVAPRS Statewide FM Ham
144.910  BM CSQ HVData Statewide FM Ham
144.950  BM CSQ HVPacket Statewide FM Ham
147.495  BM 100.0 PL HVTac0 Statewide Digital Voice Frequency FM Ham
145.600  BM 100.0 PL HVTac1 Alpha FM Ham
145.650  BM 100.0 PL HVTac2 Bravo FM Ham
145.700  BM 100.0 PL HVTac3 Charlie FM Ham
146.400  BM 100.0 PL HVTac4 Delta FM Ham
146.445  BM 100.0 PL HVTac5 Echo FM Ham
146.505  BM 100.0 PL HVTac6 Foxtrot FM Ham
146.595  BM 100.0 PL HVTac7 Golf FM Ham
147.405  BM 100.0 PL HVTac8 Hotel FM Ham
147.450  BM 100.0 PL HVTac9 India FM Ham
UHF 'Scene' Frequencies
FrequencyInputLicenseTypeToneTone InAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
446.000  BM CSQ HUCall UHF Scene FM Ham
446.150  BM CSQ HUAPRS UHF Scene FM Ham
446.200  BM CSQ HUData UHF Scene FM Ham
445.900  BM 100.0 PL HUTac1 UHF Scene FM Ham
445.925  BM 100.0 PL HUTac2 UHF Scene FM Ham
445.950  BM 100.0 PL HUTac3 UHF Scene FM Ham
445.975  BM 100.0 PL HUTac4 UHF Scene FM Ham
446.025  BM 100.0 PL HUTac5 UHF Scene FM Ham
446.050  BM 100.0 PL HUTac6 UHF Scene FM Ham
446.075  BM 100.0 PL HUTac7 UHF Scene FM Ham
446.100  BM 100.0 PL HUTac8 UHF Scene FM Ham
6M 'Wide Area/Mobile' Frequencies
FrequencyInputLicenseTypeToneTone InAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
52.550  BM CSQ HMCall Statewide FM Ham
52.790  BM CSQ HMData Statewide FM Ham
52.710  BM 100.0 PL HMTac0 Statewide Digital Voice Frequency FM Ham
52.310  BM 100.0 PL HMTac1 Alpha FM Ham
52.350  BM 100.0 PL HMTac2 Bravo FM Ham
52.390  BM 100.0 PL HMTac3 Charlie FM Ham
52.430  BM 100.0 PL HMTac4 Delta FM Ham
52.470  BM 100.0 PL HMTac5 Echo FM Ham
52.510  BM 100.0 PL HMTac6 Foxtrot FM Ham
52.590  BM 100.0 PL HMTac7 Golf FM Ham
52.630  BM 100.0 PL HMTac8 Hotel FM Ham
52.670  BM 100.0 PL HMTac9 India FM Ham
6M 'Scene' Frequencies
FrequencyInputLicenseTypeToneTone InAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
52.450  BM CSQ HLCall 6M Scene FM Ham
52.530  BM 100.0 PL HLTac1 6M Scene FM Ham
52.730  BM 100.0 PL HLTac2 6M Scene FM Ham
52.690  BM 100.0 PL HLTac3 6M Scene FM Ham
52.650  BM 100.0 PL HLTac4 6M Scene FM Ham
52.610  BM 100.0 PL HLTac5 6M Scene FM Ham
52.570  BM 100.0 PL HLTac6 6M Scene FM Ham
52.750  BM 100.0 PL HLTac7 6M Scene FM Ham
52.330  BM 100.0 PL HLTac8 6M Scene FM Ham

Mid-South SKYWARN Organization

HF Operations

This group serves the National Weather Service Office in Memphis, Tennessee.

FrequencyInputLicenseTypeToneTone InAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
3.862  BM Areawide Ops Areawide Ops (CW/LSB Mode) AM Ham
District 2 - Bootheel North VHF Ops

Serves the Missouri Bootheel Counties of Dunklin and Pemiscot, and Mississippi County in Arkansas.

FrequencyInputLicenseTypeToneTone InAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
146.985146.385 RM 2 PRIMARY 1 Primary - Districtwide FM Ham
146.670146.070 RM 2 MISS. Mississippi County Net FM Ham
146.925146.325 RM 2 PEMISCOT Pemiscot County Net FM Ham


Amateur Storm Chasers

Note: The use of a CTCSS (PL) tone is designed to help eliminate any bleedover from paging systems and intermod in metropolitan areas. If possible, leave your CTCSS (PL) decoder in open receive mode.

FrequencyInputLicenseTypeToneTone InAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
146.550  M 114.8 PL SC Primary Many Amateur storm chasers use or monitor this frequency FM Ham
146.460  M 114.8 PL SC Secondary Alternate to 146.550 MHz. FM Ham
223.520  M 114.8 PL SC 1.25Meter Simplex FM Ham
446.075  M 114.8 PL SC 70c Smplx Simplex - (often used for cross patching to 146.550 MHz.) FM Ham
446.100  M 114.8 PL SC 70cm Alo Alternate to 446.075 MHz. FM Ham
1,294.550  M 114.8 PL SC 23c Smplx Simplex FM Ham
FrequencyInputLicenseTypeToneTone InAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
145.670  BM D-Star Digit Nationwide D-Star Digital Voice Simplex Frequency D-STAR Ham
446.675  BM S.Wide DSTAR Statewide D-Star Digital Voice Simplex Frequency D-STAR Ham