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US > Delaware > State of Delaware Public Safety

State of Delaware Public Safety

System Name:State of Delaware Public Safety
Location:Statewide, DE
System Type:Motorola Type II SmartZone
System Voice:APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
Last Updated:March 23, 2021, 10:22 pm (Updated encryption settings for 1 talkgroups(Sussex County - State Police))

Important Rebanded Note

One or more sites for this trunking system have gone through the 800 MHz rebanding process. Your scanner may be incompatible, require a firmware update or require special programming to track these sites. Please visit the RR Wiki Rebanding page for additional information.

System ID List

System ID   Connect Tone  
583A   138.46

Latest News Update Posted on 2013-07-07 13:26:41

Re-banding is complete for this system statewide.

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Misc System Information

On October 15, 1993 the State of Delaware purchased a state-of-the-art, digital 800 MHz trunked radio system to provide statewide communications for all state, county and municipal government agencies, including fire and emergency medical services. The system is sub-divided into three geographic regions which correspond to the three counties of the State, with fourteen channels in our New Castle County, and ten channels each in our Kent and Sussex Counties. The State contracted for a digital system which is compatible with the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials - Project 25 (APCO 25) standards, such as "common-air-interface".

The basic system design incorporates a digital microwave (6 & 10 GHz) infrastructure, which links the three county sub-systems and the intra-county system sites. There are three primary dispatch control points, one at each of the three county 911 dispatch centers. These console configurations provide voice logging and instant playback recording and interface with existing conventional radio systems in other frequency bands. In addition to these primary control points, there are many secondary console and radio frequency (RF) control stations located within the other user facilities such as, fire stations, police stations, highway yards, etc.

There are 32 sites within the State, some of which are console and management system sites and some of which are Intellipeater sites which provide improved coverage of Rehoboth, Hartly, Mermaid-Hockessin and the Brandywine Valley areas. A BDA (bi-directional amplifier) has been placed in the I-495 corridor and in the Claymont/Naamans Rd. area. The Intellipeater (IR) sites and one of the bi-directional amplifiers, are connected to the Smart ZoneŽ by T-1 connections from Bell Atlantic. The microwave backbone provides enough capacity for all radio communications as well as a capability to support future customer requirements. The system coverage is fully compliant with the Region 28 guidelines for co-channel and adjacent channel interference levels and provides 95% reliable contour coverage with a three watt portable, in the street, equipped with public safety speaker/microphone/antenna.

The system provides reliable radio communications anywhere within the borders of the State of Delaware for more than seven thousand State and non-state agencies, who require communications inter-operability in a truly multi-jurisdictional radio system.

System Frequencies
Red (c) are primary control channels | Blue (a) are alternate control channels | Site Map(s): FCC Callsigns RR Locations

SiteNameCounty Freqs      
001 (1) New Castle SimulcastNew Castle 851.2375 851.4875 851.5625 851.725 852.0375 852.2375 852.4875
      852.7125 852.7375 853.2125c 853.3875 853.7125 853.9375a 853.9625a
002 (2) Kent SimulcastKent 851.075 851.650 851.675 852.125 852.650 852.675 852.950
      853.650a 853.750a 853.900c        
003 (3) Sussex SimulcastSussex 851.100 851.3625 852.0875 852.350 852.600 852.8375 853.0875
      853.1125a 853.350a 853.5875c        
004 (4) Wilmington New Castle 856.2625 856.7625 857.2625 857.7625 858.7625 859.0875a 859.7625c
006 (6) Winterthur IRNew Castle 851.300 851.650 851.825 852.125 852.300 852.6625 853.325a
007 (7) Hockessin IRNew Castle 851.5375 851.7875 852.2625 852.425 852.775a 853.0875a 853.575c

System Talkgroups
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Delaware National Guard Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
5712 165 D SW-SWGUARD Statewide National Guard  Military 
5744 167 D N-NGUARD National Guard (NCC)  Military 
5776 169 D K-NGUARD National Guard (Kent)  Military 
5808 16b D S-NGUARD National Guard (Sussex)  Military 
5840 16d D SW-SWGTAC National Guard TAC  Military 
6128 17f D N-GTAC National Guard-NCC TAC  Military 
6160 181 D K-GTAC National Guard-Kent TAC  Military 
6192 183 D S-GTAC National Guard-Sussex TAC  Military 
7600 1db D N-AIRGRD Air National Guard (NCC Airport ops)  Military 
7760 1e5 D N-KILGDNG Air National Guard (NCC)  Military 
24720 609 D DNG-OPS National Guard (NCC)  Military 
24784 60d D DNG-OPS National Guard  Military 
24816 60f D DNG-OPS National Guard-(NCC)  Military 
25008 61b D DNG -Ops-SSX National Guard-Sussex  Military 

Department of Corrections Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
7472 1d3 D N-NCCDC NCC (Youth detention ctr)  Law Dispatch 
7504 1d5 D N-FERRIS Ferris School (Youth detention ctr)  Law Dispatch 
7536 1d7 D K-STEVH Stevens House (Youth detention ctr)  Law Dispatch 
9168 23d DE N-IA Internal Affairs  Law Tac 
9200 23f DE K-IA Internal Affairs  Law Tac 
9232 241 DE S-IA Internal Affairs  Law Tac 
14928 3a5 D SW-DOCSWE DOC (SW)  Corrections 
14960 3a7 D N-DOCCOM DOC (NCC)  Corrections 
14992 3a9 D K-DOCCOM DOC (Kent)  Corrections 
15024 3ab D S-DOCCOM DOC (Sussex)  Corrections 
15056 3ad D N-PRSONS Bureau of Prisons (NCC)  Corrections 
15088 3af D K-PRSONS Bureau of Prisons (Kent)  Corrections 
15120 3b1 D S-PRSONS Bureau of Prisons (Sussex)  Law Tac 
15152 3b3 D N-EXEC Executive Staff (NCC)  Law Tac 
15184 3b5 D K-EXEC Executive Staff (Kent)  Law Tac 
15216 3b7 D S--EXEC Executive Staff (Sussex)  Law Tac 
15248 3b9 D SW-TRANS Courts and Transportation (NCC)  Law Tac 
15280 3bb D K-TRANS Courts and Transportation (Kent)  Law Tac 
15312 3bd D S-TRANS Courts and Transportation (Sussex)  Law Tac 
15344 3bf D N-SEC7 Special Security Group 7  Corrections 
15376 3c1 D N-SEC8 Special Security Group 8  Corrections 
15408 3c3 D N-PRTAC Bureau of community Custody and Supervison  Law Tac 
15440 3c5 D N-PROPS Probation/Parole (NCC)  Law Dispatch 
15472 3c7 D K-PROPS Probation/Parole (Kent)  Law Dispatch 
15504 3c9 D S-PROPS Probation/Parole (Sussex)  Law Dispatch 
15536 3cb D N-CTAC1 Bureau of Prisons Tactical 1 (NCC)  Corrections 
15568 3cd D K-CTAC1 Bureau of Prisons Tactical 1 (Kent)  Corrections 
15600 3cf D S-CTAC1 Bureau of Prisons Tactical 1 (Sussex)  Corrections 
15632 3d1 D N-CTAC2 Bureau of Community Custody and Supervision Tactical (NCC)  Law Tac 
15664 3d3 D K-CTAC2 Bureau of Community Custody and Supervision Tactical (Kent)  Law Tac 
15696 3d5 D S-CTAC2 Bureau of Community Custody and Supervision Tactical (Sussex)  Law Tac 
15728 3d7 D N-CERT1 Emergency Response Team (NCC)  Corrections 
15760 3d9 D K-CERT1 Emergency Response Team (Kent)  Corrections 
15792 3db D S-CERT1 Emergency Response Team (Sussex)  Corrections 
15824 3dd D N-CERT2 Emergency Response RifleTeam (NCC)  Corrections 
15856 3df D K-CERT2 Emergency Response Rifle Team (Kent)  Corrections 
15888 3e1 D S-CERT2 Emergency Response Rifle Team (Sussex)  Corrections 
15920 3e3 D DOC Transp DOC Trasportation  Corrections 
26096 65f D DOC Uid DOC Unidentified  Corrections 
29200 721 D K-Comm Correctio Community Corrections (Kent)  Corrections 

Department of Natural Resources Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
16688 413 D N-BELLVUE Bellevue St Park (NCC)  Public Works 
17264 437 D SP-CAPE HEN Cape Henlopen State park Sussex  Public Works 
17328 43b D SP-SEA SHORE Delaware Seashore state Park Sussex  Public Works 
17360 43d D SW-DNRDATA DNREC DATA  Law Talk 
5616 15f D K-FOREST Forestry (KENT)  Public Works 
5584 15d D N-FOREST Forestry (NCC)  Public Works 
5648 161 D S-FOREST Forestry (SUSSEX)  Public Works 
5680 163 D SW-FOREST Forestry (SW)  Public Works 
17200 433 D NP-FORT DEL Fort Delaware state park New Castle  Public Works 
17296 439 D SP-HOLTS Holts - Fenwick Island state park Sussex  Public Works 
16816 41b D K-DAWM Kent DAWM (Air and Waste Management)  Public Works 
16752 417 D K-DNREC2 Kent DNREC2  Law Talk 
16784 419 D K-DNREC3 Kent DNREC3  Law Talk 
16848 41d D K-F&W Kent Fish and WIldlife  Public Works 
16880 41f D K-PARKS Kent PARKS  Public Works 
16912 421 D K-SOIL Kent SOIL  Public Works 
16720 415 D K-KS DNR KS DNREC  Public Works 
17232 435 D NP-LUMS Lums Pond State park New Castle  Public Works 
16528 409 D SW-TAC3 Natural Resources Enforcement TAC  Law Talk 
16592 40d D N-DAWM NCC DAWM (Air and Waste Management)  Public Works 
16496 407 D N-DNR N NCC DNR N  Public Works 
16560 40b D N-TAC4 NCC DNREC3  Law Talk 
16624 40f D N-F&W NCC F&W (Fish and Wildlife)  Public Works 
16656 411 D N-PARKS NCC PARKS  Public Works 
7728 1e3 D SW-PLTI Statewide Plant Industries (Forestry)  Public Works 
17040 429 D S-DAWM Sussex DAWM (Air and Waste Management)  Public Works 
16944 423 D S-KS DNR Sussex / Kent DNR  Public Works 
16976 425 D S-DNREC2 Sussex DNREC2  Law Talk 
17008 427 D S-DNREC3 Sussex DNREC3  Law Talk 
17072 42b D S-F&W Sussex Fish and WIldlife  Public Works 
17104 42d D S-PARKS Sussex PARKS  Public Works 
17136 42f D S-SOIL Sussex SOIL  Public Works 
16464 405 D SW-DNR PD SW-DNREC Police  Law Dispatch 
17168 431 D NP-WHITE White Clay Creek state park New Castle  Public Works 

Department of Transportation Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
4688 125 D SW-SWTMC Statewide Traffic Management Center (TMC)  Public Works 
4816 12d D SW-SWTEAM Statewide TEAM (TMC)  Public Works 
5168 143 D SW-SWDOT Statewide DelDot  Public Works 
18896 49d D SW-SWMGMT Statewide Management  Public Works 
22192 56b D DOT DOT Operations  Public Works 
23792 5cf D SW-TMCFB1 TMC Fallback 1  Public Works 
23824 5d1 D SW-TMCGRP1 TMC Talkgroup 1  Public Works 
24048 5df D SW-TMCDSP1 TMC Dispatch 1  Public Works 
24240 5eb D SW-TMCCOV1 TMC Covert 1  Public Works 

Emergency Management Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
7248 1c5 D SW-DEMA DEMA  Emergency Ops 
7280 1c7 D N-DEMA DEMA NCC  Emergency Ops 
7312 1c9 D K-DEMA DEMA Kent  Emergency Ops 
7344 1cb D S-DEMA DEMA Sussex  Emergency Ops 
14320 37f D N-SERT Special Emergency Response (NCC)  Emergency Ops 
14352 381 D K-SERT Special Emergency Response (Kent)  Emergency Ops 
14384 383 D S-SERT Special Emergency Response (Sussex)  Emergency Ops 
18288 477 D N-DTAC1N TACTICAL 1 (NCC)  Emergency Ops 
18320 479 D N-DTAC2N TACTICAL 2 (NCC)  Emergency Ops 
18352 47b D N-DTAC3N TACTICAL 3 (NCC)  Emergency Ops 
18384 47d D N-DTAC4N TACTICAL 4 (NCC)  Emergency Ops 
18416 47f D K-DTAC1K TACTICAL 1 (KENT)  Emergency Ops 
18448 481 D K-DTAC2K TACTICAL 2 (KENT)  Emergency Ops 
18480 483 D K-DTAC3K TACTICAL 3 (KENT)  Emergency Ops 
18512 485 D K-DTAC4K TACTICAL 4 (KENT)  Emergency Ops 
18544 487 D S-DTAC1S TACTICAL 1 (SUSSEX)  Emergency Ops 
18576 489 D S-DTAC2S TACTICAL 2 (SUSSEX)  Emergency Ops 
18608 48b D S-DTAC3S TACTICAL 3 (SUSSEX)  Emergency Ops 
18640 48d D S-DTAC4S TACTICAL 4 (SUSSEX)  Emergency Ops 
18672 48f D SW-DTC1SW TACTICAL 1 (STATEWIDE)  Emergency Ops 
18704 491 D SW-DTC2SW TACTICAL 2 (STATEWIDE)  Emergency Ops 
18736 493 D SW-DTC3SW TACTICAL 3 (STATEWIDE)  Emergency Ops 
18768 495 D SW-DTC4SW TACTICAL 4 (STATEWIDE)  Emergency Ops 
24592 601 D SW-HN-HOSP Emergency Prepardness Base (STATEWIDE)  Emergency Ops 
24624 603 D N-HN-HOSP Emergency Prepardness , Hospitals (NCC)  Emergency Ops 
24656 605 D K-HN-HOSP Emergency Prepardness , Hospitals (KENT)  Emergency Ops 
24688 607 D S-HN-HOSP Emergency Prepardness , Hospitals (SSX)  Emergency Ops 

Outside Agencies Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
8272 205 D SW-MOTADM Motorola Administration  Business 
8304 207 D N-MOTSVC Motorola Service (NCC)  Business 
8336 209 D K-MOTSVC Motorola Service (Kent)  Business 
8368 20b D S-MOTSVC Motorola Service (Sussex)  Business 
8784 225 DE SW-SWFBI FBI  Federal 
8816 227 DE SW-TFFBI FBI  Federal 
8848 229 DE SW-FBITAC FBI  Federal 
8880 22b DE N-DEASIU DEA SIU  Federal 
8912 22d DE N-DEATF1 DEA TF1  Federal 
8944 22f DE N-DEATF2 DEA TF2  Federal 
9008 233 DE KS-DEAF1 KENT/SUSSEX DEA F1  Federal 
9040 235 DE KS-DEAF2 KENT/SUSSEX DEA F2  Federal 
9104 239 DE SW-DEATF1 STATEWIDE DEA F1  Federal 
9136 23b DE SW-DEATF2 STATEWIDE DEA F2  Federal 
16368 3ff DE N-NUSMS United States Marshal Service  Federal 
16400 401 DE K-KUSMS United States Marshal Service  Federal 
16432 403 DE S-SUSMS United States Marshal Service  Federal 
17968 463 DE N-DEA1 DEA North 1  Federal 
18000 465 DE N-DEA2 DEA North 2  Federal 
18032 467 D N-FED Federal Mutual Aid-North  Federal 
18064 469 DE KS-DEA1 DEA Kent/Sussex 1  Federal 
18096 46b DE KS-DEA2 DEA Kent/Sussex 2  Federal 
18128 46d D KS-FED Federal Mutual Aid-Kent/Sussex  Federal 
18160 46f DE SW-DEA1 DEA Statewide 1  Federal 
18192 471 DE SW-DEA2 DEA Statewide 2  Federal 
18224 473 D SW-FED Federal Mutual Aid- Statewide  Federal 
22352 575 D SW-SWARC Statewide American Red Cross  Interop 
22384 577 D N-ARC American Red Cross (NCC)  Interop 
22416 579 D K-ARC American Red Cross (KENT)  Interop 
22448 57b D S-ARC American Red Cross (SUSSEX)  Interop 
22832 593 D SW-DEC Delaware Electric Co-op  Utilities 
22864 595 D SW-CONECTIV Connectiv  Utilities 
22896 597 D SW-VERIZON Verizon  Utilities 
22928 599 D SW-CHESPEAK Chesapeake Utilities  Utilities 

River & Bay Authority (DRBA) Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
5872 16f D SW-DRBA Statewide Ops  Public Works 
5904 171 D N-DRBA New Castle County Ops  Public Works 
5936 173 D K-DRBA Kent Ops  Public Works 
5968 175 D S-DRNA Sussex Ops  Public Works 
6000 177 D SW-DRBA PD Statewide Enforcement  Law Tac 
6032 179 D N-DRBA ENF Delaware Memorial Bridge Police   Law Dispatch 
6064 17b D K-DRBA ENF Enforcement Kent  Law Tac 
6096 17d D S-DRBA ENF Cape May Lewes Ferry Police Sussex  Law Dispatch 
26192 665 D DRBA N-TAC1 DRBA PD TAC-1 (NCC)  Law Tac 
26224 667 D DRBA N-TAC2 DRBA PD TAC-2 (NCC)  Law Tac 
26288 66b D DRBA S-TAC1 DRBA PD Tac-1 Cape May-Lewes Ferry  Law Tac 
26320 66d D DRBA S-TAC2 DRBA PD Tac-2 Cape May-Lewes Ferry  Law Tac 
26384 671 D CMLF-NJ TAC1 Cape May-Lewes Ferry NJ TAC 1  Law Talk 
26416 673 D CMLF-NJ TAC2 Cape May-Lewes Ferry NJ TAC 2  Law Talk 
26480 677 D N-DRBA Ops N-DRBA Bridge Operations  Public Works 
26512 679 D DRBA Traffic Delaware Memorial Bridge traffic ops  Public Works 
26544 67b D DRBA-OPS Delaware Memorial Bridge Motor Pool  Public Works 
26640 681 D CMLF NJ ops DRBA Cape May Ops  Public Works 
26736 687 D DRBA Delaware Memorial Bridge Operations   Public Works 
26992 697 D CMLF-LAND Cape May-Lewes Ferry (land)  Transportation 
27024 699 D CMLF-BOAT Cape May-Lewes Ferry (Boats)  Transportation 
27120 69f D CMLF NJ-LOT NJ Side (Loading and lot ops)  Public Works 
27152 6a1 D CMLF-BUS DRBA Lewes Bus  Transportation 
27216 6a5 D CMLF-LOT DE Side (Loading and lot ops)  Public Works 

State Police Statewide Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1616 065 D SW-SWEN Statewide Emergency Net  Law Talk 
1648 067 DE SW-DETECT Detective Net  Law Tac 
1680 069 DE SW-CMT Conflict Management Team  Law Talk 
1712 06b DE SW-AVCOM Aviation Primary  Law Tac 
1744 06d D SW-SERT Sert Net  Law Tac 
1776 06f DE SW-EXEC Executive Command  Law Tac 
1808 071 DE SW-EXSEC Executive Security  Law Tac 
1936 079 D SW-NLEEN National Law Enforcement Emergency Net  Law Talk 
1968 07b D SW-SWISS Information Support Services  Law Talk 
2000 07d DE SW-SIUSRT Special Operations Response Team   Law Tac 
2576 0a1 DE SW-HQ Headquarters  Law Talk 
2608 0a3 DE SW-BOMB Bomb Squad  Law Tac 
3024 0bd D SW-ADMIN Police Administration   Law Talk 
14704 397 DE SW-SWIA Internal Affairs  Law Talk 
14800 39d DE SW-SWESU1 Intelligence 1  Law Talk 
14832 39f DE SW-SWESU2 Intelligence 2  Law Talk 
16144 3f1 DE SW-SIU Special Investigative Unit SW  Law Tac 
16336 3fd DE SW-AVNADM SW Aviation Administration  Law Tac 

Statewide EMS / Fire / Police Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
3152 0c5 D SW-FIRE Fire (SW)  Fire-Talk 
3792 0ed D SW-REGRP Fire regroup  Fire-Talk 
3824 0ef D SW-SW EMS Statewide Emergency Medical  EMS-Talk 
7376 1cd DE SW-MED EX Medical Examiner  Law Talk 
8432 20f D SW-REGRP1 Regroup A - N- POLICE  Law Talk 
8464 211 D SW-REGRP2 Regroup B - N - FIRE  Fire-Talk 
8496 213 D SW-REGRP3 Regroup C - K - POLICE  Law Talk 
8528 215 D SW-REGRP4 Regroup D - K - FIRE  Fire-Talk 
8560 217 D SW-REGRP5 Regroup E - S - POLICE  Law Talk 
8592 219 D SW-REGRP6 Regroup F - S - FIRE  Fire-Talk 
9296 245 D SW-SW MA Statewide Mutual Aid  Interop 
9648 25b D SW-PMA SW Police Mutual Aid (PMA)  Law Talk 
11728 2dd D SW-SWDSFS Fire School (SW)  Fire-Talk 
13072 331 D SW-UDSTWD University of Delaware Police (SW)  Law Talk 
13232 33b D SW-CAPPD Capitol Police (SW)  Law Talk 
14160 375 D SW-SWFMSL State Fire Marshall (SW)  Fire-Talk 
17904 45f DE SW-SWONDD Office of Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs  Law Talk 
21200 52d D SW-SWJP Statewide Justice of the Peace (Constables)  Law Talk 
22512 57f D SW-OEMS Office of EMS Admin (SW)  EMS-Talk 
25872 651 D State Wd IOP1 Statewide Interop-1  Interop 
25904 653 D State Wd IOP2 Statewide Interop-2  Interop 
25936 655 D State Wd IOP3 Statewide Interop-3  Interop 
25968 657 D State Wd IOP4 Statewide Interop-4  Interop 

Statewide Miscellaneous Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
4400 113 D N-SWCADM Statewide NCC Comm. Admin.  Public Works 
5200 145 D SW-OTM 1 Office of Telecommunication Management  Public Works 
5232 147 D SW-OTM 2 Office of Telecommunication Management  Public Works 
5264 149 DE SW-STAFF Governor's Staff  Public Works 
5296 14b DE SW-MAINT Radio Maintnence (SW)  Public Works 
5424 153 D SW-OTM MG Office of Telecommunication Managementmultigroup  Public Works 
5552 15b D SW-SWADMIN Facilities Management (SW)  Public Works 
7696 1e1 DE SW-ICFIU Insurance Commission Fraud Investigation Unit  Law Tac 
7888 1ed D SW-JUSTICE Department of Justice  Law Tac 
8016 1f5 D SW-ABC Alcohol Beverage Control  Law Tac 
17616 44d DE SW-SWTEU SW Truck Enforcement Unit   Law Tac 
20944 51d D SW-SWARMS Statewide Audit & Recovery Mgmt Services (ARMS)  Public Works 
22480 57d D SW-DPH Dept. of Public Health admin  Public Works 
22544 581 D SW-EPI Epidemiology Operations  Public Works 
22576 583 D SW-EHS 1 Environmental Health Services Admin  Public Works 
22608 585 DE SW-EHS 2 Environmental Health Services Operations  Public Works 
22640 587 D SW-LAB 1 Public Health Lab Admin  Public Works 
22672 589 D SW-LAB 2 Public Health Lab Couriers  Public Works 
22768 58f D SW-PSC-ALL Public Safety Commission  Law Tac 
22800 591 D SW-PSC Public Safety Commission  Law Tac 
25168 625 D Health Dept. of Public Health  Public Works 
25200 627 D Health Dept. of Public Health  Public Works 

Transit Corporation (DTC) Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
22960 59b D DTC Operations  Transportation 
22992 59d D N-WILFB1 DTC Wilmington Fallback 1  Transportation 
23024 59f D N-WILFB2 DTC Wilmington Fallback 2  Transportation 
23056 5a1 D N-WILFB3 DTC Wilmington Fallback 3  Transportation 
23088 5a3 D SW-STSUPV DTC Street Supervisors  Transportation 
23120 5a5 D N-NMNT DTC North Maintenance  Transportation 
23152 5a7 D N-NMGRS DTC North Managers  Transportation 
23184 5a9 D SW-DTC-EXEC DTC Executive Staff  Transportation 
23216 5ab D KS-DOVFB1 DTC Dover Fallback 1  Transportation 
23248 5ad D KS-DOVFB2 DTC Dover Fallback 2  Transportation 
23280 5af D KS-SMNT DTC South Maintenance  Transportation 
23312 5b1 D KS-SMGRS DTC South Managers  Transportation 
23344 5b3 D N-WILGRP1 DTC Wilmington 1  Transportation 
23376 5b5 D N-WILGRP2 DTC Wilmington 2  Transportation 
23408 5b7 D N-WILGRP3 DTC Wilmington 3  Transportation 
23440 5b9 D N-WILEMG1 DTC Wilmington Emerg 1  Transportation 
23472 5bb D N-WILEMG2 DTC Wilmington Emerg 2  Transportation 
23504 5bd D N-WILEMG3 DTC Wilmington Emerg 3  Transportation 
23536 5bf D SW-SPECEV DTC Special Events  Transportation 
23568 5c1 D KS-DOVGRP1 DTC Dover 1  Transportation 
23600 5c3 D KS-DOVGRP2 DTC Dover 2  Transportation 
23632 5c5 D KS-DOVEMG1 DTC Dover Emerg 1  Transportation 
23664 5c7 D KS-DOVEMG2 DTC Dover Emerg 2  Transportation 
23696 5c9 D SW-DTC-DOT DTC-DOT  Transportation 
23728 5cb D SW-CNTRCT DTC Contract Carriers  Transportation 
23760 5cd D SW-RESORTS DTC Resorts  Transportation 
23888 5d5 D KS-DTC-DOV1 DTC Dover Dispatch 1  Transportation 
23920 5d7 D KS-DTC-DOV2 DTC Dover Dispatch 2  Transportation 
23952 5d9 D N-WILDSP1 DTC Wilmington Dispatch 1  Transportation 
23984 5db D N-WILDSP2 DTC Wilmington Dispatch 2  Transportation 
24016 5dd D N-WILDSP3 DTC Wilmington Dispatch 3  Transportation 
24080 5e1 D KS-DOVCOV1 DTC Dover Covert 1  Transportation 
24112 5e3 D KS-DOVCOV2 DTC Dover Covert 2  Transportation 
24144 5e5 D N-WILCOV1 DTC Wilmington Covert 1  Transportation 
24176 5e7 D N-WILCOV2 DTC Wilmington Covert 2  Transportation 
24208 5e9 D N-WILCOV3 DTC Wilmington Covert 3  Transportation 

New Castle County - Fire and EMS Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
3184 0c7 D N-DISP NCC Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
3216 0c9 D N-TAC3 NCC Fire-Tac 3  Fire-Tac 
3248 0cb D N-TAC4 NCC Fire-Tac 4  Fire-Tac 
3280 0cd D N-TAC5 NCC Fire-Tac 5  Fire-Tac 
3312 0cf D N-TAC6 NCC Fire-Tac 6  Fire-Tac 
3888 0f3 D N-TAC7 NCC Fire-Tac 7  Fire-Tac 
3920 0f5 D NK-TAC8 NK Fire-Tac 8   Fire-Tac 
10608 297 D N-CCHSFP Christiana Care Health System Fire Protection  Fire-Talk 
3856 0f1 D N-EMSOP1 NCC EMS Dispatch  EMS Dispatch 
4144 103 D N-EMSOP2 NCC EMS Ops 2  EMS-Tac 
4368 111 D N-EMSOP3 NCC EMS Ops 3  EMS-Tac 
13808 35f D N-MIRT Fire Marshal (major incident response team)  Fire-Talk 
14192 377 D N_FMSL NCC Fire Marshall  Fire-Talk 
4080 0ff D N-AIHER A. I. DuPont Hospital Emergency Room  Hospital 
10768 2a1 D N-CCHS Helipad Christiana/Constables  Hospital 
3952 0f7 D N-CER5 Christiana Hospital Emergency Room 1  Hospital 
3984 0f9 D N-CER6 Christiana Hospital Emergency Room 2  Hospital 
4016 0fb D N-CER7 Christiana Hospital Emergency Room 3  Hospital 
10800 2a3 D N-UNIONH Union Hospital (Elkton, MD)  Hospital 
4048 0fd D N-SFHER Saint Francis Emergency Room  Hospital 
4112 101 D N-WILER1 Wilmington Hospital Emergency Room 1  Hospital 
4656 123 D N-WILER2 Wilmington Hospital Emergency Room 2  Hospital 
8208 201 D N-MIDER Middletown Emergency Room  Hospital 
8240 203 D N-CROZER Crozer Emergency Room (Chester PA))  Hospital 
10576 295 D N-FP-1 NCC Fire Police  Fire-Talk 
10512 291 D N-FP-2 NCC Fire Police 2  Fire-Talk 
10544 293 D N-FP-3 NCC Fire Police 3  Fire-Talk 
10704 29d D N-FP-4 NCC Fire Police 4  Fire-Talk 
10736 29f D N-FP-5 NCC Fire Police 5  Fire-Talk 
24272 5ed D N-SFH EMS St Francis Healthcare EMS  EMS-Talk 

New Castle County - Fire Company TAC Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
9840 267 D N-BELVED Belvedere FC  Fire-Talk 
9872 269 D N-BRANDY Brandywine Hundred FC  Fire-Talk 
9936 26d D N-CLAMNT Claymont FC  Fire-Talk 
9968 26f D N-CRANST Cranston Heights FC  Fire-Talk 
10064 275 D N-5PTS Five Points FC  Fire-Talk 
10128 279 D N-HOCK Hockessen FC  Fire-Talk 
10192 27d D N-MDLTWN Middletown FC  Fire-Talk 
10224 27f D N-MILLCK Mill Creek FC  Fire-Talk 
10256 281 D N-MINQDL Minquadale FC  Fire-Talk 
10288 283 D N-MINQUS Minquas FC  Fire-Talk 
10320 285 D N-ODESSA Odessa FC  Fire-Talk 
10352 287 D N-PORTP Port Penn FC  Fire-Talk 
10384 289 D N-TLYVL Talleyville FC  Fire-Talk 
10416 28b D N-TOWNSD Townsend FC  Fire-Talk 
10448 28d D N-NCCAPT New Castle County Airport FC  Fire-Talk 
10480 28f D N-WILMNR Wilmington Manor FC  Fire-Talk 

New Castle County State Police Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1840 073 DE N-EXSEC Executive Security  Law Tac 
2032 07f DE N-SORT 1 Special Operations Response Team 1  Law Tac 
2128 085 DE N-CMD N DSP Dispatch / Command  Law Dispatch 
2160 087 DE N-TAC1 N DSP Tactical-1  Law Tac 
2192 089 DE N-TAC2 N DSP Tactical-2  Law Tac 
2224 08b DE N-TAC3 N DSP Tactical-3  Law Tac 
2256 08d DE N-TAC4 N DSP Tactical-4  Law Tac 
2288 08f DE N-DATA N DSP DATA  Law Talk 
2640 0a5 DE N-SECURE SECURE  Law Talk 
2672 0a7 DE N-TROOP1 DSP Troop 1 (Wilmington North)  Law Talk 
2704 0a9 DE N-TROOP2 DSP Troop 2 (Newark)  Law Talk 
2832 0b1 DE N-TROOP6 DSP Troop 6 (Wilmington South)  Law Talk 
2896 0b5 DE N-TROOP9 DSP Troop 9 (Odessa)  Law Talk 
2928 0b7 D N-SUPER Supervisor  Law Tac 
3056 0bf DE N-SORT 2 Special Operations Response Team 2  Law Tac 
13904 365 DE N-DETECT Detectives  Law Tac 
14000 36b DE N-ESU Intelligence  Law Tac 
14032 36d DE N-SIU Special Investigation Unit  Law Tac 
14416 385 DE N-MURDER Homicide squad  Law Tac 
14608 391 DE N-INTL Intelligence  Law Tac 
14736 399 DE N-DSP DSP Operations  Law Tac 
15952 3e5 DE N-CMDCTR Command Center  Law Tac 
16048 3eb DE N-INVEST Special Investigative Unit 1  Law Tac 
16240 3f7 DE N-AVNNCC N Aviation Admin  Law Tac 

New Castle County Police Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
6224 185 DE N-PD DISP1 NCCPD Dispatch 1  Law Dispatch 
6256 187 D N-PD DISP2 NCCPD Dispatch 2  Law Dispatch 
7056 1b9 D N-SHERF NCC Sheriff  Law Talk 
6416 191 DE N-PDDATA-C NCCPD Data C  Law Tac 
6288 189 D N-PD TAC1-C NCCPD Tactical 1  Law Tac 
6320 18b D N-PD TAC2-C NCCPD Tactical 2  Law Tac 
6352 18d D N-PD TAC3-C NCCPD Tactical 3  Law Tac 
6384 18f D N-PD TAC4-C NCCPD Tactical 4  Law Tac 
6576 19b DE N-PD Ops-1 NCCPD Ops 1  Law Talk 
6672 1a1 DE N-PD Ops-2 NCCPD Ops 2  Law Talk 
6992 1b5 DE N-PD Ops-3 NCCPD Ops 3  Law Talk 
7024 1b7 DE N-PD Ops-4 NCCPD Ops 4  Law Talk 
6608 19d D N-PD SP Ops1 NCCPD Special Ops 1  Law Talk 
6640 19f D N-PD SP Ops2 NCCPD Special Ops 2  Law Talk 
6704 1a3 DE N-PD SWAT NCCPD SWAT  Law Talk 
6480 195 D N-PD CIU A NCCPD CIU A  Law Talk 
6512 197 D N-PD CIU B NCCPD CIU B  Law Talk 
6544 199 D N-PD CIU C NCCPD CIU C  Law Talk 
6800 1a9 D N-EM/PRE NCC Emergency Preparedness  Emergency Ops 
6448 193 D N-PD ADM NCC Police Administration  Law Talk 
6832 1ab D N-EMS/AD NCC Emergency Medical Administration  Emergency Ops 
6864 1ad D N-COMM NCC Communications  Law Talk 
6896 1af D N-NEXEC NCC Executives  Law Talk 
6928 1b1 D N-NSTAFF NCC Staff  Law Talk 
6960 1b3 D N-NSUPV NCC Supervisor  Law Talk 

New Castle County Mutual Aid Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
9328 247 D N-NCCMA1 NCC Mutual Aid 1  Multi-Tac 
9360 249 D N-NCCMA2 NCC Mutual Aid 2  Multi-Tac 
9520 253 D N-PMA NCC Police Mutual Aid (PMA)  Law Tac 
25488 639 D NCC IOP1 NCC Interops 1  Interop 
25520 63b D NCC IOP2 NCC Interops 2  Interop 
25552 63d D NCC IOP3 NCC Interops 3  Interop 
25584 63f D NCC IOP4 NCC Interops 4  Interop 

New Castle County Miscellaneous Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
5328 14d D N-MAINT Radio maintnence  Public Works 
5456 155 D N-FACMGT Facilities Management  Public Works 
7632 1dd D N-HEALTH Dept of Health & Soc Svcs  Public Works 
7792 1e7 D N-C SVC Community Service  Public Works 
7920 1ef D N-DOJ Department of Justice  Law Tac 
8048 1f7 D N-ABC Alcohol Beverage Control  Law Tac 
8656 21d D N-SHERIF Sheriff  Law Dispatch 
13264 33d D N-CAP PD Capitol Police  Law Dispatch 
14512 38b D N-LOTTRY N Casinos / Gambling Enforcement  Law Tac 
17424 441 D N-SPCA NCC SPCA  Public Works 
17648 44f D N-NTEU N Truck Enforcement Unit  Law Tac 
17872 45d DE N-ONDD Office of Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs  Law Tac 
20432 4fd D N-NGA1 National Governor's Association  Public Works 
20464 4ff D N-NGA2 National Governor's Association  Public Works 
20496 501 D N-NGA3 National Governor's Association  Public Works 
20528 503 D N-NGA4 National Governor's Association  Public Works 
20560 505 D N-NGA5 National Governor's Association  Public Works 
20848 517 D VA Hosp Sec VA Medical Center Security (Elsmere)  Security 
20880 519 D VA Hosp Sec2 VA Medical Center Security Alternate (Elsmere)  Security 
20912 51b D VA Hosp Ops VA Medical Center Operations (Elsmere)  Public Works 
20976 51f D N-NARMS NCC Audit & Recovery Mgmt Services (ARMS)  Public Works 
21232 52f D N-NCCJP New Castle Justice of the Peace (Constables)  Law Tac 
21328 535 D N-SUPCRT Superior Court  Law Dispatch 
21424 53b D N-CCPCRT Court of Common Pleas  Law Dispatch 
21520 541 D N-FAMCRT Family Court  Law Dispatch 
26768 689 D Airport Oper Airport Operations  Public Works 
26800 68b D Airport Mnt Airport Plowing / Maint  Public Works 
30000 753 D NCC Crt Anou NCC Court building Announcement channel  Law Dispatch 

New Castle County - Department Of Transportation Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
4720 127 D N-TRAFIC New Castle County Traffic (TMC)  Public Works 
21904 559 D N-AREA10 Bear Yard - Area 10  Public Works 
21936 55b D N-AREA11 Kiamensi Yard - Area 11  Public Works 
21968 55d D N-AREA12 Talley Yard - Area 12  Public Works 
21712 54d D KN-AREA9 Middletown Yard - Area 9  Public Works 
22000 55f D N-AREA22 NCC Yard - Area 22  Public Works 
22032 561 D N-AREA23 NCC Yard - Area 23  Public Works 
21744 54f D N-AREA14 Newark Yard - Area 14  Public Works 
4752 129 D N-SIGNS Signs (NCC)  Public Works 
4784 12b D N-CONST New Castle Construction  Public Works 
5072 13d D N-M-1 Expressways Maintenance Dispatch 1  Public Works 
5104 13f D N-M-2 Expressways Maintenance Dispatch 2  Public Works 
18800 497 D N-NDOTSUP NCC DelDot Supervisor  Public Works 
22064 563 D N- N-ADMIN NCC Admin  Public Works 
22320 573 D KN-AREA26 Smyrna Yard - Area 26  Public Works 
26832 68d D Toll ops Toll Plaza Ops (DE/MD State Line)  Public Works 

New Castle County - Elsmere Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
12976 32b D N-ELS-EXEC Elsmere Executive  Law Tac 
10032 273 D N-ELS-FC Elsmere FC  Fire-Talk 
12912 327 D N-ELS-PD Elsmere Police  Law Tac 

New Castle County - New Castle City Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
10000 271 D N-DELCTY Delaware City FC  Fire-Talk 
10096 277 D N-GDWILL Goodwill FC  Fire-Talk 
10160 27b D N-HOLL T Holloway Terrace FC  Fire-Talk 
13008 32d D N-N C PD New Castle City Police  Law Tac 
13104 333 D N-NC-EXEC New Castle City Executive  Law Tac 

New Castle County - Newark City Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
19216 4b1 D N-NWK PD Dis Newark PD Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
19248 4b3 D N-NWK OPS Newark PD Ops  Law Talk 
19280 4b5 D N-NWK TAC Newark PD TAC  Law Tac 
7120 1bd DE N-NWK PD1 E Newark PD 1 (Encrypted)  Law Tac 
6736 1a5 DE N-NWK PD2 E Newark PD 2 (Encrypted)  Law Tac 
9808 265 D N-AETNA Aetna FC  Fire-Talk 
9904 26b D N-CHRIS Christiana FC  Fire-Talk 

New Castle County - Newport, Town Of Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
13136 335 D N-NEWPRT Newport Police  Law Tac 

New Castle County - Middletown Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
20816 515 DE N-MIDLTWNPD Middletown Police TAC  Law Tac 

New Castle County - University of Delaware Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
19312 4b7 D N-UDPD Disp U of D PD Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
19344 4b9 D N-UDPD TAC U of D PD TAC  Law Tac 
19376 4bb D N-UDPD OPS U of D PD OPS  Law Talk 

New Castle County - Wilmington City Talkgroups

Technically, the Wilmington City site is part of the delaware statewide system and is identified as Site 4.

Only Wilmington City radios affiliate with it but any state agency can get on the system by selecting a city TG (if it is in their radios)

It is common to hear EMS / FD patches for backup to City units.

Also note that Traffic Divisions do not have the same radio configuration. Traffic has TAC A thru E  and then their own F_G_H


DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
3696 0e7 D WPD-S-TAC1 WPD TAC1 (State System)  Law Tac 
10672 29b D WPD patch WPD patch to state system (not always up)  Law Dispatch 
12944 329 D WPD TAC2 (St WPD TAC2 (State System)  Law Talk 
27792 6c9 D WPD Dispatch WPD Dispatch   Law Dispatch 
27824 6cb DE WPD Data WPD Data  Law Tac 
27856 6cd DE WPD TAC C WPD TAC C  Law Tac 
27888 6cf D WPD TAC D WPD TAC D (Bluerocks)  Law Tac 
27920 6d1 D WPD TAC E Pa WPD TAC E Parking  Law Tac 
27952 6d3 D WPD TAC F In WPD TAC F Investigators  Law Tac 
27984 6d5 D WPD TAC G In WPD TAC G Investigators  Law Tac 
28016 6d7 D WPD TAC H Op WPD TAC H Ops  Law Tac 
28048 6d9 D WPD TAC I WPD TAC I  Law Tac 
28080 6db D WPD TAC J WPD TAC J  Law Tac 
28144 6df D WPD TAC L WPD TAC L   Law Tac 
10640 299 D WILM-FD WPD FD patch from City system (not always up)  Fire Dispatch 
28304 6e9 D WFD-DISP WFD Dispatch   Fire Dispatch 
28336 6eb D Fire B WFD Fire B  Fire-Tac 
28368 6ed D Fire C WFD Fire C  Fire-Tac 
28400 6ef D Fire D WFD Fire D  Fire-Tac 
28432 6f1 D Fire E WFD Fire E  Fire-Tac 
28464 6f3 D Fire F WFD Fire F  Fire-Tac 
28496 6f5 D Fire G WFD Fire G  Fire-Tac 
28816 709 D Streets PW Streets  Public Works 
28848 70b D Signs Traffi PW Signs Traffic control  Public Works 
28880 70d D Parks PW Parks / Recreation  Public Works 
28912 70f D Finance Finance Department  Public Works 
28944 711 D L&I License Inspection  Public Works 
28976 713 D Housing Real Estate Housing  Public Works 
29040 717 D Parking Parking Enforcement  Public Works 

Kent County - Fire & EMS Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
3344 0d1 D K-FIRDSP K Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
3376 0d3 D K-FIRE 1 K Fire-Tac 1  Fire-Tac 
3408 0d5 D K-TAC4 K Fire-Tac 4  Fire-Tac 
3440 0d7 D K-TAC5 K Fire-Tac 5  Fire-Tac 
3472 0d9 D K-TAC6 K Fire-Tac 6  Fire-Tac 
4208 107 D KS-TAC7 KS Fire-Tac 7  Fire-Tac 
11440 2cb D K-FIRPOL K Fire police  Fire-Talk 
29584 739 D K-FIRPOL-3 K Fire 3olice 3  Fire-Talk 
13840 361 D K-MIRT Fire Marshal (major incident response team)  Fire-Talk 
14224 379 D K-FMSL K Fire Marshall  Fire-Talk 
3664 0e5 D K-SCHOOL Fire School (Dover)  Fire-Talk 
11536 2d1 D K-EMSDSP K EMS Dispatch  EMS Dispatch 
4176 105 D K-EMSOP1 K EMS Ops 1  EMS-Talk 
11568 2d3 D K-EMSOP2 K EMS Ops 2  EMS-Talk 
11600 2d5 D K-EMSTC2 K EMS Talk 2  EMS-Talk 
11696 2db D KN-KMEDIC Kent County Paramedics  EMS-Talk 
11664 2d9 D K-KENTCTR Kent Center  Fire-Talk 
11504 2cf D KN-A64 American Legion Ambulance  Fire-Talk 
4336 10f D KN-KG ER 2 Kent General Hospital Emer Room 2  Hospital 
4304 10d D KN-KG ER 1 Kent General Hospital Emer Room 1  Hospital 
8400 20d D BH Smyrna ER Bayhealth Emergency Center-ER  Hospital 

Kent County - Fire Company TAC Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
10832 2a5 D K-BOWERS Bowers Beach FC  Fire-Talk 
10896 2a9 D K-CHSWLD Cheswold FC  Fire-Talk 
10992 2af D K-FARMTN Farmington FC(KENT&SUSSEX)  Fire-Talk 
11120 2b7 D K-HARTLY Hartly FC (KENT&SUSSEX)  Fire-Talk 
11152 2b9 D K-HUSTON Houston FC (KENT&SUSSEX)  Fire-Talk 
11184 2bb D K-LEIPSC Leipsic FC  Fire-Talk 
11216 2bd D K-LILCRK Little Creek FC  Fire-Talk 
11248 2bf D K-MAGNOL Magnolia FC  Fire-Talk 
11280 2c1 D K-MARDEL Marydel FC  Fire-Talk 
11376 2c7 D K-SBOWER South Bowers FC  Fire-Talk 

Kent County - State Police Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2320 091 DE KN-CMD K DSP Dispatch / Cmd.  Law Dispatch 
2352 093 DE K-TAC1 K DSP Tactical-1  Law Tac 
2384 095 DE K-TAC2 K DSP Tactical-2  Law Tac 
2416 097 DE KN-DATA K DSP DATA  Law Tac 
16176 3f3 DE K-SECURE Secure  Law Tac 
2736 0ab DE K-TROOP3 DSP Troop 3 (Dover)  Law Tac 
16272 3f9 DE K-AVNKNT K Aviation Admin  Law Tac 
2960 0b9 D K-SUPER Supervisor  Law Tac 
1872 075 DE K-EXSEC Executive Security  Law Tac 
15984 3e7 DE K-CMDCTR Command Center  Law Dispatch 
2064 081 DE K-SORT 1 Special Operations Response Team 1  Law Tac 
3088 0c1 DE K-SORT 2 Special Operations Response Team 2  Law Tac 
17776 457 DE K-TCU TCU (crowd control)  Law Tac 
17840 45b DE KS-TCU TCU (crowd control) KS  Law Tac 
13936 367 DE K-DETECT Detectives  Law Tac 
14128 373 DE K-KESU Intelligence  Law Tac 
14640 393 DE K-INTL Intelligence  Law Tac 
14064 36f DE K-SIU Special Investigation Unit   Law Tac 
16080 3ed DE K-INVEST Special Investigative Unit 2  Law Tac 
14448 387 DE K-MURDER Homicide squad  Law Tac 

Kent County - Mutual Aid Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
9392 24b D K-KNTMA1 K Mutual Aid 1  Multi-Tac 
9424 24d D K-KNTMA2 K Mutual Aid 2  Multi-Tac 
9552 255 D K-PMA K Police Mutual Aid (PMA)  Law Tac 
25616 641 D Kent iop 1 Interoperability 1  Interop 
25648 643 D Kent iop 2 Interoperability 2  Interop 
25680 645 D Kent iop 3 Interoperability 3  Interop 
25712 647 D Kent iop 4 Interoperability 4  Interop 

Kent County - Miscellaneous Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
5360 14f D K-MAINT Radio Maintnence  Public Works 
5488 157 D K-FACMGT Facilities Management  Public Works 
7408 1cf D K-EMPRE Emergency Prepraredness  Public Works 
7824 1e9 D K-C SVC Community Service  Public Works 
7952 1f1 D K-DOJ Department of Justice  Law Tac 
8080 1f9 D K-ABC Alcohol Beverage Control  Law Tac 
8688 21f D K-SHERIF Sheriff  Law Dispatch 
11472 2cd D K-DAFBSP Dover Air Force Base Security Police (Incative)  Law Tac 
13296 33f D K-CAP PD Capitol Police Kent  Law Dispatch 
14544 38d D K-LOTTRY K Casinos / Gambling Enforcement  Law Tac 
17392 43f D SPCA SW SPCA   Public Works 
17456 443 D K-SPCA Kent SPCA  Public Works 
17680 451 D K-KTEU K Truck Enforcement Unit  Law Tac 
21008 521 D K-KARMS Audit & Recovery Mgmt Services (ARMS)  Public Works 
21264 531 D K-KENTJP Justice of the Peace (Constables)  Law Dispatch 
21360 537 D K-SUPCRT Superior Court  Law Dispatch 
21456 53d D K-CCPCRT Court of Common pleas  Law Dispatch 
21552 543 D K-FAMCRT Family Court  Law Dispatch 
22736 58d D KPUBSFY Public Safety (Kent Center)  Law Dispatch 
30160 75d D K-CRT ANCMT Courts Announcement channel  Law Dispatch 

Kent County - Department of Transportation Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
4848 12f D KN-K-TRAFIC Kent County Traffic (TMC)  Public Works 
23856 5d3 D KS-TMCEMG1 TMC Emergency 1  Public Works 
21616 547 D K-AREA6 Harrington Yard - Area 6  Public Works 
21648 549 D KAREA7 Magnolia Yard - Area 7  Public Works 
21680 54b D K-AREA8 Cheswold Yard - Area 8  Public Works 
21776 551 D KN-AREA21 Kent Yard - Area 21  Public Works 
21808 553 D K-AREA25 Kent Yard - Area 25  Public Works 
21840 555 D K-AREA30 Kent Yard - Area 30  Public Works 
4880 131 D K-M-4 Expressways Maintenance Dispatch 4  Public Works 
4976 137 D KN-TLLOPS Toll Plaza Operations  Public Works 
5040 13b D K-CONST Kent Construction  Public Works 
5136 141 D KN-XADMIN Expressways Admin  Public Works 
18832 499 D K-KDOTSUP Kent DelDot Supervisor  Public Works 
21872 557 D K-ADMIN Kent Admin  Public Works 
22096 565 D KN-M-3 Expressways Maintenance Dispatch 3 (NCC/Kent)  Public Works 
22128 567 D KN-XCONST Expressways Construction (NCC/Kent)  Public Works 

Kent County - Camden/ Wyoming Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
10864 2a7 D K-CAMWYO Camden Wyoming FC  Fire-Talk 
19760 4d3 D K-CAMPD Camden Pd  Law Tac 
20592 507 D K-WYOPD Wyoming PD  Law Tac 

Kent County - Clayton Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
10928 2ab D K-CLAYTN FC Clayton FC  Fire-Talk 
19600 4c9 DE K-CLAYTN PD Clayton PD  Law Tac 

Kent County - Dover AFB Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
11632 2d7 D K-DAFB-EMS Dover Air Force Base EMS  EMS-Talk 
11792 2e1 D SW-SWDAFB Dover Air Force Base Clinic Statewide  Hospital 
11824 2e3 D K-DAFBFD Dover Air Force Base Fire Department  Fire-Talk 

Kent County - Dover Talkgroups

Dove Police Communications are primarily encrypted


DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
4240 109 D K-DOVFIR Dover City Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
4272 10b D K-DAFBH Dover AFB Hospital  Hospital 
10960 2ad D K-DOVER Dover FC  Fire-Talk 
11408 2c9 D K-DOV-FM City of Dover Fire Marshall  Fire-Talk 
11760 2df D K-DVDISP Dover Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
12880 325 DE K-DISP-1 Dover PD Dispatch 1  Law Dispatch 
19856 4d9 D K-DISP-2 Dover PD Dispatch 2  Law Dispatch 
19888 4db D K-DVDATA Dover PD Data  Law Tac 
19920 4dd DE K-DVTAC1 Dover PD TAC-1  Law Tac 
19952 4df DE K-DVTAC2 Dover PD TAC-2  Law Tac 
19984 4e1 DE K-DVCI Dover PD Criminal Investigation  Law Tac 
20016 4e3 DE K-HNT Dover PD Hostage Negotiation Team  Law Tac 
20048 4e5 DE K-SORT-1 Dover PD Sort-1  Law Tac 
20080 4e7 DE K-SORT-2 Dover PD Sort-2  Law Tac 
20112 4e9 DE K-SRTCMD Dover PD Sort Command  Law Tac 
20144 4eb DE K-EXECCMD Dover PD Exec Command  Law Tac 
22704 58b D KDFM-OPS City of Dover Fire Marshall  Fire-Talk 
30096 759 D Dover Fire 2 Dover FIre 2  Fire-Tac 

Kent County - Felton Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
11024 2b1 D K-FELTON Felton FC  Fire-Talk 
19824 4d7 D K-FLTPD Felton PD  Law Tac 

Kent County - Frederica Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
11056 2b3 D K-FRDRCA Frederica FC  Fire-Talk 
19792 4d5 D K-FRDPD Frederica PD  Law Tac 

Kent County - Harrington Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
11088 2b5 D K-HARRTN Harrington FC (KENT&SUSSEX)  Fire-Talk 
19632 4cb D KS-HPD-CMD Harrington PD  Law Tac 
19664 4cd D KS-HPD-DATA Harrington PD Data  Law Tac 
19696 4cf D KS-HPD-SPCOP Harrington PD Special Operations  Law Tac 

Kent County - Milford Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
11312 2c3 D K-MILFRD Milford FC  Fire-Talk 
19728 4d1 D KS-MDISP Milford Pd Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
20176 4ed D KS-MOPS1 Milford PD Operations 1  Law Tac 
20208 4ef D KS-MOPS2 Milford PD Operations 2  Law Tac 
20240 4f1 D KS-MADMIN Milford PD Admin.  Law Tac 

Kent County - Smyrna Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
11344 2c5 D K-SMYRNA Smyrna FC  Fire-Talk 
19408 4bd DE NK-SPD1 Smyrna PD #1  Law Tac 
19440 4bf D NK-SPD2 Smyrna PD #2  Law Tac 
19472 4c1 D NK-SPTA1 Smyrna PD Tac 1  Law Tac 
19504 4c3 D NK-SCOPS Smyrna PD Ops  Law Tac 
19536 4c5 D NK-SSIU Smyrna PD SIU  Law Tac 
19568 4c7 D NK-SPDADMIN Smyrna PD Admin  Law Tac 

Kent County - Delaware State University Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
20752 511 D DSU-PD Delaware State University PD  Law Dispatch 
20784 513 D DSU-PD-2 Delaware State University PD 2  Law Tac 

Sussex County - Fire & EMS Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
4432 115 D S-FIRE DISP S Fire / EMS Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
3536 0dd D S-FIRE 1 S Fire-1   Fire-Tac 
3568 0df D S-FIRE 2 S Fire-2   Fire-Tac 
3600 0e1 D S-FIRE 3 S Fire-3   Fire-Tac 
3632 0e3 D S-FIRE 4 S Fire-4   Fire-Tac 
3504 0db D S-FIRE 5 S Fire-5   Fire-Tac 
29744 743 D S-Fireops 1 S Fire Ops 1  Fire-Tac 
29776 745 D S-Fireops 2 S Fire Ops 2  Fire-Tac 
29808 747 D S-Fireops 2 S Fire Ops 3  Fire-Tac 
29840 749 D S-Fireops 4 S Fire Ops 4  Fire-Tac 
29872 74b D S-Fireops 5 S Fire Ops 5  Fire-Tac 
4464 117 D S-EMS 1 S EMS-1 Ops  EMS-Tac 
4496 119 D S-EMS 2 S EMS-2 Ops  EMS-Tac 
12656 317 D S-EMS3 Ops S EMS-3 Ops  EMS-Tac 
12816 321 D S-SXPMO1 Paramedics Ops-1  EMS-Tac 
12848 323 D S-SXPMO2 Paramedics Ops-2  EMS-Tac 
12592 313 D S-FPOL 1 S Fire Police-1  Fire-Tac 
21072 525 D S-FPOL 2 S Fire Police-2  Fire-Tac 
21104 527 D S-FPOL 3 S Fire Police-3  Fire-Tac 
21136 529 D S-FPOL 4 S Fire Police-4  Fire-Tac 
21168 52b D S-FPOL 5 S Fire Police-5  Fire-Tac 
12528 30f D Worc. MD Pat Patch to Worcester Co Md Fire  Fire-Tac 
12560 311 D S-OCFIRE Ocean City MD Fire Patch  Fire-Tac 
12720 31b D S-COMSPT Suscom Support Personnel  EMS-Tac 
14256 37b D S-FMSL S Fire Marshall  Fire-Tac 
13872 363 D S-MIRT Fire Marshall (Major Incident Response Team)  Fire-Tac 
4528 11b D S-BEEBE ER Beebe Medical Center Lewes ER  Hospital 
4560 11d D S-MILLVL ER Beebe Medical Center Millville ER (SUMMER ONLY)  Hospital 
4592 11f D KS-MH ER Milford Hospital Emergency Room  Hospital 
4624 121 D S-NMH ER Nanticoke Memorial Hospital ER  Hospital 
7440 1d1 D S-EMPRE Emergency Medical Preparedness  Emergency Ops 
12688 319 D S-AGH ER Atlantic General Hospital MD  Hospital 

Sussex County - Fire Company TAC Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
12048 2f1 D STA76 Frankf Frankford FD TAC  Fire-Tac 
12144 2f7 D STA79 Gumbor Gumboro FD TAC  Fire-Tac 
12272 2ff D STA89 Slaugh Slaughter Beach FD TAC  Fire-Tac 
12336 303 D STA84 Millvi Millville FD TAC  Fire-Tac 
12432 309 D STA90 Roxana Roxana FD TAC  Fire-Tac 

Sussex County - State Police Talkgroups

Encryption is selectively used on the DSP TAC's

On DATA, DSP is generally ENC while Municipal PD's are more liekly to be clear.

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2448 099 DE S-CMD S DSP Dispatch / Command   Law Dispatch 
2544 09f DE S-DATA S DSP Data  Law Tac 
2480 09b DE S-TAC1 S DSP Tactical-1  Law Tac 
14864 3a1 DE S-TAC3 S DSP Tactical-3  Law Tac 
2512 09d DE S-TAC2 S DSP Tactical-2  Law Tac 
14896 3a3 DE S-TAC4 S DSP Tactical-4  Law Tac 
2768 0ad DE S-TROOP4 DSP Troop-4 (Georgetown)  Law Tac 
2800 0af DE S-TROOP5 DSP Troop-5 (Bridgeville)  Law Tac 
2864 0b3 DE S-TROOP7 DSP Troop-7 (Lewes)  Law Tac 
2992 0bb D S-SUPER Supervisor  Law Tac 
16304 3fb DE S-AVNSSX S Aviation Admin  Law Tac 
1904 077 DE S-EXSEC Executive Security  Law Tac 
2096 083 DE S-SORT 1 Special Operation Response Team-1  Law Tac 
3120 0c3 DE S-SORT 2 Special Operations Response Team-2  Law Tac 
13968 369 DE S-DETECT Detectives  Law Tac 
14096 371 DE S-SIU Special Investigation Unit  Law Tac 
14288 37d DE S-ESU Intelligence  Law Tac 
14480 389 DE S-MURDER Homicide  Law Tac 
14672 395 DE S-INTL Intelligence  Law Tac 
16016 3e9 DE S-CMDCTR Command Center  Law Tac 
16112 3ef DE S-INVEST Special Investigative Unit 3  Law Tac 
16208 3f5 DE S-SECURE Secure  Law Tac 
17808 459 DE S-TCU TCU (crowd control)  Law Tac 
17936 461 DE S-ONDD Office of Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs  Law Tac 

Sussex County - Miscellaneous Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
5392 151 D S-MAINT Radio Maintenence  Public Works 
5520 159 D S-FACMGT Facilities Management  Public Works 
7664 1df D S-HEALTH Dept of Health & Soc Svcs  Public Works 
7856 1eb D S-S SVC Community Service  Public Works 
7984 1f3 D S-DOJ Department of Justice  Law Tac 
8112 1fb D S-ABC Alcohol Beverage Control  Law Tac 
8720 221 D S-SHERIF Sheriff  Law Dispatch 
12752 31d D S-SXEOC Emergency Operation Center  Multi-Talk 
13328 341 D S-CAP PD Capitol Police  Law Dispatch 
17488 445 D S-SPCA SSX SPCA  Public Works 
17712 453 D S-STEU S Truck Enforcement Unit  Law Tac 
21040 523 D S-SARMS Audit & Recovery Mgmt Services (ARMS)  Public Works 
21296 533 D S-SSXJP Justice of the Peace (Constables)  Law Tac 
21392 539 D S-SUPCRT Superior Court  Law Dispatch 
21488 53f D S-CCPCRT Court of Common Pleas  Law Dispatch 
21584 545 D S-FAMCRT Family Court  Law Dispatch 

Sussex County - Department Of Transportation Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
4912 133 D S-MAINT-DOT Sussex Maintenance  Public Works 
4944 135 D S-TRAFIC Sussex County Traffic (TMC)  Public Works 
5008 139 D S-CONST Sussex Construction  Public Works 
18864 49b D S-SDOTSUP Sussex DelDot Superviso  Public Works 
18928 49f D S-DOT Laurel Laurel Yard  Public Works 
18960 4a1 D S-DOT Seafor Seaford Yard  Public Works 
18992 4a3 D S-DOT Ellend Ellendale Yard  Public Works 
19024 4a5 D S-DOT Gravel Gravel Hill Yard   Public Works 
19056 4a7 D S-DOT Dagsbo Dagsboro Yard   Public Works 
19088 4a9 D S-DOT Gravel Gravel Hill Yard Float Crew  Public Works 
19120 4ab D S-DOT Admin Sussex Admin  Public Works 

Sussex County - Mutual Aid Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
9456 24f D S-SSXMA1 S Mutual Aid-1  Multi-Tac 
9488 251 D S-SSXMA2 S Mutual Aid-2  Multi-Tac 
9584 257 D S-PMA S Police Mutual Aid (PMA)  Law Tac 
25744 649 D S-IOP-1 Sussex Interoperability-1  Interop 
25776 64b D S-IOP-2 Sussex Interoperability-2  Interop 
25808 64d D S-IOP-3 Sussex Interoperability-3  Interop 
25840 64f D S-IOP-4 Sussex Interoperability-4  Interop 

Sussex County - Bethany Beach Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
11856 2e5 D STA70 Bethan Bethany Beach FD TAC  Fire-Tac 
13040 32f D S-BETH-PKNG Bethany Parking Enforcement  Public Works 
13456 349 D S-BETHNY PD Bethany Beach PD   Law Tac 

Sussex County - Blades Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
11888 2e7 D STA71 Blades Blades FD TAC  Fire-Tac 
13200 339 D Blades PD Blades PD Local 920  Law Talk 

Sussex County - Bridgeville Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
11920 2e9 D STA72 Bridge Bridgeville FD TAC  Fire-Tac 
13776 35d DE S-BRDGVL PD Bridgeville PD   Law Tac 

Sussex County - Dagsboro Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
11952 2eb D STA73 Dags Dagsboro FD TAC  Fire-Tac 
13520 34d D S-DAGSBO PD Dagsboro PD   Law Tac 

Sussex County - Delmar Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
11984 2ed D STA74 Delmar Delmar FD TAC  Fire-Tac 
13488 34b D S-DELMAR PD Delmar PD   Law Tac 

Sussex County - Dewey Beach Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
13584 351 D S-DEWEY PD Dewey Beach PD   Law Tac 

Sussex County - Ellendale Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
12016 2ef D STA75 Ellend Ellendale FD TAC  Fire-Tac 
20624 509 D S-ELND PD Ellendale PD   Law Tac 

Sussex County - Fenwick Island Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
13424 347 D S-FENWK PD Fenwick Island PD  Law Tac 

Sussex County - Georgetown Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
12080 2f3 D STA77 Georgt Georgetown FD TAC  Fire-Tac 
12784 31f D STA93 Georgetown American Legion Ambulance  EMS-Tac 
13360 343 D S-GEORGE PD Georgetown PD   Law Tac 

Sussex County - Greenwood Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
12112 2f5 D STA78 Gwood Greenwood FD TAC  Fire-Tac 
20272 4f3 DE S-GNWOOD Greenwood PD   Law Tac 

Sussex County - Laurel Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
12208 2fb D STA81 Laurel Laurel FD TAC  Fire-Tac 
13616 353 D S-LAUREL PD Laurel PD   Law Tac 

Sussex County - Lewes Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
12240 2fd D STA82 Lewes Lewes FD TAC  Fire-Tac 
13392 345 D S-LEWES PD Lewes PD   Law Tac 

Sussex County - Millsboro Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
12176 2f9 D STA80 IRiver Indian River FD TAC  Fire-Tac 
12304 301 D STA83 Millsb Millsboro FD TAC  Fire-Tac 
12624 315 D STA91 Midssx Mid-Sussex Rescue Squad TAC  EMS-Tac 
13712 359 D S-MILSBO PD Millsboro PD   Law Tac 

Sussex County - Milton Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
12368 305 D STA85 Milton Milton FD TAC  Fire-Tac 
13744 35b D S-MILTON PD Milton PD   Law Tac 

Sussex County - Oceanview Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
13168 337 D S-OCEAN Ocean View PD 936  Law Tac 

Sussex County - Rehoboth Beach Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
3728 0e9 D S-REHFIR Rehoboth Beach Disp Fire/EMS/Ops  Fire Dispatch 
12400 307 D STA86 Rehob Rehoboth Beach FD TAC  Fire-Tac 
13648 355 D S-REHO PD Rehoboth Beach PD (DISPATCH)  Law Dispatch 
20656 50b DE S-REHO_1 Rehoboth Beach PD-1 data  Law Tac 
20688 50d DE S-REHO_2 Rehoboth Beach PD-2 tac  Law Tac 
30032 755 D S-Rehobo EMS Rehoboth Beach EMS  EMS-Tac 

Sussex County - Seaford Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
3760 0eb D S-SFRFIR Seaford Disp Fire/EMS/Ops  Fire Dispatch 
12464 30b D STA87 Seafor Seaford FD TAC  Fire-Tac 
13552 34f D S-SFRDISP PD Seaford PD (DISPATCH)  Law Dispatch 
20336 4f7 D S-SFRDATA Seaford PD (DATA)  Law Tac 
20368 4f9 D S-SFRDETS Seaford PD (Detectives)  Law Tac 
20400 4fb D S-SFRSORT Seaford PD Special Ops team  Law Tac 
29904 74d D S-SFR EMS Seaford EMS  EMS Dispatch 

Sussex County - Selbyville Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
12496 30d D STA88 Selby Selbyville FD TAC  Fire-Tac 
20304 4f5 D S-SLBYV Selbyville PD   Law Tac 

Sussex County - South Bethany Beach Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
13680 357 D S-S BETH PS South Bethany Beach PD  Law Tac 

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