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US > Utah > Salt Lake (County) > Salt Lake City Public Safety

Salt Lake City Public Safety

System Name:Salt Lake City Public Safety
Location:Salt Lake City, UT
County:Salt Lake
System Type:Motorola Type II
System Voice:Analog
Last Updated:March 7, 2021, 11:18 pm (Updated Service Tag assignments for 1 talkgroups(Salt Lake International Airport))

Important Rebanded Note

One or more sites for this trunking system have gone through the 800 MHz rebanding process. Your scanner may be incompatible, require a firmware update or require special programming to track these sites. Please visit the RR Wiki Rebanding page for additional information.

System ID List

System ID   Connect Tone  
HEX: AC33   97.30

System Frequencies
Red (c) are primary control channels | Blue (a) are alternate control channels | Site Map(s): FCC Callsigns RR Locations

001 (1) Salt Lake City855.2375 855.4875 856.4875 856.9625 857.2375 857.2625 857.4875 857.9625
    858.2375 858.2625 858.9625 859.2375 859.2625 859.9625 860.2375 860.2625a
    860.4875a 860.5875 860.7625a 860.9625c        
063 (3F) Salt Lake Airport854.6125 856.5125a 856.6375 856.7625a 857.7625 858.4875c 858.7625 859.7625

System Talkgroups
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Salt Lake City Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
704 02c A SLC PD Liberty Police Dispatch East (Liberty)   Law Dispatch 
736 02e A SLC PD Pioneer Police Dispatch West (Pioneer)   Law Dispatch 
768 030 A SLC PD East2 Police Dispatch East 2  Law Dispatch 
800 032 A SLC PD West2 Police Dispatch West 2  Law Dispatch 
832 034 A SLC PD Serv Police Service (Channel 4)  Law Talk 
864 036 A SLC PD C2C Police Car to Car (Channel 3)  Law Talk 
896 038 A SLC PD Tac 1 Police Tac 1 (Channel 5)  Law Tac 
928 03a A SLC PD Tac 2 Police Tac 2 (Channel 6)  Law Tac 
960 03c A SLC PD SWAT1 Police SWAT 1  Law Tac 
1024 040 A SLC PD Central Police Dispatch Central (Central)  Law Dispatch 
1056 042 A SLC PD Motor Police Motors (Channel 8)  Law Talk 
1088 044 A SLC PD Trng1 Police Training 1  Law Talk 
1120 046 A SLC PD Trng2 Police Training 2  Law Talk 
1152 048 A SLC PD APBs Police APBs  Law Talk 
1184 04a A SLC Fire 1 Fire 1  Fire Dispatch 
1216 04c A SLC Fire 2 Fire 2  Fire Dispatch 
1248 04e A SLC Fire 3 Fire 3  Fire Dispatch 
1280 050 A SLC Fire 4 Fire 4  Fire Dispatch 
1312 052 A SLC Fire 6 Fire 6  Fire Dispatch 
2176 088 A SLC RadioTec Radio Technicians  Business 
3136 0c4 A SLC PD Detc1 Police Detectives 1  Law Talk 
3168 0c6 A SLC PD Detc2 Police Detectives 2  Law Talk 
3200 0c8 A SLC PD Narc1 Police NARC 1  Law Talk 
3232 0ca A SLC PD Narc2 Police NARC 2  Law Talk 
3296 0ce A SLC PD Vice1 Police VICE 1  Law Talk 
3328 0d0 A SLC PD Vice2 Police VICE 2  Law Talk 
3360 0d2 A SLC PD SWAT2 Police SWAT 2  Law Tac 
3392 0d4 A SLC PD Ops 1 Police Ops 1  Law Tac 
3616 0e2 A SLC Fire Fire  Fire-Talk 
3744 0ea A SLC FD 4 Fire 4 (Sandy City Primary)  Fire Dispatch 
3776 0ec A SLC FD 5 Fire 5 (Sandy City Incident)  Fire Dispatch 
3808 0ee A SLC FD 6 Tac Fire 6 Tactical  Fire-Tac 
3840 0f0 A SLC FD RIT Fire Rapid Intervention Team  Fire-Talk 
3872 0f2 A SLC PD Ops 2 Police Ops 2  Law Tac 
3968 0f8 A SLC FD TA Fire Training Academy  Fire-Talk 
4000 0fa A SLC PD Detcv Police Detectives Administration  Law Talk 
55296 d80 A SLC Trash 1 Trash Collection  Public Works 
55328 d82 A SLC Parking Parking Enforcement  Law Talk 
56000 dac A SLC Water A Water Dept A  Public Works 
56032 dae A SLC Water 1 Water Dept 1  Public Works 
56064 db0 A SLC Water 2 Water Dept 2  Public Works 
56096 db2 A SLC Water 3 Water Dept 3  Public Works 
56128 db4 A SLC Water 4 Water Dept 4  Public Works 
56160 db6 A SLC Water 5 Water Dept 5  Public Works 
56192 db8 A SLC Water Of Water Dept Office  Public Works 
56224 dba A SLC Water 6 Water Dept 6  Public Works 
56256 dbc A SLC Water 7 Water Dept 7  Public Works 
56512 dcc A SLC Water 8 Water Dept 8  Public Works 
57024 dec A SLC Loading Loading Yard  Public Works 
57088 df0 A SLC Garbage Garbage Pick-up  Public Works 
57184 df6 A SLC Parking Parking Enforcement  Law Talk 
57216 df8 A SLC Trash 2 Trash Collection  Public Works 
57248 dfa A SLC Snow E Snowplows East District  Public Works 
57280 dfc A SLC Snow N Snowplows North District  Public Works 

Salt Lake International Airport Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
52992 cf0 A SLI Maint 2A Maintenance 2A  Public Works 
53024 cf2 A SLI Maint 2B Maintenance 2B  Public Works 
53056 cf4 A SLI Maint El Maintenance Electrical  Public Works 
53088 cf6 A SLI Maint Al Maintenance Sprinklers/Fire Alarms  Public Works 
53184 cfc A SLI Ops 3A Operations 3A  Public Works 
53216 cfe A SLI Fire Fire  Fire Dispatch 
53248 d00 A SLI Ops Operations  Public Works 
53280 d02 A SLI Ops 6A Landside and Terminal Operations 6A  Public Works 
53312 d04 A SLI Ops 6B Shuttle Buses and Landside/Terminal Common 6B  Transportation 
53344 d06 A SLI Ops 6C Shuttle Buses 6C  Transportation 
53440 d0c A SLI Runways Runway Maintenance  Public Works 
53568 d14 A SLI Ops 5A Snow Removal 5A  Public Works 
53600 d16 A SLI Ops 5B Snow Removal - Taxiways and Ramps 5B  Public Works 
53632 d18 A SLI Ops 5C Perimeter/Wildlife Patrols, Snow Removal 5C  Public Works 
53760 d20 A SLI FD Train Fire Training  Fire-Talk 
53824 d24 A SLI Police Police  Law Dispatch 
53856 d26 A SLI APB Police Missing Persons APB  Law Dispatch 
53888 d28 A SLI Police C Police C  Law Talk 
53984 d2e A SLI Janitor Janitorial Services  Public Works 
54016 d30 A SLI Bags Bags  Public Works 
54048 d32 A SLI Shuttles Terminal Shuttles between Gates B & D  Transportation 

UCAN Patches Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
17184 432 A Air Med LZ-1 Air Medical 1 - LZ 1  EMS-Talk 

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