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Centre County Public Safety - Downloads and Reports

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Programming Your Scanner with the RadioReference Web Service

Pre-Defined Report Downloads

Download CSV File of All Sites and Frequencies for Trunked System: Centre County Public Safety
Download CSV File of All Talkgroups for Trunked System: Centre County Public Safety
Download Printable PDF File of Trunked System: Centre County Public Safety
Download Printable PDF File of Trunked System: Centre County Public Safety (All talkgroups sorted)

Data Downloads

Download DSD Formatted Sites Data File for Trunked System: Centre County Public Safety
Download DSD Formatted Talkgroup Data File for Trunked System: Centre County Public Safety

Other Reports

Talkgroup Category Location Data Report
Site Location Data Report

Change History for Centre County Public Safety system (Last 30)

Changed Admin Date Changed
Added Talkgroup 118 SBWJA 2HM15292017-09-27 17:49:50
Added Talkgroup 117 SBWJA 1HM15292017-09-27 17:49:28
Changed Talkgroup Category: Spring Benner Walker Joint Authority to Spring Benner Walker Joint Authority(Spring Benner Walker JoHM15292017-09-27 17:48:36
Added Talkgroup Category: Spring Benner Walker Joint AuthorityHM15292017-09-27 17:47:08
(8) Talkgroups Updated (County Services)HM15292017-09-27 17:45:36
Added Talkgroup 132 Co Emergency Management 1HM15292017-09-27 17:44:09
(2) Talkgroups Updated (multi-category change)HM15292017-09-27 17:42:17
Added Talkgroup 115 Water Authority 2HM15292017-09-27 17:39:20
Added Talkgroup 95 Public Works - Traffic ControlHM15292017-09-27 17:35:17
(2) Talkgroups Updated (multi-category change)HM15292017-09-27 17:34:00
Added Talkgroup 65 Co. Transportation 2HM15292017-09-27 17:33:01
Updated General Trunked System InformationW2SJW2017-03-19 09:22:23
Added Talkgroup 105 Public WorksW2SJW2017-03-16 19:28:02
(1) Talkgroups Updated (College Township)W2SJW2017-03-16 19:27:38
Added Talkgroup 102 College Township Public WorksW2SJW2017-03-16 19:27:09
Changed Talkgroup Category: Motorola to Motorola(Motorola)W2SJW2017-03-16 19:26:29
Changed Talkgroup Category: State College Borough to State College Borough(State College Borough)W2SJW2017-03-16 19:26:25
Changed Talkgroup Category: Patton Township to Patton Township(Patton Township)W2SJW2017-03-16 19:26:22
Changed Talkgroup Category: Halfmoon Township to Halfmoon Township(Halfmoon Township)W2SJW2017-03-16 19:26:19
Changed Talkgroup Category: Ferguson Township to Ferguson Township(Ferguson Township)W2SJW2017-03-16 19:26:15
Changed Talkgroup Category: College Township to College Township(College Township)W2SJW2017-03-16 19:26:13
Changed Talkgroup Category: Penn State University to Penn State University(Penn State University)W2SJW2017-03-16 19:26:10
Changed Talkgroup Category: Interop - Countywide to Interop - Countywide(Interop - Countywide)W2SJW2017-03-16 19:26:07
Changed Talkgroup Category: County Services to County Services(County Services)W2SJW2017-03-16 19:26:04
Changed Talkgroup Category: Fire and EMS to Fire and EMS(Fire and EMS)W2SJW2017-03-16 19:26:01
Changed Talkgroup Category: Law Enforcement to Law Enforcement(Law Enforcement)W2SJW2017-03-16 19:25:58
Added Talkgroup Category: College TownshipW2SJW2017-03-16 19:25:39
Added Talkgroup Category: Patton TownshipW2SJW2017-03-16 19:25:30
Added Talkgroup 198 Traffic 1W2SJW2017-02-10 18:56:03
General text description deletedbenrussellpa2017-01-16 13:06:46

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