Missouri Railroads (Missouri)

Last Updated: August 2, 2022, 8:49 am

Also see St Louis Missouri for AMTRAK, etc.



Arkansas and Missouri Railroad
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
160.40250WQDY71 RM 2 RAN|TG 1 AMRR Ops Joplin Voice Operations (Joplin area) NXDN Railroad
160.40250WQDY71 F 2 RAN|TG 1000 AMRR 386.7 Det A Detectors at MP 386.7 (Joplin area) NXDN Railroad
160.40250WQDY71 F 2 RAN|TG 1001 AMRR 386.7 Det B Detectors at MP 386.7 (Joplin area) NXDN Railroad
BNSF Railway
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
160.33500 BM CSQ AAR 015 Thayer N Subdivision – Teed to WS FMN Railroad
160.50000 BM CSQ AAR 026 Thayer N Subdivision – WS to Olden FMN Railroad
160.56000 BM CSQ AAR 030 Marceline Subdivision (Sheffield Jct/KC to Ft. Madison, IA) FMN Railroad
160.83000 BM CSQ AAR 048 BNSF at Springfield FMN Railroad
160.92000 BM CSQ AAR 054 Monette Subdivision FMN Railroad
161.16000 BM CSQ AAR 070 Cuba & St Joe Subdivisions FMN Railroad
161.38500 BM CSQ AAR 085 Napier Subdivision (Napier Junction to Pacifc Junction, IA FMN Railroad
161.41500 BM CSQ AAR 087 Thayer N Subdivision - Olden to Thayer FMN Railroad
Canadian Pacific Railway
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
160.77000 BM CSQ CPR KC Road (KC Subdivision from Laredo to Kansas City/Knoche Yard-Joint agency of KCS and CPRR) FMN Railroad
Union Pacific
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
160.45500 BM CSQ UP 160.455 PBX (Liberty, Hamilton, Nettleton, Trenton) FMN Railroad
160.47000 BM CSQ UP 160.47 Sedalia Subdivison from Jefferson City, MO to Rock Creek Jct FMN Railroad
160.56000 BM CSQ UP 160.56 UPRR River Sub - Rock Creek Jct to Eton Jct (BNSF) FMN Railroad
160.60500 BM CSQ UP 160.605 PBX Locations (Independence, Waverly, Marshall, Booneville, Rocheport, Holts Summit) FMN Railroad
160.74000 BM CSQ UP 160.74 UPRR River Sub - Eton Jct to River Jct FMN Railroad
160.77000 BM CSQ UP 160.77 UPRR Trenton Sub - Airline Jct to Polo Jct (Via IC&E) (Road) FMN Railroad
161.01000 BM CSQ UP 161.01 UPRR River Sub - KC to Rock Creek Jct (KCT) FMN Railroad
161.04000 BM CSQ UP 161.04 UPRR Trenton Sub - Polo Jct to Des Moines (Road) FMN Railroad
161.22000 BM CSQ UP 161.22 UPRR Jeff City Sub from STL to Jeff City FMN Railroad
161.23500 BM CSQ UP 161.235 PBX (Mill Grove) FMN Railroad
Jasper County Railroads
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
160.26000 BM CSQ KCS Disp/Train KCS Dispatch to Train FMN Railroad
160.35000 BM CSQ KCS Disp/Train KCS Train to Dispatch FMN Railroad
160.59000 BM CSQ MNA Yard OPS MNA Yard OPS FMN Railroad
160.63500 BM CSQ MNA Road Cha Pyatt Ark Repeater and Missouri / N ARK Road Channel FMN Railroad