Mississippi MEDCOM Conventional


This is the conventional listing for the MS MEDCOM Center.  It is run by the University of Mississippi Medical Center, and is for use by all MS EMS, Fire/Rescue, and First Responder agencies statewide for contact point for ER Contact, Physician Consultation, Poison Control, and MCI staging/coordination.  It also utilizes the MSWIN TRS.

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
155.160Varies BM SARN MEDCOM Search and Rescue Net FMN Emergency Ops
155.235Varies BM MCIN MEDCOM State Mass Casualty Incident Net FMN Hospital
155.280Varies BM SHN MEDCOM State Hospital Net (Hospital to Hospital) FMN Hospital
155.340Varies BM SERN MEDCOM Statewide Emergency Room Net FMN Hospital
155.385Varies BM VMED MEDCOM State VHF MED Consultation FMN Hospital
463.000WNBT654 RM MED 1 MEDCOM MED 1 FMN Hospital
463.025WNBT654 RM MED 2 MEDCOM MED 2 FMN Hospital
463.050WNBT654 RM MED 3 MEDCOM MED 3 FMN Hospital
463.075WNBT654 RM MED 4 MEDCOM MED 4 FMN Hospital
463.100WNBT654 RM MED 5 MEDCOM MED 5 FMN Hospital
463.125WNBT654 RM MED 6 MEDCOM MED 6 FMN Hospital
463.150WNBT654 RM MED 7 MEDCOM MED 7 FMN Hospital
463.175WNBT654 RM MED 8 MEDCOM MED 8 State MED Net FMN Hospital