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US > Pennsylvania > Multiple Counties > Chester County Emergency Services

Chester County Emergency Services

System Name:Chester County Emergency Services
Location:Chester County, PA
County:2 counties
System Type:Project 25 Phase II
System Voice:APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
Last Updated:September 4, 2021, 11:50 am ((1) Talkgroups Updated (Law Enforcement))

Important Note

Some talkgroups on this system are using Project 25 Phase II TDMA modulation which can ONLY be monitored using a P25 Phase II compatible scanner.

Please visit the RR Wiki Project 25 page for additional information.

System ID List

System ID   WACN  
HEX: 00A   92466  

System Frequencies
Red (c) are primary control channels | Blue (a) are alternate control channels | Site Map(s): FCC Callsigns RR Locations

RFSS SiteNameCounty Freqs      
5 (5) 005 (5) WayneDelaware 851.2125a 851.750a 852.325a 853.2625c      
10 (A) 010 (A) East Central SimulcastChester 851.0625c 851.6125a 851.8625a 853.1125a 854.4125a 856.2375a 860.2375a
30 (1E) 030 (1E) West SimulcastChester 769.53125c 771.19375a 771.56875a 771.89375a 772.24375a 772.63125a 773.49375a
50 (32) 050 (32) West Chester SimulcastChester 854.9875c 855.7375a 859.2625a 860.2625a      

System Talkgroups
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Law Enforcement Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1150 47e T East PD Disp East Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
1151 47f T EastPD Group East Police Group  Law Tac 
1154 482 T WC PD 1 West Chester PD Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
1155 483 T WC PD 2 West Chester PD Ch 2  Law Tac 
1156 484 T WC PD 3 West Chester PD Ch 3  Law Tac 
1157 485 T WC PD 4 West Chester PD Ch 4  Law Tac 
1250 4e2 T Cent PD Disp Central Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
1251 4e3 T CentPD Group Central Police Group  Law Tac 
1350 546 T West PD Disp West Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
1351 547 T WestPD Group West Police Group  Law Tac 
1454 5ae TE ERT ERT Tactical Team  Law Tac 
1455 5af TE CCRERT CCRERT Tactical Team  Law Tac 
1456 5b0 TE WCCERT WCCERT Tactical Team  Law Tac 
1462 5b6 T PD Emergency Police Emergency Button  Law Talk 
1602 642 T 02PD Malvern Malvern Borough PD  Law Talk 
1603 643 T 03PD Knt Sq Kennett Square Boro PD  Law Talk 
1605 645 T 05PD Wst Grv West Grove Boro PD (OOS)  Law Talk 
1606 646 T 06PD Oxford Oxford Boro PD  Law Talk 
1607 647 T 07PD Atglen Atglen Boro PD  Law Talk 
1608 648 T 08PD Prksbrg Parkesburg Boro PD  Law Talk 
1609 649 T 09PD S Coats South Coatesville Boro PD  Law Talk 
1611 64b T 11PD Dwngtwn Downingtown Boro PD  Law Talk 
1612 64c T 12PD HB Boro Honey Brook Boro PD  Law Talk 
1614 64e T 14PD SprCity Spring City Boro PD  Law Talk 
1615 64f T 15PD Phxvl Phoenixville Boro PD  Law Talk 
1616 650 T 16PD Coatsvl Coatesville City PD  Law Talk 
1617 651 T 17PD N Covnt North Coventry Twp PD  Law Talk 
1618 652 T 18PD E Covnt East Coventry Twp PD  Law Talk 
1621 655 T 21PD E Vncnt East Vincent Twp PD  Law Talk 
1625 659 T 25PD W Vncnt West Vincent Twp PD  Law Talk 
1626 65a T 26PD E Pike East Pikeland Twp PD  Law Talk 
1627 65b T 27PD Schuyl Schuylkill Twp PD  Law Talk 
1628 65c T 28PD W Caln West Caln Twp PD  Law Talk 
1629 65d T 29PD W Brand West Brandywine Twp PD  Law Talk 
1630 65e T 30PD E Brand East Brandywine Twp PD  Law Talk 
1632 660 T 32PD U Uwch Upper Uwchlan Twp PD  Law Talk 
1633 661 T 33PD Uwchlan Uwchlan Twp PD  Law Talk 
1634 662 T 34PD W Pike West Pikeland Twp PD  Law Talk 
1636 664 T 36PD W Sads West Sadsbury Twp PD  Law Talk 
1637 665 T 37PD Sadsbry Sadsbury Twp PD  Law Talk 
1638 666 T 38PD Valley Valley Twp PD  Law Talk 
1639 667 T 39PD Caln Caln Twp PD  Law Talk 
1641 669 T 41PD W White West Whiteland Twp PD  Law Talk 
1642 66a T 42PD E White East Whiteland Twp PD  Law Talk 
1643 66b T 43PD Tredyf Tredyffrin Twp PD  Law Talk 
1644 66c T 44PD W Fallow West Fallowfield Twp PD  Law Talk 
1645 66d T 45PD Highlnd Highland Twp PD  Law Talk 
1647 66f T 47PD E Fallow East Fallowfield Twp PD  Law Talk 
1648 670 D 61PD E Marlboro East Marlborough Twp PD 2  Law Talk 
1652 674 T 52PD W Goshen West Goshen Twp PD  Law Talk 
1653 675 T 67PD WEGO Tac Westtown/East Goshen Regional PD 2  Law Talk 
1654 676 T 54PD Wilstwn Willistown Twp PD  Law Talk 
1655 677 T 55PD Easttwn Easttown Twp PD  Law Talk 
1660 67c T 60PD SCCRPD Southern Chester Co Regional PD  Law Talk 
1661 67d T 61PD E Marl East Marlborough Twp PD  Law Talk 
1662 67e T 62PD Kennett Kennett Twp PD  Law Talk 
1665 681 T 65PD Birming Birmingham Twp PD  Law Talk 
1667 683 T 67PD WEGO Rg Westtown/East Goshen Regional PD  Law Talk 
1668 684 T 68PD W Nott West Nottingham Twp PD  Law Talk 
1675 68b T 75PD WCU West Chester University PD  Law Dispatch 
1676 68c T 76PD Lincn U Lincoln University PD  Law Talk 
1677 68d T 77PD CoatVA Coatesville VAMC PD  Law Talk 
1679 68f T 79PD CASD Coatesville Area School District PD  Law Talk 
1681 691 T 81PK PGC PA Game Commission  Law Talk 
1682 692 T 82PK DCNR DCNR Park Rangers  Law Talk 
1683 693 T 83PK Park C Park Rangers Central (Hibernia)  Law Talk 
1684 694 T 84PK Park S Park Rangers Southern (Nottingham)  Law Talk 
1685 695 T 85PK Park N Park Rangers Northern (Warwick)  Law Talk 
1692 69c T 92PD MIRT Major Incident Response Team  Law Talk 
1693 69d T 93PD Sheriff Sheriff 93PD Tac  Law Talk 
1694 69e T 94PD Prison Prison 94PD Tac  Corrections 
1696 6a0 T 96PD WC ERT West Chester ERT  Law Talk 
1699 6a3 T 99PD Cheyney Cheyney University Police  Law Talk 
4675 1243 T WCU Security West Chester University Security  Law Talk 
5533 159d T WCPD Patch West Chester Police (UHF Dispatch)  Law Dispatch 

Fire and EMS Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2150 866 T East Fire East Fire Response  Fire Dispatch 
2151 867 T East FD Ops1 East Fire Ops 1  Fire-Tac 
2152 868 T East FD Ops2 East Fire Ops 2  Fire-Tac 
2153 869 T East FD Ops3 East Fire Ops 3  Fire-Tac 
2154 86a T East FD Ops4 East Fire Ops 4  Fire-Tac 
2155 86b T East EMS Ops East EMS Ops  EMS-Tac 
2156 86c T East FP Ops East Fire Police  Fire-Tac 
2250 8ca T Central Fire Central Fire Response  Fire Dispatch 
2251 8cb T Cent FD Ops1 Central Fire Ops 1  Fire-Tac 
2252 8cc T Cent FD Ops2 Central Fire Ops 2  Fire-Tac 
2253 8cd T Cent FD Ops3 Central Fire Ops 3  Fire-Tac 
2254 8ce T Cent FD Ops4 Central Fire Ops 4  Fire-Tac 
2255 8cf T Cent EMS Ops Central EMS Ops  EMS-Tac 
2256 8d0 T Cent FP Ops Central Fire Police  Fire-Tac 
2350 92e T West Fire West Fire Response  Fire Dispatch 
2351 92f T West FD Ops1 West Fire Ops 1  Fire-Tac 
2352 930 T West FD Ops2 West Fire Ops 2  Fire-Tac 
2353 931 T West FD Ops3 West Fire Ops 3  Fire-Tac 
2354 932 T West FD Ops4 West Fire Ops 4  Fire-Tac 
2355 933 T West EMS Ops West EMS Ops  EMS-Tac 
2356 934 T West FP Ops West Fire Police  Fire-Tac 
2452 994 T Rescue TF Rescue Task Force  Fire-Tac 
2453 995 T Fire Tsk Fce Fire Task Force  Fire-Tac 
2454 996 T EMS Tsk Fce EMS Task Force  EMS-Tac 
2455 997 T Dive Team Dive Team  Fire-Tac 
2457 999 T CCH ER Chester Co Hospital ER  Hospital 
2458 99a T Paoli ER Paoli Hospital ER  Hospital 
2459 99b T Brandywine ER Brandywine Hospital ER  Hospital 
2460 99c T Jennersville ER Jennersville Regional Hospital ER  Hospital 
2461 99d T Phoenixville ER Phoenixville Hospital ER  Hospital 
2462 99e T Fire EMS Emerg Fire & EMS Emergency Button  Fire-Tac 
2602 a2a T 02FD Berwyn Berwyn Fire Co  Fire-Talk 
2603 a2b T 03FD Paoli Paoli Fire Co  Fire-Talk 
2604 a2c T 04FD Malvern Malvern Fire Co  Fire-Talk 
2605 a2d T 05FD E White East Whiteland Fire Co  Fire-Talk 
2606 a2e T 06FD W White West Whiteland Fire Co  Fire-Talk 
2608 a30 T 08FD Keyston Keystone Valley FD  Fire-Talk 
2621 a3d T 21FD Union Union Fire Co - Oxford  Fire-Talk 
2622 a3e T West Grove FC West Grove Fire Co  Fire-Talk 
2623 a3f T 23FD Avondale Avondale Fire Co  Fire-Talk 
2624 a40 T 24FD Kennett Kennett Fire Co  Fire-Talk 
2625 a41 T 25FD Longwood Longwood Fire Co  Fire-Talk 
2627 a43 T 27FD Cochrnv Cochranville Fire Co  Fire-Talk 
2631 a47 T 31FD Sadsbry Sadsbury Fire Co  Fire-Talk 
2633 a49 T 33FD Hny Brk Honey Brook Fire Co  Fire-Talk 
2635 a4b T 35FD Wagntwn Wagontown Fire Co  Fire-Talk 
2636 a4c T 36FD PoMarLn Po-Mar-Lin Fire Co  Fire-Talk 
2637 a4d T 37FD Modena Modena Fire Co  Fire-Talk 
2638 a4e T 38FD Thrndal Thorndale Fire Co  Fire-Talk 
2639 a4f T 39FD W Brad West Bradford Fire Co  Fire-Talk 
2641 a51 T Coatesvl FD Coatesville Fire Dept  Fire-Talk 
2644 a54 T 44FD Westwd Westwood Fire Co  Fire-Talk 
2645 a55 T 45/46 Dwngtwn FD Downingtown Fire Dept  Fire-Talk 
2647 a57 T 47FD Lionvl Lionville Fire Co  Fire-Talk 
2648 a58 T 48FD Glenmor Glenmoore Fire Co  Fire-Talk 
2649 a59 T 49FD E Brand East Brandywine Fire Co  Fire-Talk 
2651 a5b T 51/52/53 W Chest West Chester Fire Dept  Fire-Talk 
2654 a5e T 54/56 Goshen FC Goshen Fire Co  Fire-Talk 
2655 a5f T 55EMS GFAC Good Fellowship Ambulance Corps  EMS-Talk 
2658 a62 T 58EMS WCUQRS West Chester University QRS  EMS-Talk 
2661 a65 T 61FD Kimber Kimberton Fire Co  Fire-Talk 
2662 a66 T 62FD Ridge Ridge Fire Co  Fire-Talk 
2663 a67 T 63FD Liberty Liberty Steam Fire Co  Fire-Talk 
2664 a68 T 64FD Norco Norco Fire Co  Fire-Talk 
2665 a69 T 65FD Phxvl Phoenixville Fire Co  Fire-Talk 
2667 a6b T 67EMS West End West End EMS  EMS-Talk 
2668 a6c T 68FD Valley Frg Valley Forge Fire Co  Fire-Talk 
2669 a6d T 69FD Twin Valley Twin Valley Fire Co  Fire-Talk 
2673 a71 T 73FD Ludwigs Ludwigs Corner Fire Co  Fire-Talk 
2675 a73 T 75FD Mittal Mittal Steel Fire Dept  Fire-Talk 
2676 a74 T 76FD Coat VA Coatesville VA Fire Dept  Fire-Talk 
2678 a76 T 78FD Sikorsky Sikorsky Helicopters Fire Dept  Fire-Talk 
2687 a7f T 87EMS Uwchlan Uwchlan Ambulance Corps  EMS-Talk 
2689 a81 T 89EMS Elv/HB Elverson/Honey Brook EMS  EMS-Talk 
2693 a85 T 93EMS Brandyine Brandywine Hospital Medics  EMS-Talk 
2694 a86 T 94EMS JRH Jennersville Regional Hospital Medics  EMS-Talk 

Interoperability Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
4150 1036 T East MutAid East PD/FD Mutual Aid  Interop 
4151 1037 T East Tac East PD/FD Tactical  Interop 
4250 109a T Cent MutAid Central PD/FD Mutual Aid  Interop 
4251 109b T Cent Tac Central PD/FD Tactical  Interop 
4350 10fe T West MutAid West PD/FD Mutual Aid  Interop 
4351 10ff T West Tac West PD/FD Tactical  Interop 
5455 154f T Event Event  Interop 
5459 1553 T Chester-Berks Chester Co to Berks Co PSAP Interop  Interop 
5467 155b T Event 2 Event 2  Interop 
5468 155c T Event 3 Event 3  Interop 
5469 155d T Event 4 Event 4  Interop 
5470 155e T Event 5 Event 5  Interop 
5471 155f T Event 6 Event 6  Interop 
5535 159f T LanCo Interop1 Lancaster Co Interop Patch  Interop 
5536 15a0 T LanCo Interop2 Lancaster Co Interop Patch  Interop 
5542 15a6 T SECOM 5542 SECOM Interop Patch 5542  Interop 
5543 15a7 T SECOM 5543 SECOM Interop Patch 5543  Interop 
5544 15a8 T SECOM 5544 SECOM Interop Patch 5544  Interop 

Emergency Management Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
3450 d7a T CC EMA Pri CC EMA Primrary  Emergency Ops 
3451 d7b T CC EMA 1 Emergency Management 1  Emergency Ops 
3452 d7c T CC EMA 2 Emergency Management 2  Emergency Ops 
3453 d7d T CC EMA 3 Emergency Management 3  Emergency Ops 
3454 d7e T AGREM Avon Grove Regional EM  Emergency Ops 
3455 d7f T OXREM Oxford Regional EM  Emergency Ops 
3456 d80 T OCTOREM Octoraro Regional EM  Emergency Ops 
3457 d81 T WCAREM West Chester Area Regional EM  Emergency Ops 
3458 d82 T WCCCOG Western Chester Co Council of Govts Regional EM  Emergency Ops 
3459 d83 T EMA Shelter EMA Shelter Coordination  Emergency Ops 
3467 d8b T WCU EMA West Chester University EMA  Emergency Ops 
3468 d8c T EMA Transp EMA Transportation Coordination  Emergency Ops 

County Agencies Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1450 5aa T CC Dispatch County Dispatch  Multi-Dispatch 
1451 5ab T CC Local County Local  Multi-Tac 
1452 5ac TE DA Detective District Attorney Detectives  Law Tac 
1453 5ad TE DA Detect Lo District Attorney Detectives Local  Law Tac 
1457 5b1 T Sheriff Main Sheriff  Law Dispatch 
1458 5b2 T Prison Main Prison  Corrections 
1459 5b3 T Prison Local Prison Local  Corrections 
1460 5b4 T Parks Main Parks  Public Works 
1461 5b5 T Parks Local Parks Local  Public Works 
2450 992 T DES FM Pri DES Fire Marshals Primary  Fire-Tac 
2451 993 T DES FM Local DES Fire Marshals Local  Fire-Tac 
2456 998 T DES Hazmat DES Hazmat Team  Fire-Tac 
5451 154b T DES Ops DES Operations  Public Works 
5452 154c T DES Techs DES Technical Div  Public Works 
5454 154e T CC Emergency CC Emergency Button  Multi-Tac 
5456 1550 T DES IST Ops DES Incident Support Team  Multi-Tac 
5457 1551 T PSTC Train 1 PSTC Training  Public Works 
5458 1552 T PSTC Train 2 PSTC Training  Public Works 
5460 1554 T Co Coroner Coroner's Office  Law Talk 
5461 1555 T Co Commish Commissioners' Office  Public Works 
5472 1560 T Co Domestic Rel Domestic Relations Office  Public Works 
5473 1561 T Co Health Dept Co Health Department  Public Works 
5475 1563 T Co Security DES Security  Security 

Incident Command Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
3460 d84 T ICS Command ICS Command  Multi-Talk 
3461 d85 T ICS Safety ICS Safety  Multi-Talk 
3462 d86 T ICS Liaison ICS Liaison  Multi-Talk 
3463 d87 T ICS Ops ICS Operations  Multi-Talk 
3464 d88 T ICS Plan ICS Planning  Multi-Talk 
3465 d89 T ICS Logistic ICS Logistics  Multi-Talk 
3466 d8a T ICS Finance ICS Finance  Multi-Talk 

Local Government Talkgroups

 These talkgroups could be used by any agency with jurisdiction in a particular municipality for local coordination.

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
4601 11f9 T W Chester West Chester Borough  Multi-Talk 
4602 11fa T Malvern Malvern Borough  Multi-Talk 
4603 11fb T Kennett Sq Kennett Square Borough  Multi-Talk 
4604 11fc T Avondale Avondale Borough  Multi-Talk 
4605 11fd T West Grove West Grove Borough  Multi-Talk 
4606 11fe T Oxford Oxford Borough  Multi-Talk 
4607 11ff T Atglen Atglen Borough  Multi-Talk 
4608 1200 T Parkesburg Parkesburg Borough  Multi-Talk 
4609 1201 T S Coatesvil South Coatesville Borough  Multi-Talk 
4610 1202 T Modena Modena Borough  Multi-Talk 
4611 1203 T Downingtown Downingtown Borough  Multi-Talk 
4612 1204 T HnyBrk Boro Honey Brook Borough  Multi-Talk 
4613 1205 T Elverson Elverson Borough  Multi-Talk 
4614 1206 T Spring City Spring City Borough  Multi-Talk 
4615 1207 T Phoenixville Phoenixville Borough  Multi-Talk 
4616 1208 T Coatesville Coatesville City  Multi-Talk 
4617 1209 T N Coventry North Coventry Twp  Multi-Talk 
4618 120a T E Coventry East Coventry Twp  Multi-Talk 
4619 120b T Warwick Warwick Twp  Multi-Talk 
4620 120c T S Coventry South Coventry Twp  Multi-Talk 
4621 120d T E Vincent East Vincent Twp  Multi-Talk 
4622 120e T HnyBrk Twp Honeybrook Twp  Multi-Talk 
4623 120f T W Nantmeal West Nantmeal Twp  Multi-Talk 
4624 1210 T E Nantmeal East Nantmeal Twp  Multi-Talk 
4625 1211 T W Vincent West Vincent Twp  Multi-Talk 
4626 1212 T E Pikeland East Pikeland Twp  Multi-Talk 
4627 1213 T Schuylkill Schuylkill Twp  Multi-Talk 
4628 1214 T W Caln West Caln Twp  Multi-Talk 
4629 1215 T W Brandywine West Brandywine Twp  Multi-Talk 
4630 1216 T E Brandywine East Brandywine Twp  Multi-Talk 
4631 1217 T Wallace Wallace Twp  Multi-Talk 
4632 1218 T Upr Uwchlan Upper Uwchlan Twp  Multi-Talk 
4633 1219 T Uwchlan Uwchlan Twp  Multi-Talk 
4634 121a T W Pikeland West Pikeland Twp  Multi-Talk 
4635 121b T Charlestown Charlestown Twp  Multi-Talk 
4636 121c T W Sadsbury West Sadsbury Twp  Multi-Talk 
4637 121d T Sadsbury Sadsbury Twp  Multi-Talk 
4638 121e T Valley Valley Twp  Multi-Talk 
4639 121f T Caln Caln Twp  Multi-Talk 
4640 1220 T E Caln East Caln Twp  Multi-Talk 
4641 1221 T W Whiteland West Whiteland Twp  Multi-Talk 
4642 1222 T E Whiteland East Whiteland Twp  Multi-Talk 
4643 1223 T Tredyffrin Tredyffrin Twp  Multi-Talk 
4644 1224 T W Fallowfld West Fallowfield Twp  Multi-Talk 
4645 1225 T Highland Highland Twp  Multi-Talk 
4646 1226 T Londonderry Londonderry Twp  Multi-Talk 
4647 1227 T E Fallowfld East Fallowfield Twp  Multi-Talk 
4648 1228 T W Marlboro West Marlborough Twp  Multi-Talk 
4649 1229 T Newlin Newlin Twp  Multi-Talk 
4650 122a T W Bradford West Bradford Twp  Multi-Talk 
4651 122b T E Bradford East Bradford Twp  Multi-Talk 
4652 122c T W Goshen West Goshen Twp  Multi-Talk 
4653 122d T E Goshen East Goshen Twp  Multi-Talk 
4654 122e T Willistown Willistown Twp  Multi-Talk 
4655 122f T Easttown Easttown Twp  Multi-Talk 
4656 1230 T L Oxford Lower Oxford Twp  Multi-Talk 
4657 1231 T U Oxford Upper Oxford Twp  Multi-Talk 
4658 1232 T Penn Twp Penn Twp  Multi-Talk 
4659 1233 T London Grove London Grove Twp  Multi-Talk 
4660 1234 T N Garden New Garden Twp  Multi-Talk 
4661 1235 T E Marlboro East Marlborough Twp  Multi-Talk 
4662 1236 T Kennett Twp Kennett Twp  Multi-Talk 
4663 1237 T Pocopson Pocopson Twp  Multi-Talk 
4664 1238 T Pennsbury Pennsbury Twp  Multi-Talk 
4665 1239 T Birmingham Birmingham Twp  Multi-Talk 
4666 123a T Thornbury Thornbury Twp  Multi-Talk 
4667 123b T Westtown Westtown Twp  Multi-Talk 
4668 123c T W Nottingham West Nottingham Twp  Multi-Talk 
4669 123d T E Nottingham East Nottingham Twp  Multi-Talk 
4670 123e T Elk Twp Elk Twp  Multi-Talk 
4671 123f T New London New London Twp  Multi-Talk 
4672 1240 T Franklin Franklin Twp  Multi-Talk 
4673 1241 T London Brit London Britain Twp  Multi-Talk 

Local Public Works Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
6450 1932 T Countywide PW Countywide PW Common  Public Works 
6601 19c9 T W Chester PW West Chester Public Works  Public Works 
6602 19ca T Malvern PW Malvern Public Works  Public Works 
6603 19cb T KennettSq PW Kennett Square Public Works  Public Works 
6607 19cf T Atglen PW Atglen Public Works  Public Works 
6608 19d0 T Parkesburg PW Parkesburg Public Works  Public Works 
6609 19d1 T S Coats PW South Coatesville Boro Public Works  Public Works 
6611 19d3 T Downingtwn PW Downingtown Public Works  Public Works 
6612 19d4 T HoneyBrkB PW Honey Brook Boro Public Works  Public Works 
6614 19d6 T Elverson PW Elverson Public Works  Public Works 
6617 19d9 T North Cov PW North Coventry Public Works  Public Works 
6618 19da T East Cov PW East Coventry Public Works  Public Works 
6620 19dc T South Cov PW South Coventry Public Works  Public Works 
6621 19dd T E Vincent PW East Vincent Twp Public Works  Public Works 
6622 19de T HoneyBrkTwp PW Honey Brook Twp Public Works  Public Works 
6623 19df T W Nantmeal PW West Nantmeal Twp PW  Public Works 
6624 19e0 T E Nantmeal PW East Nantmeal Twp PW  Public Works 
6625 19e1 T W Vincent PW West Vincent Public Works  Public Works 
6626 19e2 T E Pike PW East Pikeland Public Works  Public Works 
6628 19e4 T West Caln PW West Caln Township Public Works  Public Works 
6629 19e5 T West Brandy PW West Brandywine Township Public Works  Public Works 
6630 19e6 T E Brandy PW East Brandywine Public Works  Public Works 
6632 19e8 T UprUwchlan PW Upper Uwchlan Public Works  Public Works 
6633 19e9 T Uwchlan PW Uwchlan Public Works  Public Works 
6634 19ea T W Pike PW West Pikeland Public Works  Public Works 
6636 19ec T W Sadsbury PW West Sadsbury Public Works  Public Works 
6637 19ed T Sadsbury PW Sadsbury Public Works  Public Works 
6638 19ee T Valley Twp PW Valley Township Public Works  Public Works 
6639 19ef T Caln PW Caln Public Works  Public Works 
6641 19f1 T W White PW West Whiteland Public Works  Public Works 
6642 19f2 T E White PW East Whiteland Public Works  Public Works 
6643 19f3 T Tredyffrin PW Tredyffrin Public Works  Public Works 
6644 19f4 T W Fallow PW West Fallowfield Public Works  Public Works 
6645 19f5 T Highland PW Highland Public Works  Public Works 
6646 19f6 T Londonderry PW Londonderry Public Works  Public Works 
6647 19f7 T E Fallowfld PW East Fallowfield Township Public Works  Public Works 
6649 19f9 T Newlin Twp PW Newlin Township Public Works  Public Works 
6651 19fb T E Bradford PW East Bradford Public Works  Public Works 
6652 19fc T W Goshen PW West Goshen Public Works  Public Works 
6653 19fd T E Goshen PW East Goshen Public Works  Public Works 
6654 19fe T Willistown PW Willistown Public Works  Public Works 
6659 1a03 T LondonGrv PW London Grove Public Works  Public Works 
6660 1a04 T New Garden PW New Garden Public Works  Public Works 
6661 1a05 T E Marl PW East Marlborough Public Works  Public Works 
6662 1a06 T Kennett Twp PW Kennett Twp Public Works  Public Works 
6663 1a07 T Pocopson PW Pocopson Public Works  Public Works 
6664 1a08 T Pennsbury PW Pennsbury Public Works  Public Works 
6673 1a11 T London Brit PW London Britain Twp PW  Public Works 

Harris Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
9904 26b0 T AutoVoice Automated Voice (Noted as Phase 1 and Phase 2 Audio)  Other 
9914 26ba T Harris System Testing  Other 

Harris Dynamic Patch Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
65101 fe4d T Patch 65101 Patch 65101  Interop 
65102 fe4e T Patch 65102 Patch 65102  Interop 
65103 fe4f T Patch 65103 Patch 65103  Interop 
65104 fe50 T Patch 65104 Patch 65104  Interop 
65105 fe51 T Patch 65105 Patch 65105  Interop 
65106 fe52 T Patch 65106 Patch 65106  Interop 
65107 fe53 T Patch 65107 Patch 65107  Interop 
65108 fe54 T Patch 65108 Patch 65108  Interop 
65109 fe55 T Patch 65109 Patch 65109  Interop 
65110 fe56 T Patch 65110 Patch 65110  Interop 
65111 fe57 T Patch 65111 Patch 65111  Interop 
65112 fe58 T Patch 65112 Patch 65112  Interop 
65113 fe59 T Patch 65113 Patch 65113  Interop 
65114 fe5a T Patch 65114 Patch 65114  Interop 
65115 fe5b T Patch 65115 Patch 65115  Interop 
65116 fe5c T Patch 65116 Patch 65116  Interop 
65117 fe5d T Patch 65117 Patch 65117  Interop 
65118 fe5e T Patch 65118 Patch 65118  Interop 
65119 fe5f T Patch 65119 Patch 65119  Interop 
65120 fe60 T Patch 65120 Patch 65120  Interop 
65121 fe61 T Patch 65121 Patch 65121  Interop 
65122 fe62 T Patch 65122 Patch 65122  Interop 
65123 fe63 T Patch 65123 Patch 65123  Interop 
65124 fe64 T Patch 65124 Patch 65124  Interop 
65125 fe65 T Patch 65125 Patch 65125  Interop 
65126 fe66 T Patch 65126 Patch 65126  Interop 
65127 fe67 T Patch 65127 Patch 65127  Interop 
65128 fe68 T Patch 65128 Patch 65128  Interop 
65129 fe69 T Patch 65129 Patch 65129  Interop 
65130 fe6a T Patch 65130 Patch 65130  Interop 
65131 fe6b T Patch 65131 Patch 65131  Interop 
65132 fe6c T Patch 65132 Patch 65132  Interop 
65133 fe6d T Patch 65133 Patch 65133  Interop 
65134 fe6e T Patch 65134 Patch 65134  Interop 
65135 fe6f T Patch 65135 Patch 65135  Interop 
65136 fe70 T Patch 65136 Patch 65136  Interop 
65137 fe71 T Patch 65137 Patch 65137  Interop 
65138 fe72 T Patch 65138 Patch 65138  Interop 
65139 fe73 T Patch 65139 Patch 65139  Interop 
65140 fe74 T Patch 65140 Patch 65140  Interop 
65141 fe75 T Patch 65141 Patch 65141  Interop 
65142 fe76 T Patch 65142 Patch 65142  Interop 
65143 fe77 T Patch 65143 Patch 65143  Interop 
65144 fe78 T Patch 65144 Patch 65144  Interop 
65145 fe79 T Patch 65145 Patch 65145  Interop 
65146 fe7a T Patch 65146 Patch 65146  Interop 
65147 fe7b T Patch 65147 Patch 65147  Interop 
65148 fe7c T Patch 65148 Patch 65148  Interop 
65149 fe7d T Patch 65149 Patch 65149  Interop 
65150 fe7e T Patch 65150 Patch 65150  Interop 
65151 fe7f T Patch 65151 Patch 65151  Interop 
65152 fe80 T Patch 65152 Patch 65152  Interop 
65153 fe81 T Patch 65153 Patch 65153  Interop 
65154 fe82 T Patch 65154 Patch 65154  Interop 
65155 fe83 T Patch 65155 Patch 65155  Interop 
65156 fe84 T Patch 65156 Patch 65156  Interop 
65157 fe85 T Patch 65157 Patch 65157  Interop 
65158 fe86 T Patch 65158 Patch 65158  Interop 
65159 fe87 T Patch 65159 Patch 65159  Interop 
65160 fe88 T Patch 65160 Patch 65160  Interop 
65161 fe89 T Patch 65161 Patch 65161  Interop 
65162 fe8a T Patch 65162 Patch 65162  Interop 
65163 fe8b T Patch 65163 Patch 65163  Interop 
65164 fe8c T Patch 65164 Patch 65164  Interop 
65165 fe8d T Patch 65165 Patch 65165  Interop 
65166 fe8e T Patch 65166 Patch 65166  Interop 
65167 fe8f T Patch 65167 Patch 65167  Interop 
65168 fe90 T Patch 65168 Patch 65168  Interop 
65169 fe91 T Patch 65169 Patch 65169  Interop 
65170 fe92 T Patch 65170 Patch 65170  Interop 
65171 fe93 T Patch 65171 Patch 65171  Interop 
65172 fe94 T Patch 65172 Patch 65172  Interop 
65173 fe95 T Patch 65173 Patch 65173  Interop 
65174 fe96 T Patch 65174 Patch 65174  Interop 
65175 fe97 T Patch 65175 Patch 65175  Interop 
65176 fe98 T Patch 65176 Patch 65176  Interop 
65177 fe99 T Patch 65177 Patch 65177  Interop 
65178 fe9a T Patch 65178 Patch 65178  Interop 
65179 fe9b T Patch 65179 Patch 65179  Interop 
65180 fe9c T Patch 65180 Patch 65180  Interop 
65181 fe9d T Patch 65181 Patch 65181  Interop 
65182 fe9e T Patch 65182 Patch 65182  Interop 
65183 fe9f T Patch 65183 Patch 65183  Interop 
65184 fea0 T Patch 65184 Patch 65184  Interop 
65185 fea1 T Patch 65185 Patch 65185  Interop 
65186 fea2 T Patch 65186 Patch 65186  Interop 
65187 fea3 T Patch 65187 Patch 65187  Interop 
65188 fea4 T Patch 65188 Patch 65188  Interop 
65189 fea5 T Patch 65189 Patch 65189  Interop 
65190 fea6 T Patch 65190 Patch 65190  Interop 
65191 fea7 T Patch 65191 Patch 65191  Interop 
65192 fea8 T Patch 65192 Patch 65192  Interop 
65193 fea9 T Patch 65193 Patch 65193  Interop 
65194 feaa T Patch 65194 Patch 65194  Interop 
65195 feab T Patch 65195 Patch 65195  Interop 
65196 feac T Patch 65196 Patch 65196  Interop 
65197 fead T Patch 65197 Patch 65197  Interop 
65198 feae T Patch 65198 Patch 65198  Interop 
65199 feaf T Patch 65199 Patch 65199  Interop 
65200 feb0 T Patch 65200 Patch 65200  Interop 

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