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Site: Peterson Space Force Base

Unique DB ID: 9241
County: El Paso

Peterson Space Force Base is operated by the 21st Space Wing headquarters is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The 21st SW is the Air Force's most geographically-dispersed wing, and the fourth largest wing in the Air Force by number of units

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Latitude: 38.8200 Longitude: -104.7008 Range: 15 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
89059DPSFB 302 AMS302nd AMS Hydraulic ShopMilitary
9205cDPSFB 302 CP302 AW Command PostMilitary
99063DPSFB FlghtlnFlight LineMilitary
400019c41DEPSFB SecFor1Security ForcesMilitary
400029c42DEPSFB SecFor2Security Forces Tactical 2Military
400039c43DEPSFB SecFor3Security Forces Tactical 3Military
400049c44DEPSFB SecFor4Security Forces Tactical 4Military
400079c47DPSFB SecForSecurity ForcesMilitary
400109c4aDPSFB PreventPreventionMilitary
400169c50DPSFB FD DispFire Dispatch "Alarms"Military
400179c51DPSFB CFRFire CrashMilitary
400209c54DPSFB RescueRescue Units DispatchMilitary
400319c5fDPSFB RepairRepair OperationsMilitary
400349c62DPSFB TowerTowerMilitary
400359c63DPSFB EOCEOC DirectorMilitary
400519c73DPSFB EMS 1EMS 1Military
400559c77DPSFB EMS 2EMS 2Military
400669c82DPSFB MaintenBuilding MaintenanceMilitary
400719c87DPSFB WaterWater DepartmentMilitary
400829c92DPSFB Gates 1Gate UnitsMilitary
400839c93DPSFB Gates 2Gate Units - Tac 2Military
400879c97DPSFB FD DispFire DispatchMilitary
401049ca8DPSFB OpsBase Ops?Military
401329cc4DPSFB OpsBase OpsMilitary
401349cc6DPSFB FuelFuels BranchMilitary
401509cd6DPSFB Alarm MAlarm MaintenanceMilitary
42020a424DPSFB DisastrDisaster NetMilitary