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Palmetto 800

This system is deprecated, and may no longer be in use or is superseded by another system.

System Name:Palmetto 800
Location:Various, GA SC
County:17 counties
System Type:Motorola Type II SmartZone
System Voice:Analog and APCO-25 Common Air Interface
Last Updated:October 24, 2017, 3:29 pm (Updated General Trunked System Information)

Important Rebanded Note

One or more sites for this trunking system have gone through the 800 MHz rebanding process. Your scanner may be incompatible, require a firmware update or require special programming to track these sites. Please visit the RR Wiki Rebanding page for additional information.

System ID List

System ID   Connect Tone  
HEX: 2B02   97.30

News Update Posted on 2007-03-05 03:01:08

As of February 2007, Cell 1 Palmetto Center is off the air. Use Cells 20, 30 and 44 for Metro Columbia.

News Update Posted on 2006-03-03 16:06:40

In early 2006, the Little Mountain cell was moved from its location to a new location in Prosperity to provide increased coverage of central Newberry County. The move also involved frequency changes, but the cell still remains cell #4.

News Update Posted on 2005-10-19 10:37:28

At the end of September 2005, a simulcast system was setup in Richland County broadcasting as cell number 30. The simulcast transmission sites are located at the former Killian and Eastover sites and at the current Palmetto Center site. This means that the Killian and Eastover cells no longer exist as individual cells, they have been incorporated into the simulcast system. Also, some frequencies from Palmetto Center are included in the simulcast setup. Palmetto Center is still operating as an individual cell; HOWEVER, it is NOT allowing Richland County or Lexington County talkgroups to affiliate with it.

News Update Posted on 2005-09-01 06:09:09

In late August 2005, the Gaston, Batesburg, and Lexington cells were combined into one simulcast cell transmitting from three locations (the same locations as the former Gaston, Batesburg and Lexington cells). The simulcast cell is cell 20 and the database has been updated to reflect this change with the new frequencies. This new cell covers all of Lexington County south of Lake Murray and carries traffic from multiple counties.

News Update Posted on 2004-06-01 06:51:30

In April 2004, Augusta-Richmond Co. switched to a new block of talkgroups in the 21xxx-24xxx range. The new list of currently identified talkgroups list has been added, and the old talkgroup list will remain for now.

News Update Posted on 2004-05-30 10:14:21

In April 2004, SC DPS reconfigured their channel numbers and added additional talkgroups to their radios in order to allow for better interagency communication.

Misc System Information

This system began as a trunked radio system built by SCANA, the state's largest energy utility. After Hurricane Hugo in 1990, the state realized the need for a state-wide emergency communications platform that would allow public safety, government and utility workers to inter-communicate. The state took control of the system and began its state-wide build-out. Motorola purchased the system from SCANA on 6/15/2001.

The Public Saftey Wireless Network has recognized South Carolina as being one of the few states that has a statewide network which allows full interoperability. To achieve this level of interoperability , over $15 million in funds has been provided to aid local departments in purchasing 800mhz radios. 33 out of 46 (over 70%) county sheriff's offices have radios with access to the system, and funding has been secured to provide the remaining sheriff's offices with 800mhz radios. Eventually, every sheriff's department will have access to the system.

The buildout of the system was completed in May of 2003 with 61 cells. Many of the cells combine both the old SCANA licensed frequencies as well as County/City frequencies. The future of the system includes converting it from a mobile coverage system to a handheld coverage system. By 2007, the system is estimated to have 25,000 users.

The majority of the users' main operation talkgroups are in analog mode; however, many agencies have digital talk-around talkgroups. State DPS is moving to the State system from the various county systems almost immediately where agreements have been worked out between the counties and the Palmetto 800. State agencies that are fully digital include the State Attorney's Office. A Federal Agency access agreement allows federal agencies to acces the system. Federal entities on this system include the F.B.I. (Digital & Encrypted) USCG (Analog & Digital) U.S. Customs (Analog & Digital), U.S. Border Patrol (Digital & Encrypted), and US Army Weapons of Mass Destruction Unit .

Many SCHP officers have digital capable radios and can kick to digital or encryption if needed, although very few do. Some cells are being used in digital mode by county agencies, including Lexington, Fairfield, Williamsburg and Chester counties. Encryption is rare, with the exception of the Federal Agencies, SLED, and the Lexington Co. SD.

System Technical Information/Specs

* High Tier Fault-Tolerant Zone Controller

* 4.0 Mixed Mode Platform

* DES-XL Astro Secure at ALL sites

* Redundant Zone Controller

* Gold Series Embassy Audio Switch

* UPS and Generators

* Nova Telephone Interconnect

* MOSCAD Alarm and Control System

* Integrated Fault Management

* Mobile Data for all sites

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The user demographics as of July 1, 2003 are as follows:

56% Local Government Users (23 SDs and 74 Municipal PDs)
26% State Users (21 Agencies)
16% Power Utility Users (7 Power Utilities)
2% Other Users
13,375 Network Users

The user demographics as of March 1, 2004 are as follows:
59% Local Government Users (85 County Gov't agencies, 86 municipal agencies)
24% State Users (23 agencies)
15% Power Utility Users (8)
2% Other Users (5 federal agencies)
14,800 Network Users

SC Highway Patrol TG Assignments Spreadshet

System Frequencies
Red (c) are primary control channels | Blue (a) are alternate control channels | Site Map(s): FCC Callsigns RR Locations

SiteNameCounty Freqs      
017 (11) Hogback (HOGBAC)Greenville, SC 851.375 851.9625a 852.4625 852.8375 853.625c 855.1375 859.2375
      860.2375 860.8375          
018 (12) Thicketty (THKETY)Cherokee, SC 851.4625 852.125 852.925a 853.1625 853.425c 860.2625  
019 (13) Spartanburg Simulcast (SPRBRG)Spartanburg, SC 851.0375 851.775 852.400 852.425a 852.9375a 853.050a 853.700c
      856.9375 857.9375 859.2125 859.4625 859.9375 860.4625 860.9375
024 (18) Pickens (PICKEN)Pickens, SC 851.125 851.4125 852.100 852.3625 852.7125 853.600c  
031 (1F) Caesars Head (CAESAR)Greenville, SC 854.4625 851.3125 851.475 852.250 853.4625a 853.800c  
035 (23) Greenville Simulcast (GVL CO)Greenville, SC 851.1875 851.875 852.1875 852.450 852.550 852.7375 853.2125
      853.2625a 853.5375a 853.750a 853.8625c 854.9875 856.2375 859.2625
042 (2A) Anderson (ANDERS)Anderson, SC 854.1125 854.2125 854.4375 854.6125a 855.7125 856.2125 856.5125
      856.7125 857.0125c 857.2625        
048 (30) Lancaster (LANCAS)Lancaster, SC 852.950 853.9875c 856.9625 857.9625 858.9625a 859.8625  
050 (32) Seneca (OCONEE)Oconee, SC 851.075 852.050 852.6625 853.100a 853.9625c    
055 (37) EffinghamFlorence, SC 851.1875 851.9625 853.175 853.4625a 853.9625c    
062 (3E) SummervilleDorchester, SC 851.975 853.400 853.475 853.825 853.850 854.1125 854.1625
      854.3875a 854.4125c          
064 (40) Stephens CrossroadsColleton, SC 851.275 851.600 852.550 853.050 853.725a 853.900c  

System Talkgroups
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SC Department of Public Safety (SCHP, SCTP, SC BPS) Statewide Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
61280 ef6 D SC BPS Disp BPS DIspatch  Law Dispatch 
41936 a3d A SC BPS 1 Ch 114 BPS 1  Law Dispatch 
41808 a35 A SC BPS 2 Ch 115 BPS 2  Law Tac 
7184 1c1 A SCHP 129 GOV Ch 129 Exec. Protection (Statewide)  Security 
26800 68b A SCHP 133 BLY Ch 133 Blythewood Ops  Law Talk 
3856 0f1 A STATE AIRGND Ch 145 Air to Ground (Statewide)  Interop 
30128 75b A SCHP 146 DOT Ch 146 DPS/DOT Hurricane Evacuation Coordination  Law Tac 
61008 ee5 DE SCHP 148 CPT Ch 148 Captains (Statewide)  Law Tac 
6864 1ad A Evac M/A Cmd Hurricane Evacuation Mutial Aid Command  Emergency Ops 
44464 adb A SCHP Evac Hurricane Evacuation Coordination  Emergency Ops 
6800 1a9 A SCHP MAIT Mait Team Scene Talk-around  Law Talk 
26704 685 D SCHP MEMO Insurance Enforcement (Memo Units)  Law Tac 
52752 ce1 D SCHP Memo Insurance Enforcement (Memo Units)  Law Tac 
30448 76f A SCTP HQ SCTP Headquarters  Law Talk 

SC Highway Patrol Troop 1 Talkgroups

Includes Clarendon, Kershaw, Lee, Lexington, Richland, and Sumter counties.

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
21520 541 A SCHP 1 SMTR Ch 01 Sumter/Clarendon  Law Dispatch 
21488 53f A SCHP 2 TAC 1 Ch 02 TAC 1 (Talk Ch.1)  Law Talk 
7152 1bf A SCHP 3 KRSHW Ch 03 Kershaw/Lee  Law Dispatch 
7024 1b7 A SCHP 4 LEX Ch 04 Lexington  Law Dispatch 
52048 cb5 A SCHP TAC 2 Ch 06 TAC 2  Law Talk 
6896 1af A SCHP 6 RCHLD Ch 06 Richland  Law Dispatch 
45776 b2d A SCTP Trp 1 Ch 07 SCTP Troop 1  Law Tac 
20848 517 A SCHP 8 DPS1 Ch 08 DPS Troop 1 (SHEP)  Law Tac 
6992 1b5 A SHEP T1 TA SHEP Troop 1 Talk-around  Law Talk 
45936 b37 A SCHP 9 SO 1 Ch 09 Special Ops 1  Law Tac 
61056 ee8 DE SCHP 14 ACE1 Ch 14 ACE Team Troop 1  Law Tac 

SC Highway Patrol Troop 2 Talkgroups

 Includes  Abbeville, Edgefield, Greenwood, Laurens, McCormick, Newberry, and Saluda counties.

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
7536 1d7 A SCHP 17 LRNS Ch 17 Newberry/Laurens  Law Dispatch 
46096 b41 A SCHP TAC 3 Ch 18 TAC 3  Law Talk 
48944 bf3 A SCHP Grnwood Ch 19 Greenwood/McComick/Saluda Cos.  Law Dispatch 
7664 1df A SCHP 20 EGFD Ch 20 Edgefield/Saluda/McCormick  Law Dispatch 
7056 1b9 A SCHP 21 TC4 Ch 21 TAC 4 (Talk Ch. 4)  Law Talk 
41296 a15 A SCHP 23 STP2 Ch 23 STP 2 (STP Sp. Ops)  Law Tac 
30736 781 A SCHP 25 SO 2 Ch 25 Special OPS 2  Law Tac 

SC Highway Patrol Troop 3 Talkgroups

Includes Anderson, Greenville, Oconee, Pickens, and Spartanburg counties.

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
21136 529 A SCHP 33 ANDS Ch 33 Anderson  Law Dispatch 
29232 723 A SCHP 34 TC5 Ch 34 TAC 5 (Talk Ch. 5)  Law Talk 
20880 519 A SCHP 36 GRVL Ch 36 Greenville  Law Dispatch 
48912 bf1 A SCHP TAC 6 Ch 37 TAC 6  Law Tac 
21008 521 A SCHP 38 SPTG Ch 38 Spartanburg  Law Dispatch 
41424 a1d A SCHP 39 STP3 Ch 39 STP 3 (STP Sp. Ops)  Law Tac 
45744 b2b A SHEP Trp 3 Ch 40 DPS Troop 3 SHEP  Law Tac 
34608 873 A SHEP T3 TA SHEP Troop 3 Talk-around  Law Tac 
46000 b3b A SCHP SO T3 Ch 41 Special Ops Troop 3  Law Tac 
61072 ee9 DE SCHP 46 ACE3 Ch 46 ACE Team Troop 3  Law Tac 

SC Highway Patrol Troop 4 Talkgroups

Includes Cherokee, Chester, Chesterfield, Fairfield, Lancaster, Union, and York counties

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
44624 ae5 A SCHP 50 TAC7 Ch 50 TAC 7  Law Talk 
46128 b43 A SCHP 51 York Ch 51 York  Law Dispatch 
21392 539 A SCHP 52 CHST Ch 52 Chester/Fairfield  Law Dispatch 
29744 743 A SCHP 53 TAC8 Ch 53 TAC 8 (Talk Ch. 8)  Law Talk 
21104 527 A SCHP 54 Lanc Ch. 54 Lancaster/Chesterfield  Law Dispatch 
41552 a25 A SCHP 55 STP4 Ch 55 STP 4 (STP Sp. Ops)  Law Tac 
45808 b2f A SHEP Trp 4 CH 56 SC DPS 4 SHEP  Law Tac 
32336 7e5 A SHEP T4 TA SHEP Troop 4 Talk-around  Law Talk 
30992 791 A SCHP 57 SO 4 Ch 57 Special OPS 4  Law Tac 

SC Highway Patrol Troop 5 Talkgroups

Includes Darlington, Dillon, Florence, Georgetown, Horry, Marion, Marlboro, and Williamsburg counties

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
29584 739 A SCHP 65 DrMl Ch 65 Darlington/Marlboro  Law Dispatch 
44688 ae9 A SCHP 66 TAC9 Ch 66 TAC 9  Law Dispatch 
29200 721 A SCHP 67 FLOR Ch 67 Florence/Marion/Dillon  Law Dispatch 
44656 ae7 A SCHP 68 GrWl Ch 68 Georgetown/Williamsburg  Law Dispatch 
5744 167 A SCHP 68 TC10 Ch 69 TAC 10  Law Talk 
29328 729 A SCHP 70 HRRY Ch 70 Horry  Law Dispatch 
41680 a2d A SCHP 71 STP5 Ch 71 STP 5 (STP Sp. Ops)  Law Tac 
21616 547 A SCHP 72 DPS5 Ch 72 DPS 5 (SHEP)  Law Tac 
32272 7e1 A SHEP T5 TA SHEP Troop 5 Talk-around  Law Tac 
45680 b27 A SCHP 73 SO 5 Ch 73 Special OPS 5  Law Tac 

SC Highway Patrol Troop 6 Talkgroups

Includes Beaufort, Berkeley, Charleston, Colleton, Dorchester,  and Jasper counties

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
44752 aed A SCHP 81 Chrs Ch 81 Charleston/Berkeley  Law Dispatch 
29616 73b A SCHP 82 TC11 Ch 82 TAC 11 (Talk Ch. 11)  Law Talk 
44400 ad7 A SCHP 83 DrCl Ch 83 Dorchester/Colleton  Law Dispatch 
44432 ad9 A SCHP 84 BfJs Ch 84 Beaufort/Jasper  Law Dispatch 
6928 1b1 A SCHP 85 TC12 Ch 85 TAC 12 (Talk Ch. 12)  Law Talk 
46064 b3f A SCHP 87 STP6 Ch 87 STP 6 (STP Sp. Ops)  Law Tac 
21648 549 A SCHP 88 DPS6 Ch 88 DPS 6 (SHEP)  Law Tac 
31248 7a1 A SCHP 89 SO 6 Ch 89 Special OPS 6  Law Tac 
32240 7df A SHEP T6 TA SHEP Troop 6 Talk-around  Law Tac 
44720 aeb A SCHP ? Trp 6 SC HP Troop 6 Traffic Ops  Law Tac 

SC Highway Patrol Troop 7 Talkgroups

 Includes Aiken, Allendale, Bamberg, Barnwell, Calhoun, Hampton, and Orangeburg counties

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
45840 b31 A SCHP 97 AkBm Ch 97&100 Aiken/Bamberg/Barnwell/Allendale/Hampton  Law Dispatch 
7568 1d9 A SCHP 98 TC13 Ch 98 TAC 13 (Talk Ch. 13)  Law Talk 
45904 b35 A SCHP 99 ObCl Ch 99 Orangeburg/Calhoun  Law Dispatch 
7440 1d1 A SCHP 101 T14 Ch 101 TAC 14 (Talk Ch. 14)  Law Talk 
30576 777 A SCHP 103STP7 Ch 103 STP 7 (STP Sp. Ops)  Law Tac 
21680 54b A SCHP 104DPS7 Ch 104 DPS 7 (SHEP)  Law Tac 
31376 7a9 A SCHP 105 SO7 Ch 105 Special OPS 7  Law Tac 

SC DPS Mutual Aid/Common Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
31152 79b A SC CALL S/W SC Emergency Call (STATEWIDE)  Interop 
31280 7a3 A SC Reg Gov 1 SCHP Ch 13 Regional Govt. 1  Interop 
31344 7a7 A SC Reg Gov 2 SCHP Ch 29 Regional Govt. 2  Interop 
31408 7ab A SC Reg Gov 3 SCHP Ch 45 Regional Govt. 3  Interop 
31472 7af A SC Reg Gov 4 SCHP Ch 61 Regional Govt. 4  Interop 
31536 7b3 A SC Reg Gov 5 SCHP Ch 77 Regional Govt. 5  Interop 
31600 7b7 A SC Reg Gov 6 SCHP Ch 93 Regional Govt. 6  Interop 
31728 7bf A SC Reg Gov 7 SCHP Ch 109 Regional Govt. 7  Interop 
31792 7c3 A SC Reg Gov 8 SCHP Ch 125 Regional Govt. 8  Interop 
52208 cbf A SC Reg Gov 9 SCHP Ch 141 Regional Govt. 9  Interop 
52272 cc3 A SC Reg Gov10 SCHP Ch 157 Regional Govt. 10  Interop 
21456 53d A SCMA 1 LE SCHP Ch 12 Mutual Aid 1 (Law Enforcement)  Law Talk 
21584 545 A SCMA 2 Fire SCHP Ch 12 Mutual Aid 2 (Fire)  Fire-Talk 
29136 71d A SCMA 3 EMS SCHP Ch 44 Mutual Aid 3 (EMS)  EMS Dispatch 
29264 725 A SCMA 4 Cmnd SCHP Ch 60 Mutual Aid 4 (Command)  Interop 
29392 72d A SCMA 5 SCHP Ch 76 Mutual Aid 5  Interop 
29520 735 A SCMA 6 SCHP Ch 92 Mutual Aid 6  Interop 
29648 73d A SCMA 7 SCHP Ch 108 Mutual Aid 7  Interop 
29776 745 A SCMA 8 SCHP Ch 124 Mutual Aid 8  Interop 
29904 74d A SCMA 9 SCHP Ch 140 Mutual Aid 9  Interop 
30032 755 A SCMA 10 SCHP Ch 156 Mutual Aid 10  Interop 
6960 1b3 A LE CALL LE Common Call (Statewide)  Law Tac 
7088 1bb A SC LE Comn 1 SCHP Ch 10 LE Common 1  Law Tac 
7216 1c3 A SC LE Comn 2 SCHP Ch 26 LE Common 2  Law Tac 
7344 1cb A SC LE Comn 3 SCHP Ch 42 LE Common 3  Law Tac 
7472 1d3 A SC LE Comn 4 SCHP Ch 58 LE Common 4  Law Tac 
7600 1db A SC LE Comn 5 SCHP Ch 74/149 LE Common 5  Law Tac 
20816 515 A SC LE Comn 6 SCHP Ch 90/150 LE Common 6  Law Tac 
20944 51d A SC LE Comn 7 SCHP Ch 106/151 LE Common 7  Law Tac 
21072 525 A SC LE Comn 8 SCHP Ch 122/152 LE Common 8  Law Tac 
21200 52d A SC LE Comn 9 SCHP Ch 138/153 LE Common 9  Law Tac 
21328 535 A SC LE Comn10 SCHP Ch 154 LE Common 10  Law Tac 
51392 c8c D SC LE Comm11 SC LE Common 11  Law Talk 
51408 c8d D SC LE Comm12 SC LE Common 12  Law Talk 
51424 c8e D SC LE Comm13 SC LE Common 13  Law Talk 

State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
11280 2c1 A SLED S/W Statewide  Law Tac 
11312 2c3 A SLED Midlnds Midlands  Law Tac 
11344 2c5 A SLED Piedmnt Piedmont  Law Tac 
11376 2c7 A SLED Pee Dee Pee Dee  Law Tac 
11408 2c9 A SLED LowCtry Low Country  Law Tac 
11440 2cb A SLED SplOps1 Special Ops 1  Law Tac 
55040 d70 DE SLED 55040 Unknown Use  Law Tac 
55056 d71 DE SLED 55056 Unknown Use  Law Tac 
55072 d72 DE SLED 55072 Unknown Use  Law Tac 
55088 d73 DE SLED 55088 Unknown Use  Law Tac 
55120 d75 DE SLED 55120 Unknown Use  Law Tac 

SC Probation, Pardon and Parole Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
32176 7db A PPP Command Command  Law Tac 
34544 86f A PPP SW Roam Statewide Roam  Law Tac 
37200 915 A PPP Anderson Ch 1 Anderson/Pickens/Oconee  Law Tac 
37232 917 A PPP Abbevill Ch 2 Abbeville/McCormick/Greenwood  Law Tac 
37264 919 A PPP Laurens Ch 3 Laurens/Newberry/Union  Law Tac 
37520 929 A PPP Cherokee Ch 4 Cherokee/Chester  Law Tac 
37296 91b A PPP Aiken Ch 5 Aiken/Saludra/Edgefield  Law Tac 
31088 797 A PPP Spartanb Spartanburg  Law Tac 
32016 7d1 A PPP Lexingtn Lexington  Law Tac 
32048 7d3 A PPP Richland Richland  Law Tac 
37584 92d A PPP Clarendn Ch 9 Clarendon/Lee  Law Tac 
32208 7dd A PPP Orangbrg Orangeburg/Calhoun/Bamberg  Law Tac 
37488 927 A PPP Greenvil Greenville  Law Tac 
37392 921 A PPP Colleton Ch 12 Colleton/Jasper/Beaufort  Law Tac 
37424 923 A PPP Darlingt Darlington Area  Law Tac 
32080 7d5 A PPP Georgetw Ch 14 Williamsburg/Georgetown/Dorchester/Berkeley  Law Tac 
54192 d3b D PPP Lexingtn Lexington  Law Tac 

SC Department of Natural Resources Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
6032 179 A DNR Region 2 Region 2  Law Talk 
6064 17b A DNR Region 3 Region 3  Law Talk 
6096 17d A DNR Region 4 Region 4  Law Talk 
6128 17f A DNR S/W Statewide  Law Talk 
6160 181 A DNR Region 1 Region 1  Law Talk 
21552 543 A SC DNR SC DNR 800  Law Talk 

SC Department of Corrections Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
7728 1e3 A SC DJJ SC DJJ  Corrections 
7760 1e5 A SC DJJ SC DJJ  Corrections 
7792 1e7 A SC DJJ SC DJJ  Corrections 
7824 1e9 A SC DJJ SC DJJ  Corrections 
9456 24f A SC DJJ SC DJJ  Corrections 
9488 251 A SC DJJ SC DJJ  Corrections 
9520 253 A SC DJJ SC DJJ  Corrections 
9552 255 A SC DJJ SC DJJ  Corrections 
32144 7d9 A SC DOC WrkR SC DOC Work Release  Corrections 

SC Emergency Management Division Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
11504 2cf A SC EMD MDLDS Midlands Area (Clarendon/Kershaw/Lee/Lexington/Richland/Sumter Cos)  Emergency Ops 
11536 2d1 A SC EMD PDMT Piedmont Area  Emergency Ops 
11568 2d3 A SC EMD UPST Upstate Area (Anderson/Greenville/Oconee/Pickens/Spartanburg Cos)  Emergency Ops 
11600 2d5 A SC EMD LWCNT Lowcountry (Beaufort/Berkeley/Charleston/Colleton/Dorchester/Jasper/Orangeburg Cos)  Emergency Ops 
11632 2d7 A SC EMD PEDE Pee Dee Area (Darlington/Dillon/Florence/Georgetown/Horry/Marion/Marlboro/Williamsburg Cos)  Emergency Ops 
11664 2d9 A SC EMD CATWB Catawba (Cherokee/Chester/Chesterfield/Fairfield/Lancaster/Union/York Cos)  Emergency Ops 
11696 2db A SC EMD SAVAN Savanna River (Bamberg/Calhoun/Allendale/Aiken Cos)  Emergency Ops 
28832 70a A SC EMD ESF 2 Emergency Service Function 2 (Communications)  Emergency Ops 
30832 787 A SC EMD COMM Common  Emergency Ops 
30896 78b A SC EMD OPS 1 Ops 1  Emergency Ops 
31024 793 A SC EMD Ops 3 Ops 3  Emergency Ops 
32304 7e3 A SC EMD EVAC Emergency Evacuation  Emergency Ops 
39808 9b8 D SC TF 1 SC Task Force 1 Urban Search and Rescue  Emergency Ops 
56176 db7 D FF MOB Firefighter Mobilization  Fire-Tac 

SC Department of Health and Environmental Control Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
18960 4a1 A SC EMS COMM EMS Common  Law Tac 
18992 4a3 A SC EMS RG 1 EMS Region 1  Law Tac 
19024 4a5 A SC EMS RG 2 EMS Region 2  Law Tac 
19088 4a9 A SC EMS RG 3 EMS Region 3  Law Tac 
19200 4b0 A SC EMS RG 4 EMS Region 4  Law Tac 
20976 51f A SC DHEC ERT Emergency Response Team  Emergency Ops 
44816 af1 A DHEC RG 1 Piedmont (Region 1?)  Law Tac 
44848 af3 A DHEC RG 2 Upstate (Region 2?)  Law Tac 
44912 af7 A DHEC RG 3 Midlands (Region 3?)  Law Tac 
45040 aff A DHEC Chas Charleston Area  Law Tac 
45072 b01 A DHEC RG 5 Region 5?  Law Tac 
45104 b03 A DHEC RG 6 Grand Strand (Region 6?)  Law Tac 
45136 b05 A DHEC RG 4 Pee Dee Area (Region 4)  Law Tac 
45392 b15 A HOSP COMM Disaster/Hospital Net Common  Hospital 
45424 b17 A HOSP RG 1 Disaster/Hospital Net Region 1 (West Upstate)  Emergency Ops 
45456 b19 A HOSP RG 2 Disaster/Hospital Net Region 2 (Midlands)  Emergency Ops 
45488 b1b A HOSP RG 3 Disaster/Hospital Net Region 3 (Pee Dee)  Emergency Ops 
45520 b1d A HOSP RG 4 Disaster/Hospital Net Region 4 (Low Country)  Emergency Ops 
50336 c4a A DHEC COMMON Common  Law Tac 
52336 cc7 A DHEC STATEWD Statewide  Law Tac 
52688 cdd A DHEC UPSTATE Upstate  Law Tac 

SC COBRA Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
25104 621 A COBRA LC Ops Lowcountry Ops  Emergency Ops 
25136 623 A COBRA ML Ops Midlands Ops  Emergency Ops 
25168 625 A COBRA US Ops Upstate Ops  Emergency Ops 
25200 627 A COBRA PD Ops Pee Dee Opes  Emergency Ops 
65376 ff6 DE COBRA Com Statewide Common  Emergency Ops 
65392 ff7 DE COBRA LC Com Lowcountry Common  Emergency Ops 
65424 ff9 DE COBRA ML Com Midlands Common  Emergency Ops 
65456 ffb DE COBRA US Com Upstate Common  Emergency Ops 
65488 ffd DE COBRA PD Com Pee Dee Common  Emergency Ops 

SC Department of Mental Health Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
28992 714 A SC DMH Cen 1 CENTRAL DISTRICT CH 01  Law Dispatch 
29008 715 A SC DMH Cen 2 CENTRAL DISTRICT CH 02  Law Talk 
29024 716 A SC DMH Tac 2 TAC 2  Law Tac 
43536 aa1 A SC DMH Trans Transport  Transportation 

SC Criminal Justice Academy Talkgroups

SC Department of Transportation Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
8528 215 A SCDOT Dist 1 District 1  Public Works 
8560 217 A SCDOT Dist 2 District 2  Public Works 
8592 219 A SCDOT Dist 3 District 3  Public Works 
8624 21b A SCDOT Dist 4 District 4  Public Works 
8656 21d A SCDOT Dist 5 District 5  Public Works 
8688 21f A SCDOT Dist 6 District 6  Public Works 
8128 1fc A SCDOT Dist 7 District 7  Public Works 
8752 223 A SCDOT S/W Statewide  Public Works 

SC Forestry Commission Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
51472 c91 D Forestry S/W Statewide Roam  Fire-Talk 
51840 ca8 D Forestry 1 Region 1  Fire-Talk 
51968 cb0 D Forestry 5 Region 5  Fire-Talk 
51984 cb1 D Forestry 6 Region 6  Fire-Talk 

SC State Agencies (Other) Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
4112 101 A SC ESC S/W SC ESC CH 02 STATEWIDE  Public Works 
4144 103 A SC ESC Cola SC ESC CH 01 LOCAL COLUMBIA  Public Works 
28848 70b A SC ETV Tech SC ETV Network Technical Services  Public Works 
39760 9b5 D SteHse Senat SC State House-Senate Ops  Public Works 
39776 9b6 D SteHse HofRe SC State House-House of Reprentatives Ops  Public Works 
56912 de5 D SC CIO COMM SC CIO Communications  Public Works 
57952 e26 D SC PSA SC Public Service Authority  Public Works 

Federal Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
35024 88d D Cong Ntl Prk Congaree National Park Operations  Federal 
35040 88e D Cong Ntl Pk2 Congaree National Park Ch.2 Talk-around  Federal 
35056 88f D Cong NtlPrk3 Congaree National Park Ch.3  Federal 
41456 a1f A Federal Call Federal Call  Federal 

Military Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
48880 bef A SCNG ROAM SC National Guard Roam  Military 
50896 c6d A SCNG Ops SC National Guard Ops  Military 
58288 e3b D SCNG COLA SC National Guard Columbia  Military 

Medical Helicopters Talkgroups

 See this page in the wiki for details.

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
3920 0f5 A LifeNet Hosp LifeNet Helicopter to Palmetto Richland ER (Columbia)  Hospital 
6304 18a A LifeNet Helo LifeNet Dispatch/Operations (LifeNet, LifeCare, LifeStar, Charleston 7)  EMS Dispatch 
25120 622 D MedCenterAir MedCenter Air (CMC Charlotte)  EMS Dispatch 
30064 757 A Sptg Air-Gnd Spartanburg Air-Ground (Regional One) & Air Reach (Florence)  EMS Dispatch 
38352 95d D GMH MedTrans MTC FlightComm to GMH MedTrans/Dispatch  EMS Dispatch 
38368 95e D MTC FliteCom MedTrans FlightCom (MedTrans 1, Regional 1, Lifeflight)  EMS Dispatch 
38384 95f A Aircare SC Aircare  EMS Dispatch 
41216 a10 A Omni/Lifecar Omniflight Charleston and Lifecare (Horry)  EMS Dispatch 
50368 c4c A Meducare Air Meducare Air (Charleston)  EMS Dispatch 
50928 c6f A Omniflight Omniflight Helos (No longer used)  EMS Dispatch 

Private Ambulance Services Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2608 0a3 A Medshore Medshore Ambulance Service  EMS-Tac 
6192 183 A Medshore Amb A Medshore Ambulance Service Ch A  EMS Dispatch 
6224 185 A Medshore Amb B Medshore Ambulance Service Ch B  EMS-Tac 
20688 50d A PersonalCare Amb Personal Care Ambulance?  EMS Dispatch 
27904 6d0 A GoldCrossEMS AVL Gold Cross EMS Vehicle Location Data  Data 
27920 6d1 A GoldCrossEMS Dsp Gold Cross EMS Dispatch  EMS Dispatch 
37168 913 D Fam Med Tran Family Medical Transport (Charleston)  Transportation 
37184 914 D FamMed Meet1 Family Medical Transport Meeting 1  Transportation 
41024 a04 A Wilmston EMS Williamston EMS Non-Emergency Transport  Transportation 
50464 c52 A MobileCare EMS MobileCare EMS  EMS Dispatch 
53296 d03 D PalmAmbAiken Palmetto Ambulance Service Aiken Area  EMS Dispatch 
53312 d04 D PalmAmb Talk Palmetto Ambulance Service Talk-Around  EMS-Tac 
53328 d05 D PalmAmbGrnvl Palmetto Ambulance Service Greenville Area  EMS Dispatch 
53344 d06 D PalmAmbMdlnd Palmetto Ambulance Service Midlands Area  EMS Dispatch 

Transportation Services Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
18544 487 A BestFriend Expre Aiken County Transit Best Friend Express  Transportation 
18624 48c A RuralTransp18624 Rural Transportation-Aiken/Barnwell Area  Transportation 
18656 48e A RuralTransp18656 Rural Transportation-Bamberg/Hampton Area  Transportation 
28080 6db A SW RTA 28080 Santee-Wateree RTA (Sumter, Richland, Clarendon, Lee, Kershaw)  Transportation 
28112 6dd A SW RTA 28112 Santee-Wateree RTA (Calhoun and Orangeburg)  Transportation 
43792 ab1 A Sumter Transp Sumter Area Transportation  Transportation 

Utilities Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
496 01f A Palm800 Palmetto 800  Utilities 
608 026 A Palm Center SCANA PALMETTO CENTER MAINT.  Utilities 
624 027 A SCE&G Trans SCE&G TRANSMISSION SERVICE  Utilities 
720 02d A SCE&G Estill SCE&G Distribution Estill  Utilities 
784 031 A Aiken Elec Aiken Electric Cooperative  Utilities 
832 034 A SCE&G Constr SCE&G CONSTRUCTION CREW  Utilities 
944 03b A SCE&G Distri SCE&G DISTRIBUTION SERVICE  Utilities 
1008 03f A SCE&G Meters SCE&G METER SERVICE COLUMBIA  Utilities 
1072 043 A SCE&G Meters SCE&G METER READERS  Utilities 
1104 045 A SCE&G Meters SCE&G Meter Service  Utilities 
1200 04b A SCE&G Buses SCE&G BUS SUPERVISORS  Utilities 
1264 04f A SCANA Sec Sp SCANA Security Special Events  Security 
1328 053 A SCE&G Lowcnt SCE&G Lowcountry  Utilities 
1424 059 A SCE&G Chas SCE&G Charleston  Utilities 
1456 05b A SCE&G Chas SCE&G Charleston - Distribution Dispatch  Utilities 
1488 05d A SCE&G Chas SCE&G Charleston Dispatch  Utilities 
1616 065 A SCE&G Summrv SCE&G Distribution Summerville  Utilities 
1648 067 A SCE&G Meters SCE&G Meter Readers  Utilities 
1712 06b A SCE&G Chas SCE&G Charleston  Utilities 
2064 081 A SCE&G Summrv SCE&G Meter Readers Summerville  Utilities 
2160 087 A SCE&G N Aug SCE&G North Augusta  Utilities 
2224 08b A SCE&G Aiken SCE&G Gas Aiken  Utilities 
2384 095 A SCE&G Johnst SCE&G Johnston  Utilities 
2512 09d A SCE&G Distri SCE&G Distribution  Utilities 
2544 09f A SCE&G Lexngt SCE&G METER SERVICE LEXINGTON  Utilities 
2640 0a5 A SCE&G Columb SCE&G GAS COLUMBIA  Utilities 
2672 0a7 A SCE&G Columb SCE&G GAS COLUMBIA  Utilities 
2768 0ad A SCE&G MrtBch SCANA Myrtle Beach  Utilities 
2992 0bb A SCE&G Kngstr SC E&G Kingstree/Lake City  Utilities 
3056 0bf A SCE&G Grgtwn SC E&G Gas Georgetown  Utilities 
3120 0c3 A SCE&G Chas SCE&G Gas Charleston  Utilities 
3280 0cd A MOTOROLA Motorola Radio Shops  Utilities 
3376 0d3 A SCE&G Buses SCE&G BUS FLEET SERVICE  Utilities 
3472 0d9 A SCE&G Bufort SCE&G Linemen (Beaufort, Jasper, Hampton)  Utilities 
3504 0db A SCE&G Bufort SCE&G Beaufort or Lowcountry Meter readers  Utilities 
4176 105 A Edisto Elec Edisto Electric Coop  Utilities 
4368 111 A SCANA Comm SCI RADIO MAINTENANCE  Utilities 
4400 113 A Laurens Elec LAURENS ELECTRIC  Utilities 
4432 115 A Laurens Elec LAURENS ELECTRIC  Utilities 
4464 117 A Laurens Elec LAURENS ELECTRIC  Utilities 
4624 121 A Laurens Elec LAURENS ELECTRIC  Utilities 
4848 12f A Unknown Elec Unknown Electric Utility  Utilities 
5616 15f A Aiken Elec Aiken Electric Cooperative  Utilities 
5648 161 A Aiken Elec Aiken Electric Cooperative  Utilities 
5712 165 A Aiken Elec Aiken Electric Cooperative  Utilities 
8240 203 A SCANA Survey SCANA SURVEY CREWS  Utilities 
13008 32d A Motorola 1 Motorola Service Ch. 1  Utilities 
13040 32f A Motorola ? SCANA Communications  Utilities 
65008 fdf D Motorola 2 Motorola Service Ch. 2  Utilities 
65360 ff5 D Motorola Motorola   Utilities 

Abbeville County Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
51616 c9a D ABBVL CO FD Fire Tac  Fire-Tac 
51712 ca0 D ABBVL EMS EMS Dispatch  EMS Dispatch 
25664 644 A Abbv EMS Hsp EMS to Abbeville ER  Hospital 
51584 c98 D ABBVLCO SD 1 Sherrif Ch. 1  Law Dispatch 
25648 643 A ABBVL SD OPS Sherrif Ops  Law Tac 
25680 645 A ABBVL SD TAC Sherrif Tac  Law Tac 
51664 c9d D ABBEVILLE FD Abbeville FD  Fire-Tac 
25600 640 A ABBEVILLE PD Abbeville PD  Law Dispatch 
51696 c9f D ABBEVILLE PW Abbeville Public Works  Public Works 
51680 c9e D ABBVLCO PW Public Works  Public Works 
51632 c9b D ABBVLCO EM Emergency Management  Emergency Ops 
51648 c9c D ABBVLCO CALL Call Channel  Multi-Tac 
51600 c99 D ABBVLCO ROAM Roam  Multi-Tac 

Anderson County Talkgroups

Anderson City and Anderson Co SD operate on the Palmetto P25 system. Some Anderson Co. Municipalities still operate on the Palmetto 800 system.

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
62384 f3b D AndCo Fire Fire  Fire-Tac 
62368 f3a D AndCo EMS EMS  EMS-Talk 
62352 f39 D AndCo Commnd Command  Emergency Ops 
62336 f38 D AndCo Comms Communications  Emergency Ops 
62208 f30 D AndCo SD Dis Sheriff Dispatch 1  Law Dispatch 
62224 f31 D AndCo SD 2 Sheriff Dispatch 2  Law Dispatch 
62240 f32 D AndCo SD Rm Sheriff Ch 3 Roam  Law Tac 
62256 f33 D AndCo SD MA Sheriff Ch 4 Mutual Aid  Law Tac 
62272 f34 D AndCo SD SE1 Sheriff Special Events 1  Law Tac 
62288 f35 D AndCo SD SE2 Sheriff Special Events 2  Law Tac 
62304 f36 D AndCo SD SO1 Sheriff Special Ops 1  Law Tac 
62320 f37 DE AndCo SD SO2 Sheriff Special Ops 2  Law Tac 
57792 e1c D Andrsn Police Anderson PD Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
53712 d1d D Belton Police Belton PD  Law Tac 
53584 d15 D HoneaPath PD Honea Path PD  Law Tac 
53680 d1b D Iva Police Iva PD  Law Tac 
53744 d1f D Pelzer Police Pelzer PD  Law Tac 
53648 d19 D Pendleton PD Pendleton PD  Law Tac 
53616 d17 D Willmston PD Williamston PD  Law Tac 
53632 d18 D Willmston PD Williamston PD  Law Tac 

Cherokee County Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
26000 659 D Gaffney PD A Gaffney PD  Law Tac 
26016 65a D Gaffney PD B Gaffney PD  Law Tac 

Greenville County Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
53024 cf2 D Grvl Co FDs Fire Chiefs  Fire-Tac 
33104 815 D Cdr Mtn FD Cedar Mountain Fire Rescue  Fire-Tac 
33296 821 D S Grvl FD South Greenville FD Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
58224 e37 D Grvl Co FD Fire Department Radio Testing?  Fire-Talk 
52768 ce2 D Gvl Co SD A1 Sheriff Ch A1  Law Tac 
52800 ce4 D Gvl Co SD A2 Sheriff Ch A2  Law Tac 
52784 ce3 D Gvl Co SD B1 Sheriff Ch B1  Law Tac 
52816 ce5 D Gvl Co SD B2 Sheriff Ch B2  Law Tac 
52976 cef D Gvl Co SD B7 Sheriff Ch B7  Law Tac 
52848 ce7 D Gvl Co SD T1 Sheriff Ch Tac 1  Law Tac 
52864 ce8 D Gvl Co SD T2 Sheriff Ch Tac 2  Law Tac 
52880 ce9 D Gvl Co SD T3 Sheriff Ch Tac 3  Law Tac 
52896 cea D Gvl Co SD T4 Sheriff Ch Tac 4  Law Tac 
52912 ceb D Gvl Co SD T5 Sheriff Ch Tac 5  Law Tac 
39664 9af D Grvl Trash Landfill Ch. 1  Public Works 
39680 9b0 D Grvl Trash Landfill Ch. 2  Public Works 
51872 caa D GHS Security Greenville Hospital Security  Security 
15744 3d8 D Grvl Hosp EP Greenville Hospital Emergency Preparedness  Emergency Ops 
15760 3d9 D Gvl Hosp EP Greenville Hospital Emergency Preparedness  Emergency Ops 
39456 9a2 D St Fran Hosp St. Francis Hospital Security  Security 
39472 9a3 D St. Francis2 St. Francis Hospital Ch. 2  Security 
51888 cab D Greer PD Greer PD  Law Tac 
52464 ccf D Fntn Inn PD Fountain Inn PD  Law Tac 
52496 cd1 D Ftn Inn PD Fountain Inn PD Tac  Law Tac 
52512 cd2 D Mauldin PD Mauldin PD  Law Tac 
52448 cce D Smpsnvl PD Simpsonville PD  Law Tac 
52480 cd0 D Smpsnvl PD Simpsonville PD Tac  Law Tac 
17328 43b D TR PD Disp Travelers Rest PD DIspatch  Law Dispatch 
26560 67c D TR PD Disp Travelers Rest PD Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
9136 23b D GSP Security Greenville-Spartanburg Airport Security  Law Tac 
59296 e7a D GTC Security Greenville Technical College Security  Schools 
64336 fb5 D Gvl Co An Ctl Animal Control  Public Works 

Greenville City Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
54512 d4f D Gvl FD Dsp 1 FD Dispatch 1  Fire Dispatch 
54528 d50 D Gvl FD Dsp 2 FD Dispatch 2  Fire Dispatch 
54544 d51 D Gvl FD Cmd 1 FD Command 1  Fire-Tac 
54560 d52 D Gvl FD Cmd 2 FD Command 2  Fire-Tac 
54576 d53 D Gvt FD ERT Emergency Response Team  Fire-Tac 
54736 d5d D Gvl PD 1 Trf PD Ch. 1 Traffic  Law Tac 
54752 d5e D Gvl PD 2 Tlk PD Ch. 2 Talk-around  Law Talk 
54768 d5f D Gvl PD 3 Dsp PD Ch. 3 Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
54784 d60 D Gvl PD 4 Rec PD Ch. 4 Records  Law Talk 
54800 d61 D Gvl PD PD  Law Tac 
54848 d64 D Gvl PD PD  Law Tac 
54864 d65 D Gvl PD PD  Law Tac 
54880 d66 D Gvl PD PD  Law Tac 
64208 fad D Gvl Buses 1 Transit/Buses Ch. 1  Transportation 
64224 fae D Gvl Buses 2 Transit/Buses Ch. 2  Transportation 
64304 fb3 D Gvl Bld Code Building Codes Enforcement  Public Works 
64320 fb4 D Gvl Anim Con Animal Control  Public Works 

Greenwood County Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
53504 d10 D Grwd Co EMS EMS Dispatch  EMS Dispatch 
25312 62e D Grwd EMS Hsp EMS to Self Mem. Hospital  Hospital 
5312 14c D Grwd Co SD Sheriff  Law Tac 
5328 14d D Gwd LE Mut Aid Law Enforcement Mutual Aid  Law Tac 

Lancaster County Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
36784 8fb D Lanc Co SD 2 Sheriff Ch.2  Law Tac 
36800 8fc D Lanc Co SD 1 Sheriff SD Ch.1  Law Tac 
36832 8fe D LancCo FD Tk Fire Talk   Fire-Talk 
36880 901 D Lanc Police Lancaster PD  Law Tac 

Laurens County Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
53776 d21 D Lrns PD 1 Di Laurens PD Ch. 1 Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
53792 d22 D Lrns PD Laurens PD  Law Tac 
53808 d23 D Lrns PD Talk Laurens PD Ch. 2 Talk-around  Law Talk 
53824 d24 D LrnsCo SD 1 Sheriff Ch. 1 Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
53840 d25 D Lrns Co SD 2 Sheriff Ch. 2  Law Tac 
53856 d26 D Lrns Co SD 3 Sheriff Ch. 3  Law Tac 
53872 d27 D Lrns PD Laurens PD  Law Tac 
53888 d28 D LrnsCo SD Tk Sheriff Talk  Law Talk 
53904 d29 D Laurens Co Unknown Use  Emergency Ops 
53920 d2a D Laurens Co Unknown Use  Emergency Ops 
59856 e9d D Laurens Co Unknown Use  Emergency Ops 
61856 f1a D Clinton PD 1 Clinton PD Ch. 1 Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
61872 f1b D Clinton PD 2 Clinton PD Ch. 2  Law Tac 
61888 f1c D Clinton PD Clinton PD  Law Tac 
62816 f56 D LrnsCo EMS D EMS Dispatch  EMS Dispatch 

Oconee County Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
52576 cd6 D Seneca PD Seneca PD  Law Tac 

Pickens County Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
26160 663 D Pickens Fire FIre  Fire-Tac 
26128 661 D Pickens EMS EMS  EMS-Tac 
26144 662 D Pickens ESD ESD  Emergency Ops 
19856 4d9 D Pickens Call Call  Interop 
26208 666 D Easley Police 1 Easley PD Ch. 1  Law Dispatch 
12672 318 A Easley Police 2 Easley PD Ch. 2  Law Tac 
26096 65f D Pickens Police Pickens PD  Law Tac 
26192 665 D Liberty Police Liberty PD  Law Tac 
26240 668 D Clemson Police Clemson PD  Law Tac 
26256 669 D ClemUniv Police Clemson University PD  Law Tac 
58576 e4d D ClemUniv Fire Clemson University FD  Fire-Tac 

Saluda County Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
28400 6ef A Saluda SD Sheriff Ch 1  Law Tac 
39312 999 D Saluda SD 2 Sheriff Ch.2  Law Tac 
39328 99a A Saluda SD Rm Sheriff Roam  Law Tac 

Spartanburg County Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
47920 bb3 A Sptg Co FDs Fire  Fire-Tac 
13680 357 A N Sptg FD North Spartanburg FD  Fire-Tac 
47952 bb5 A SPTG HAZMAT Haz-mat  Fire-Tac 
48528 bd9 A Sptg Co 911 911/Communications Center  Emergency Ops 
48432 bd3 A SEMS Disp 1 EMS Dispatch 1  EMS Dispatch 
48656 be1 A SEMS Disp 2 EMS Dispatch 2  EMS-Tac 
48496 bd7 A SEMS Ops EMS Operations  EMS-Tac 
48576 bdc A SEMS Confrnc EMS Conference  EMS-Tac 
48608 bde A SEMS SRMC EMS to Spartanburg Regional Medical Center  Hospital 
48512 bd8 A SEMS M Black EMS to Mary Black Hosp.  Hospital 
48464 bd5 A SEMS Al Bnnt EMS to Allen Bennett Hosp.  Hospital 
48848 bed A SEMS EKG Dat EMS Mobile EKG Data  Data 
30064 757 A Sptg Air-Gnd Spartanburg Air-Ground (Regional 1)  Aircraft 
48016 bb9 A SCSD 1 Disp Sheriff Ch 1 Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
48048 bbb A SCSD 2 Traff Sheriff Ch 2 Traffic  Law Tac 
48560 bdb A SCSD 3 Talk Sheriff Ch 3 Talk-Around  Law Tac 
48112 bbf A SCSD 4 TAC Sheriff Ch 4 TAC/High Risk  Law Tac 
48080 bbd A SCSD 5 Invst Sheriff Ch 5 Investigations/Warrants  Law Tac 
48144 bc1 A SCSD 6 Narc Sheriff Ch 6 Canine Ops  Law Tac 
48592 bdd A SCSD A7 Sheriff Ch A7  Law Tac 
48336 bcd A SCSD 8 Jail Sheriff Ch A8 Detention Center Ops  Corrections 
48368 bcf A SCSD 9 Jail Sheriff Ch A9 Detention Center Transport  Corrections 
48672 be2 A SDSD A10 Sheriff Ch A10  Law Tac 
48544 bda A SCSD B1 Sheriff Ch B1  Law Tac 
48176 bc3 A SCSD B2 Conf Sheriff Ch B2 Conference  Law Tac 
48208 bc5 A SCSD B3 Sheriff Ch B3  Law Tac 
48240 bc7 A SCSD C1 Sheriff Ch C1 Events 1  Law Tac 
48272 bc9 A SCSD C2 Sheriff Ch C2 Events 2  Law Tac 
48304 bcb A SCSD C3 Sheriff Ch C3  Law Tac 
48400 bd1 A SCSD Courts Jail/Courthouse Security  Corrections 
48720 be5 A Sptg Co Mun1 Towns PDs Dispatch  Law Tac 
48752 be7 A Sptg Co Mun2 Town PDs Alternate  Law Tac 
48784 be9 A Sptg Co Mun3 Town PDs Talk  Law Tac 
48816 beb A Sptg Co Mun4 Municipal 4  Law Tac 
17360 43d D USC-Upst Sec USC-Upstate Security  Security 
36624 8f1 D SRMC Sec A Spartanburg Regional Medical Center Security  Security 
36720 8f7 D SRMC Sec B Spartanburg Regional Medical Center Security  Emergency Ops 
58896 e61 D VilHosp Security Village Hospital Pelham Security  Schools 

Union County Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
36576 8ee D Union Police Union PD  Law Tac 
52704 cde D Union Sheriff Sheriff  Law Tac 

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