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US > Virginia > Multiple Counties > Albemarle / Charlottesville (P16)

Albemarle / Charlottesville (P16)

System Name:Albemarle / Charlottesville (P16)
Location:Various, VA
County:2 counties
System Type:Motorola Type II Smartnet
System Voice:Analog and APCO-25 Common Air Interface
Last Updated:February 23, 2021, 6:13 pm (Updated General Trunked System Information)

Important Rebanded Note

One or more sites for this trunking system have gone through the 800 MHz rebanding process. Your scanner may be incompatible, require a firmware update or require special programming to track these sites. Please visit the RR Wiki Rebanding page for additional information.

System ID List

System ID   Connect Tone  
HEX: AB15   116.13

System Frequencies
Red (c) are primary control channels | Blue (a) are alternate control channels | Site Map(s): FCC Callsigns RR Locations

SiteNameCounty Freqs      
001 (1) SimulcastAlbemarle 854.9625 856.2625a 856.4375a 856.7375a 857.2625c 857.4375 857.7375
      857.9625 858.2625 858.4375 858.7375 858.9625 859.2625 859.7375
      856.5875 857.1625 851.050 853.5625 853.650 853.8125  

System Talkgroups
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Shared/Interop Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
4016 0fb A AlbChar Evt3 Event 3  Interop 
4048 0fd A AlbChar Evt4 Event 4  Interop 
4080 0ff A AlbChar Evt5 Event 5  Interop 
4112 101 A AlbChar Evt6 Event 6  Interop 
4144 103 A AlbChar Evt7 Event 7  Interop 
24592 601 D AlbChar Evt8 Event 8  Interop 
24624 603 D AlbChar Evt9 Event 9  Interop 
24656 605 D AlbCharEvt10 Event 10  Interop 
24688 607 D AlbCharEvt11 Event 11  Interop 
24720 609 D AlbCharEvt12 Event 12  Interop 
28272 6e7 D SIRS Patch SIRS Patch  Interop 

Emergency Management/ECC Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
24464 5f9 A AlbCh CERT4 Community Emergency Response Team 4  Emergency Ops 
24496 5fb A AlbChECC RM2 ECC Radio Maintenance 2  Emergency Ops 
24528 5fd A AlbChECC Op2 ECC Ops 2  Emergency Ops 
24560 5ff A AlbCh EM Op2 Emergency Management Ops 2 (SIRS Patch)  Emergency Ops 
25776 64b D AlbChECC Adm ECC Admin  Emergency Ops 
25808 64d D AlbChECC Tng ECC Training  Emergency Ops 
25840 64f D AlbCh EM Op1 Emergency Management Ops 1  Emergency Ops 
25872 651 D AlbChECC RM1 ECC Radio Maintenance 1  Emergency Ops 
25904 653 D AlbChECC Op1 ECC Ops 1  Emergency Ops 
25936 655 D AlbChECC IT ECC Information Technology  Emergency Ops 
43376 a97 D AlbCh EM Adm Emergency Management Admin  Emergency Ops 
43408 a99 D AlbCh EM Trn Emergency Management Training  Emergency Ops 
43440 a9b D AlbCh CERT1 Community Emergency Response Team 1  Emergency Ops 
43472 a9d D AlbCh CERT2 Community Emergency Response Team 2  Emergency Ops 
43504 a9f D AlbCh CERT3 Community Emergency Response Team 3  Emergency Ops 
43536 aa1 D UVA EM1 University of Virginia Emergency Management 1  Emergency Ops 

Regional Fire/Rescue Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1328 053 A ACFR ATac3 A Tac 3  Fire-Tac 
1360 055 A ACFR ATac4 A Tac 4  Fire-Tac 
1392 057 A ACFR ATac5 A Tac 5  Fire-Tac 
1424 059 A ACFR ATac6 A Tac 6  Fire-Tac 
1456 05b A ACFR ATac7 A Tac 7  Fire-Tac 
1488 05d A ACFR BTac3 B Tac 3  Fire-Tac 
1520 05f A ACFR BTac4 B Tac 4  Fire-Tac 
1552 061 A ACFR BTac5 B Tac 5  Fire-Tac 
1584 063 A ACFR BTac6 B Tac 6  Fire-Tac 
1616 065 A ACFR BTac7 B Tac 7  Fire-Tac 
28240 6e5 D ACFR Reservd Reserved/Unused  Fire Dispatch 
35248 89b D ACFR Disp Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
35280 89d D ACFR Resp Response  Fire-Tac 
35312 89f D ACFR ATac8 A Tac 8  Fire-Tac 
35344 8a1 D ACFR ATac9 A Tac 9  Fire-Tac 
35376 8a3 D ACFR ATac10 A Tac 10  Fire-Tac 
35408 8a5 D ACFR ATac11 A Tac 11  Fire-Tac 
35472 8a9 D ACFR BTac8 B Tac 8  Fire-Tac 
35504 8ab D ACFR UVAHosp University of Virginia Hospital  Hospital 
35568 8af D ACFR MJHosp Martha Jefferson Hospital  Hospital 
35600 8b1 D ACFR Admin Admin  Fire-Tac 
35696 8b7 D ACFR BTac9 B Tac 9  Fire-Tac 
35728 8b9 D ACFR BTac10 B Tac 10  Fire-Tac 
35760 8bb D ACFR BTac11 B Tac 11  Fire-Tac 
35824 8bf D ACFR CharCmd Charlottesville Command  Fire-Tac 

University of Virginia Health System Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
35888 8c3 D UVAHlth MDCM MEDCOM  Hospital 
35920 8c5 D VA DOH-Char Virginia Department of Health - Charlottesville  Hospital 
35952 8c7 D UVAHlth Tac1 UVA Health System Tac 1  Hospital 
35984 8c9 D UVAHlth Tac2 UVA Health System Tac 2  Hospital 
36016 8cb D UVAHlth Tac3 UVA Health System Tac 3  Hospital 
36032 8cc D UVAHlth CS1 UVA Health System Communication Services 1  Hospital 
36048 8cd D UVAHlth CS2 UVA Health System Communication Services 2  Hospital 
36064 8ce D UVAHlth PP1 UVA Health System Physical Plant 1  Hospital 
36080 8cf D UVAHlth PP2 UVA Health System Physical Plant 2  Hospital 
36096 8d0 D UVAHlth PP3 UVA Health System Physical Plant 3  Hospital 

Albemarle County Police Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
34000 84d D AlbPD Brdcst Broadcast  Law Dispatch 
34032 84f D Alb PD Disp Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
34064 851 D Alb PD Sec Secondary  Law Tac 
34096 853 D Alb PD SA 1 Special Assignment 1  Law Tac 
34128 855 D Alb PD SA 2 Special Assignment 2  Law Tac 
34160 857 D Alb PD SA 3 Special Assignment 3  Law Tac 
34192 859 D Alb PD SA 4 Special Assignment 4  Law Tac 
34320 861 D Alb PD Invst Investigations  Law Tac 
34352 863 D Alb PD Trffc Traffic  Law Tac 
34384 865 D Alb PD Serv Services  Law Tac 
34416 867 D ScttsvPDTac1 Scottsville Police Tac 1  Law Tac 
34448 869 D Alb PD Tac 1 Tac 1  Law Tac 

Albemarle County Sheriff Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
38032 949 D Alb SO Disp Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
38064 94b D Alb SO Sec Secondary  Law Talk 
38128 94f D Alb SO SA 1 Special Assignment 1  Law Talk 
38160 951 D Alb SO SA 2 Special Assignment 2  Law Talk 

Albemarle County Schools Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
24784 60d D AlbSchBus 1 Buses 1  Schools 
24816 60f D AlbSchBus 2 Buses 2  Schools 
24848 611 D AlbSch SFeed Southern Feeder Pattern  Schools 
24880 613 D AlbSch NFeed Northern Feeder Pattern  Schools 
24912 615 D AlbSch WFeed Western Feeder Pattern  Schools 
24944 617 D AlbSch Admin Admin  Schools 
24976 619 D AlbSchBusShp Bus Shop  Schools 
25008 61b D AlbSch Emerg Emergency  Schools 

Albemarle County Service Authority Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
43792 ab1 D ACSA Disp Dispatch  Public Works 
43824 ab3 D ACSA Meter Meter  Public Works 
43856 ab5 D ACSA Mnt/Eng Maintenance/Engineering  Public Works 
43888 ab7 D ACSA Supervs Supervisor  Public Works 
43920 ab9 D ACSA Future Future  Public Works 
43952 abb D ACSA Future Future  Public Works 
43984 abd D ACSA TrCtl 1 Traffic Control 1  Public Works 
44016 abf D ACSA TrCtl 2 Traffic Control 2  Public Works 
44048 ac1 D ACSA TrCtl 3 Traffic Control 3  Public Works 
44080 ac3 D ACSA TrCtl 4 Traffic Control 4  Public Works 
44112 ac5 D ACSA TrCtl 5 Traffic Control 5  Public Works 

Charlottesville Police Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
30000 753 D CharPD Brcst Broadcast  Law Dispatch 
30032 755 D CharPD Disp Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
30064 757 D CharPD Sec Secondary  Law Tac 
30096 759 D CharPD SA 1 Special Assignment 1  Law Tac 
30128 75b D CharPD SA 2 Special Assignment 2  Law Tac 
30160 75d D CharPD Srvcs Services  Law Tac 
30192 75f D CharPD Inv Investigations  Law Tac 
30224 761 D CharPD Trffc Traffic  Law Tac 
30256 763 D CharPD NSB Neighborhood Services Bureau  Law Tac 

Charlottesville Sheriff Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
32048 7d3 D CharSO Disp Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
32112 7d7 D CharSO Court Court  Law Talk 
32144 7d9 D CharSO SA1 Special Assignment 1  Law Talk 
32176 7db D CharSO SA2 Special Assignment 2  Law Talk 

Charlottesville Services Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
42672 a6b D CharPW 1 Public Works 1  Public Works 
42704 a6d D CharPW Gas Gas  Public Works 
42736 a6f D CharPW Water Water/Wastewater  Public Works 
42768 a71 D CharPW Srvcs Services  Public Works 
42800 a73 D CharPW 2 Public Works 2  Public Works 
42832 a75 D CharPW 3 Public Works 3  Public Works 

Charlottesville Schools Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
43168 a8a D CharSch Bus1 Buses 1  Schools 
43184 a8b D CharSch Bus2 Buses 2  Schools 
43200 a8c D CharSch Evt1 Events 1  Schools 
43216 a8d D CharSch Evt2 Events 2  Schools 
43232 a8e D CharSch Supv Supervisors  Schools 

Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT) Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
42000 a41 D CAT Main Main  Transportation 
42032 a43 D CAT Emerg Emergency  Transportation 
42064 a45 D CAT Events Events  Transportation 
42096 a47 D CAT Supv Supervisors  Transportation 
42128 a49 D CAT Secondry Secondary  Transportation 

University of Virginia Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
26000 659 D UVA PD Brcst Police Broadcast  Law Dispatch 
26032 65b D UVA PD Disp Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
26064 65d D UVA PD Sec Police Secondary  Law Tac 
26128 661 D UVA Sec 1 Security 1  Security 
26160 663 D UVA Sec 2 Security 2  Security 
26192 665 D UVA Sec 3 Security 3  Security 
26224 667 D UVA PD/Sec Police/Security  Law Tac 
26256 669 D UVA Event 1 Event 1  Law Tac 
26320 66d D UVA Services Services  Law Tac 
42352 a57 D UVA UTS Disp University Transit Services Dispatch  Transportation 
42384 a59 D UVA UTS Emrg University Transit Services Emergency  Transportation 
42416 a5b D UVA UTS Evts University Transit Services Events  Transportation 
42448 a5d D UVA UTS TC1 University Transit Services Traffic Control 1  Transportation 
42480 a5f D UVA UTS TC2 University Transit Services Traffic Control 2  Transportation 
42512 a61 D UVA UTS Supv University Transit Services Supervisors  Transportation 

Charlottesville/Albemarle Airport Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
41072 a07 D CHO Police Police  Law Dispatch 
41104 a09 D CHO Fire Fire  Fire Dispatch 
41136 a0b D CHO Mnt Maintenance  Public Works 
41168 a0d D CHO Parking Parking  Public Works 
41200 a0f D CHO FBO Fixed-Base Operator  Public Works 
41264 a13 D CHO Airlines Airlines  Public Works 

Charlottesville/Albemarle Regional Jail Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2032 07f A ACJ Ops 1 Operations 1  Corrections 
2064 081 A ACJ Ops 2 Operations 2  Corrections 
2096 083 A ACJ Ops 3 Operations 3  Corrections 
2192 089 A ACJ ERT Emergency Response Team  Corrections 

Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1872 075 A RWSA Main Main  Public Works 
1904 077 A RWSA Sec Secondary  Public Works 
1936 079 A RWSA Admin Admin  Public Works 
1968 07b A RWSA Mnt Maintenance  Public Works 

Piedmont Virginia Community College Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
44192 aca D PVCC PD 1 Police 1  Law Dispatch 
44208 acb D PVCC PD 2 Police 2  Law Tac 
44224 acc D PVCC PD 3 Police 3  Law Tac 

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