Michigan's Public Safety Communications System (MPSCS)

Site: Ingham County (33) Law Enforcement

Unique DB ID: 821
County: Ingham

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 42.5863 Longitude: -84.3746 Range: 20 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12407cD33ICMAINIngham County Police MainLaw Dispatch
12507dD33ICTACCounty Sheriff Car-to-CarLaw Talk
12607eDE33ICOPSIngham County OperationsLaw Tac
12707fDE33ICJ1Ingham Jail 1Corrections
128080DE33ICJ2Ingham Jail 2Corrections
129081DE33COURTIngham CourtsCorrections
130082DE33TRANSIC Sheriff Jail TransportsCorrections
131083DE33ICSODBIC Sheriff DetectivesLaw Tac
132084D33LANORTHLansing Police Main NorthLaw Dispatch
133085DE33LANOPSLansing Police Operations NorthLaw Tac
134086D33LASOUTHLansing Police Main SouthLaw Dispatch
135087DE33LASOPSLansing Police Operations SouthLaw Tac
136088DE33LAJAILLansing Police JailCorrections
137089DE33START1Lansing Police START channel 1Law Tac
13808aDE33START2Lansing Police START channel 2Law Tac
13908bD33ELMSUEast Lansing Police/MSU Police MainLaw Dispatch
14008cD33ELPTACEast Lansing Police Car-to-CarLaw Talk
14108dDE33SRT1Special Response Team 1Law Tac
14208eDE33SRT2Special Response Team 2Law Tac
144090D33MSUDBPolice Detective Bureau at MSULaw Tac
146092D33MSUSPEVSpecial Event at MSUInterop
152098D33ACMAINIngham County Animal Control MainLaw Talk
153099D33ACTACIngham County Animal Control Car-to-CarLaw Talk
15409aDE33ICFOCIngham County Friend of the CourtLaw Talk
15609cD33LTPTACLansing Twp Police Car-to-CarLaw Talk
15709dD33MTTACMeridian Twp Police Car-to-CarLaw Talk
15809eD33MAPTACMason Police Car-to-CarLaw Talk
15909fD33LSPTACLeslie Police Car-to-CarLaw Talk
1600a0D33STPTACStockbridge Police Car-to-CarLaw Talk
1610a1D33WLPTACWilliamston Police Car-to-CarLaw Talk
1630a3D33MSUTACPolice Car-to-Car with MSU PoliceLaw Tac
2200dcDE33ELMOPSEast Lansing Police / MSU Police TacLaw Tac
2220deD33LANPEV1Lansing Police Event 1Law Talk
12104baD33P911Police Mutual Aid to Ingham 9-1-1 CenterLaw Tac
12594ebDE33LEINIngham Co LEIN Law Talk
12644f0DE33SOS1Lansing Police - Sting OpsLaw Tac
12654f1DE33SOS2Lansing Police - Sting OpsLaw Tac
12664f2DE33SOS3Lansing Police - Sting OpsLaw Tac