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US > Missouri > Jasper (County) > Western Communication Service - UHF (Joplin)

Western Communication Service - UHF (Joplin)

System Name:Western Communication Service - UHF (Joplin)
Location:Joplin, MO
System Type:LTR Standard
System Voice:Analog
Last Updated:July 30, 2018, 1:06 am (Deleted 6 talkgroup(s) (All))

Misc System Information

From a contributor:
On a recent trip through Southwest Missouri, I heard LTR idle data bursts on 452.800MHz, 452.8375MHz and 461.325MHz.

I heard voice traffic on 452.800MHz and 461.325MHz and I have confirmed the frequencies are part of the same system. 452.800MHz is LCN 3 and 461.325MHz is LCN 4.

OK, now for the strange part:

I can confirm two separate users on this system, a taxi company and a delivery company (both in Joplin). The odd part is how the talkgroups are set up. Each vehicle has its own talkgroup.

The cab company has a base on talkgroup 0-03-001. I heard cabs answering the base on talkgrups 0-03-002, 0-03-013, 0-03-015, 0-03-016 and 0-03-023.

The delivery company has a base on talkgoup 0-04-100. I heard trucks answering the base on talkgroups 0-04-077, 0-04-082 and 0-04-084.

System Frequencies
Red (c) are primary control channels | Blue (a) are alternate control channels | Site Map(s): FCC Callsigns RR Locations

001 (1) Confirmed LCN00 452.100 00 452.350 00 463.425 01 N/A 02 N/A 03 452.800 04 461.325 

System Talkgroups
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All Talkgroups

DEC Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
0-03-001 A Taxi Base taxi: Base (Dispatch to mobiles)  Business 
0-03-002 A Taxi Mob 002 taxi: mobile (with 0-03-001)  Business 
0-03-013 A Taxi Mob 013 taxi: mobile (with 0-03-001)  Business 
0-03-015 A Taxi Mob 015 taxi: mobile (with 0-03-001)  Business 
0-03-016 A Taxi Mob 016 taxi: mobile (with 0-03-001)  Business 
0-03-017 A Taxi Mob 017 taxi: mobile (with 0-03-001) (6/07)  Business 
0-03-023 A Taxi Mob 023 taxi: mobile (with 0-03-001)  Business 
0-04-070 A Deliv 04-070 delivery service: mobile (with 0-04-100)  Business 
0-04-082 A Deliv 04-082 delivery service: mobile (with 0-04-100)  Business 
0-04-084 A Deliv 04-084 delivery service: mobile (with 0-04-100)  Business 
0-04-100 A Deliv 04-100 delivery service: base (6/07)  Business 

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