United States Department of Defense (14C)

Site: Marine Corps Base Quantico

Unique DB ID: 9508
County: Prince William

Marine Corps Base Quantico is located near Triangle, Virginia, covering nearly 55,148 acres. It is home the Marine Officer Candidate School, Marine Corps Brig, FBI Academy and the DEA

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 38.5138 Longitude: -77.3112 Range: 5 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
320067d06DQuan 32006Unknown (active 10/29/12; calling "Weapons Station")Military
320077d07DQuan 32007Unknown (active 10/29/12)Military
321017d65DQuanPMOProvost MarshalMilitary
321027d66DQuanPMO Tac1Provost Marshal Tac 1Military
321037d67DQuanPMO Tac2Provost Marshal Tac 2Military
321067d6aDQuanPMO32106Provost Marshal AlternateMilitary
321097d6dDQuanPMO AIUProvost Marshal Accident Investigation Unit (AIU) TacMilitary
321107d6eDQuanPMO SRTProvost Marshal Special Reaction Team (SRT)Military
322007dc8DQuanFDAllCalFire All CallFire-Talk
322017dc9DQuanFD A DspFire Ch. A DispatchFire Dispatch
322027dcaDQuanFD B RspFire Ch. B ResponseFire Dispatch
322037dcbDQuanFD C In1Fire Ch. C Incident 1Fire-Tac
322047dccDQuanFD D In2Fire Ch. D Incident 2Fire-Tac
322057dcdDQuanFD E In3Fire Ch. E Incident 3Fire-Tac
322067dceDQuanFD F In4Fire Ch. F Incident 4Fire-Tac
322087dd0DQuanFD PrevFire PreventionFire-Tac
322097dd1DQuanFD I In7Fire Ch. I Incident 7Fire-Tac
322107dd2DQuanFD G In5Fire Ch. G Incident 5Fire-Tac
322117dd3DQuanFD J In8Fire Ch. J Incident 8Fire-Tac
322127dd4DQuanFD H In6Fire Ch. H Incident 6Fire-Tac
322137dd5DQuanFD 32213Fire Fire-Tac
322147dd6DQuanFD 32214FireFire-Tac
322157dd7DQuanFD 32215FireFire-Tac
322997e2bDQuanFD 911Fire Radio 911Fire Dispatch
323107e36DQuan RoadMstBase RoadmastersMilitary
323167e3cDQuan Rnge316Range/Officer of the DayMilitary
323177e3dDQuan TBS 317The Basic SchoolMilitary
323517e5fDQuan Rnge351Range ControlMilitary
323567e64DQuan Rnge356Range ControlMilitary
324047e94DQuan 32404Airfield Security?Military
324247ea8DQuanAirfieldAirfield (some encryption)Military
328018021DQuan RC 801Range ControlMilitary
328038023DQuan Rnge803RangeMilitary
328508052DQuan TranspMotor Pool/Transportation/School BusesMilitary
329018085DQuan TBS 901The Basic SchoolMilitary
329028086DQuan TBS 902The Basic SchoolMilitary
329038087DQuan TBS 903The Basic SchoolMilitary
329128090DQuan SpecEvtSpecial Events (some encryption)Military
329138091DQuan SpecEvtSpecial Events (some encryption)Military