Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) (Ohio)

Last Updated: October 15, 2017, 12:08 pm
Correctly known as the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation, this agency is under the Attorney General's office and across the state is known as "BCI" (with the "&I" universally ignored). The agency is responsible for maintaining the criminal histories of all persons arrested and/or convicted of a crime in Ohio as well as aiding local agencies with investigations upon request. BCI will be joining Ohio MARCS along with most other state agencies, but have not yet been confirmed as having done so.


BCI Operations


Note: these frequencies may be out of service, as all BCI&I operations have moved to Ohio MARCS

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
155.430KQK498 RM 192.8 PL BCI 1 Primary FMN Law Dispatch
155.430KQK498 BM 192.8 PL BCI 2 Talkaround car to car FMN Law Talk
154.815KQK498 M 192.8 PL BCI 3 Car to car FMN Law Talk
154.935KXV557 BM CSQ BCI 4 Ohio LEERN primary FMN Law Talk
154.680KXV557 BM CSQ BCI 5 Ohio LEERN secondary FMN Law Talk
155.370KQK498 BM CSQ BCI 6 Statewide interagency FMN Law Talk
154.800KQK498 BM 192.8 PL BCI 7 Tactical FMN Law Tac
155.475KQK498 BM CSQ BCI 8 Nationwide interagency FMN Law Talk