Michigan's Public Safety Communications System (MPSCS)

Site: St. Joseph County (75)

Unique DB ID: 907
County: St. Joseph

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 41.9259 Longitude: -85.5171 Range: 19 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1377561D75LEINL.E.I.N.Law Talk
1379563D75COMCounty CommonLaw Talk
3092c14D75DRUGCountywide Narcotics Enforcement CommonLaw Tac
3237ca5D75P911Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
3611e1bD75STURGHEMS to Sturgis HospitalHospital
3667e53D75LAW1Police TactialLaw Tac
3671e57D75F02Three Rivers Fire Dept.Fire-Tac
3672e58D75F03Fabius Park Fire Dept.Fire-Tac
3673e59D75F04Constantine Fire Dept.Fire-Tac
3674e5aD75F05White Pigeon Fire Dept.Fire-Tac
3675e5bD75F06Tri-Township Fire Dept.Fire-Tac
3677e5dD75F09Colon Fire Dept Fire Dept.Fire-Tac
3678e5eD75F11Leonidas Fire Dept.Fire-Tac
3680e60D75F911Fire/EMS Dispatch (Patched with 151.2125 MHz)Fire Dispatch
3681e61D75SPEV1Countywide Special EventsMulti-Tac
3687e67D75P175Sheriff ProprietaryLaw Talk
231815a8dD75ALLCALLAll Call PagingFire Dispatch
232835af3D75F03PGFabius Park Fire Dept. PagingFire Dispatch
233305b22D75F09PGColon Fire PagingFire Dispatch
233325b24D75F12PGMendon Fire PagingFire Dispatch
233675b47D75F04PGConstantine Fire Dept. PagingFire Dispatch
233685b48D75FE04PGConstantine Fire Dept. Medical PagingFire Dispatch
233755b4fD75VSVCPGVictim Services PagingFire Dispatch
233815b55D75F02ODPGThree Rivers On Duty Fire PagingFire Dispatch
233825b56D75F02GPGThree Rivers General Fire PagingFire Dispatch
233845b58D75F07PGSturgis Fire PagingFire Dispatch
233865b5aD75F07OCPGSturgis Fire On Call PagingFire Dispatch
234035b6bD75F05PGWhite Pigeon Fire PagingFire Dispatch
234305b86D75F01PGCentreville Fire PagingFire Dispatch
234315b87D75F06PGTri-Township Fire PagingFire Dispatch