Arkansas Wireless Information Network (AWIN)

Site: Craighead County (16) Public Safety

Unique DB ID: 9615
County: Craighead

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 35.8338 Longitude: -90.6509 Range: 37.5 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
164014011D16-CCSO 1 Sheriff: Primary DispatchLaw Dispatch
164024012D16-CCSO 2Sheriff: Secondary DispatchLaw Dispatch
164034013D16-CCSO CARSheriff: Car-to-CarLaw Talk
164044014D16-CCSO TACSheriff: Tactical OperationsLaw Tac
164054015D16-CCSO CIDSheriff: DetectivesLaw Tac
164064016D16-CCSO CRTSSheriff: Court BailiffsLaw Talk
164074017D16-OEM DISPOffice of Emergency Management: DispatchEmergency Ops
164084018D16-OEM JUDGEOffice of Emergency Management: JudgeEmergency Ops
164094019D16-OEM MAYOROffice of Emergency Management: MayorEmergency Ops
16410401aD16-OEM FIREOffice of Emergency Management: Fire CommonEmergency Ops
16412401cD16-OEM MEDOffice of Emergency Management: Med ControlEmergency Ops
16413401dD16-OEM TAC1Office of Emergency Management: Tactical 1Emergency Ops
16414401eD16-OEM TAC2Office of Emergency Management: Tactical 2Emergency Ops
16415401fD16-OEM TAC3Office of Emergency Management: Tactical 3Emergency Ops
164544046D16-FIRECOMMCountywide Fire CommonFire-Tac
164574049D16-BAY PDBay Police: ProprietaryLaw Talk
16458404aD16-BLK OK PDBlack Oak Police: ProprietaryLaw Talk
16459404bD16-BONO PDBono Police: ProprietaryLaw Talk
16460404cD16-BRKLND PDBrookland Police: ProprietaryLaw Talk
16461404dD16-CARWAY PDCarway Police: ProprietaryLaw Talk
16462404eD16-CASH PDCash Police: ProprietaryLaw Talk
16463404fD16-EGYPT PDEgypt Police: ProprietaryLaw Talk
164644050D16-LK CTY PDLake City Police: ProprietaryLaw Talk
164654051D16-MONET PDMonet PPolice: ProprietaryLaw Talk
164664052D16-OEM TAC4Office of Emergency Management: Tactical 4Emergency Ops
164674053D16-OEM TAC5Office of Emergency Management: Tactical 5Emergency Ops