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US > Kentucky > Scott (County) > Scott County CPSCS

Scott County CPSCS

System Name:Scott County CPSCS
Location:Georgetown, KY
System Type:Project 25 Phase II
System Voice:APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
Last Updated:February 23, 2021, 6:03 am ((2) Talkgroups Updated (Public Works))

Important Note

Some talkgroups on this system are using Project 25 Phase II TDMA modulation which can ONLY be monitored using a P25 Phase II compatible scanner.

Please visit the RR Wiki Project 25 page for additional information.

System ID List

System ID   WACN  
HEX: 014   92538  

Misc System Information

Scott County - Countywide Public Safety Communications System (CPSCS)

New countywide P-25 Phase II system on-line as of 28-Jan-2020.

Law enforcement and EMS talkgroups are reported to be encrypted.

As this is a Harris P-25 system, all frequencies are capable of being used as a control channel.

Tower sites at: Lancaster Tower (Georgetown), Woodlake Road Tower, Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Tower, Frogtown Road Tower, KY American Water Tower (Gunnell Road), Porter Road Tower

When fire is dispatched on a call with EMS, they are assigned an incident channel by dispatch

System Frequencies
Red (c) are primary control channels | Blue (a) are alternate control channels | Site Map(s): FCC Callsigns RR Locations

RFSS SiteNameFreqs       
10 (A) 010 (A) Countywide Simulcast854.1125c 855.8875c 856.1375c 856.7125c 856.8875c 857.1375c 857.7125c 857.9625c
      858.0375c 858.4625c 858.9625c 859.4625c 859.8625c 859.9625c    

System Talkgroups
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Scott County EMA and Homeland Security Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2401 961 TE EMA 1 Emergency Management 1  Emergency Ops 
2402 962 TE EMA 2 Emergency Management 2  Emergency Ops 
2403 963 TE EMA 3 Emergency Management 3  Emergency Ops 
2404 964 TE COMMAND Emergency Management Command  Emergency Ops 
2405 965 TE ANNC Emergency Management Announcement  Emergency Ops 

Georgetown-Scott County EMS Talkgroups

Provides EMS services to all of Scott County, including the city of Georgetown.

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2726 aa6 TE GC_HOSP EMS to Georgetown Community Hospital  Hospital 
2727 aa7 T BAPTIST EMS to Central Baptist  Hospital 
2728 aa8 T SJH EMS to St Joseph Hospital  Hospital 
2729 aa9 T SJH_EAST EMS to St Joseph Hospital East  Hospital 
2730 aaa T UKMC EMS to University of KY Medical Center  Hospital 
2731 aab T VA EMS to VA Medical Center (Bowling Campus)  Hospital 
2732 aac T FRANKREG EMS to Frankfort Regional Medical Center  Hospital 
2733 aad T HMH EMS to Harrison Memorial Hospital  Hospital 
2734 aae T BRBNHOSP EMS to Bourbon Community Hospital  Hospital 
2735 aaf T CLARKREG EMS to Clark Regional Medical Center  Hospital 
2301 8fd TE EMS 1 EMS Dispatch  EMS Dispatch 
2302 8fe Te EMS 2 EMS Channel 2  EMS-Tac 

Scott County Sheriff Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2110 83e TE SCSO1 Sheriff Channel 1 - Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
2111 83f TE SCSO2 Sheriff Channel 2 - Info/Records  Law Talk 
2112 840 TE SCSO3 Sheriff Channel 3 - Car2Car  Law Talk 
2113 841 TE SGPD Stamping Ground Police Private  Law Talk 
2114 842 TE TAC1 County Law Enforcement Tactical 1  Law Tac 
2115 843 TE TAC2 County Law Enforcement Tactical 2  Law Tac 
2116 844 T SCDC1 Scott County Detention Center 1 Corrections  Corrections 
2117 845 T COURT1 Court Security & Balilifs 1  Law Talk 
2118 846 T COURT2 Court Security & Balilifs 2  Law Talk 
2119 847 TE SCDC2 Scott County Detention Center 2 Corrections  Corrections 

Georgetown Police Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2101 835 TE GPD1 Police Channel 1 - Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
2102 836 TE GPD2 Police Channel 2 - Info/Records  Law Talk 
2103 837 TE GPD3 Police Channel 3 - Car2Car  Law Tac 
2104 838 TE GPD Tac GPD Operations  Law Tac 
2105 839 TE GPD Tac GPD Operations  Law Tac 
2106 83a TE GPD Ops GPD Operations  Law Talk 
2107 83b TE GPD Ops GPD Operations  Law Tac 

Countywide Fire Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2201 899 Te FDDISP Countywide Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
2202 89a T INCD1 Countywide Fire Incident 1  Multi-Tac 
2203 89b T INCD2 Countywide Fire Incident 2  Multi-Tac 
2204 89c T INCD3 Countywide Fire Incident 3  Multi-Tac 
2205 89d T TRAINING Countywide Fire Training  Fire-Talk 
2206 89e T CHIEFS Countywide Chiefs Conference  Fire-Talk 
2207 89f T GFDTRAIN Georgetown Fire Training  Fire-Talk 
2208 8a0 T SGTRAIN Stamping Ground Fire Training  Fire-Talk 

Georgetown/Scott County Countywide Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2001 7d1 Te OTAR Over the Air Rekey  Data 
2002 7d2 Te MUTUAL 1 Countywide Mutual Aid 1  Interop 
2003 7d3 Te MUTUAL 2 Countywide Mutual Aid 2  Interop 
2004 7d4 Te SCHOOLS Countywide Schools Mutual Aid  Interop 
2005 7d5 TE SC EVENT 1 Countywide Event 1  Interop 
2006 7d6 T SC EVENT 2 Countywide Event 2  Interop 

Public Works Talkgroups

"When Animal Control is responding to a call involving Public Safety such as EMS, Fire, or Law Enforcement they will switch to ANML_2 and will notify 911 of status, report, etc."

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2501 9c5 T SCROADS County Road Department  Public Works 
2502 9c6 T PUBWORKS1 Georgetown Public Works - Ch 1  Public Works 
2503 9c7 T PUBWORKS2 Georgetown Public Works - Ch 2  Public Works 
2504 9c8 T ANML_1 County Animal Care & Control - Ch 1  Public Works 
2505 9c9 T ANML_2 County Animal Care & Control - Ch 2(911 Link)  Public Works 

Interop Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2701 a8d T P_8CAL90 8CALL90 Gateway Interop  Interop 
2702 a8e T P_8TAC91 8TAC91 Gateway Interop  Interop 
2703 a8f T P_VTAC11 VTAC11 Gateway Interop  Interop 
2704 a90 T P_VTAC12 VTAC12 Gateway Interop  Interop 
2705 a91 T P_VTAC13 VTAC13 Gateway Interop  Interop 
2706 a92 T P_VTAC14 VTAC14 Gateway Interop  Interop 
2707 a93 T P_VTAC17 VTAC17 Gateway Interop  Interop 
2708 a94 T P_VMA VMA Gateway Interop  Interop 
2709 a95 T P_VCAL10 VCALL10 Gateway Interop  Interop 
2710 a96 T RS OTAP Over the air Programming  Data 
2712 a98 T HCEMS Harrison County EMS Interop  Interop 
2713 a99 T GRANTEMS Grant County EMS (AMR) Interop  Interop 
2714 a9a T WCEMS Woodford County EMS Interop  Interop 
2715 a9b T OCEMS Owen County EMS Interop  Interop 
2716 a9c T MCEMS Madison County EMS Interop  Interop 
2717 a9d T LEX_FD Lexington Fire Interop  Interop 
2718 a9e T GRANT_FD Grant County Fire Interop  Interop 
2719 a9f T HARR_FD Harrison County Fire Interop  Interop 
2720 aa0 T BRBN_FD Bourbon County Fire Interop  Interop 
2721 aa1 T WOOD_FD Woodford County Fire Interop  Interop 
2722 aa2 T FRANK_FD Franklin County Fire Interop  Interop 
2723 aa3 T FFORT_FD Frankfort City Fire Interop  Interop 
2724 aa4 T OWEN_FD Owen County Fire Interop  Interop 
2725 aa5 T PARIS_FD Paris City Fire Interop  Interop 
2736 ab0 T UKPD University of KY Police Interop  Interop 
2737 ab1 T UKEVT University of KY Event Interop  Interop 
2738 ab2 T FPD Frankfort City Police Interop  Interop 
2739 ab3 T FCSO Franklin County Sheriff Interop  Interop 
2740 ab4 T OCSO Owen County Sheriff Interop  Interop 
2741 ab5 T OPD Owenton City Police Interop  Interop 
2742 ab6 T GCSO Grant County Sheriff Interop  Interop 
2743 ab7 T DRPD Dry Ridge Police Interop  Interop 
2744 ab8 T WTPD Williamstown Police Interop  Interop 
2745 ab9 T HCSO Harrison County Sheriff Interop  Interop 
2746 aba T CPD Cynthiana Police Interop  Interop 
2747 abb T BCSO Bourbon County Sheriff Interop  Interop 
2748 abc T PPD Paris Police Interop  Interop 
2749 abd T WCS Woodford County Sheriff Interop  Interop 
2750 abe T VPD Versailles Police Interop  Interop 

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