Michigan's Public Safety Communications System (MPSCS)

Site: Emmet County (24)

Unique DB ID: 811
County: Emmet

 The Cheboygan - Charlevoix - Emmet (CCE) 9-1-1 Central Dispatch handles all radio traffic throughout the county.

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 45.5132 Longitude: -84.8909 Range: 21 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
40971001D24TRIBETribal PoliceLaw Dispatch
4171104bD24P911Emmet County Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
4204106cD24COMCountywide Common (Mutual Aid all agencies)Interop
4219107bD24SWATSheriff - Special Weapons and Tactics UnitLaw Tac
42411091D24LTBHDLittle Traverse Bay Odawa Indians Health DeptEMS-Talk
434610faD24EMSEMS AdminEMS-Talk
454711c3D24E911EMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
46241210D24PG46Resort Bear Creek Fire and Rescue Fire PagingFire Dispatch
46621236D24RCEmmet County Road CommissionPublic Works
46641238D24FG41Alanson Fire and Rescue FiregroundFire-Tac
46651239D24FG42Carp Lake Area Fire and Rescue FiregroundFire-Tac
4666123aD24FG43Harbor Springs Area Fire Department FiregroundFire-Tac
4667123bD24FG44Pellston Fire Department FiregroundFire-Tac
4668123cD24FG45Petoskey Department of Public Safety FiregroundFire-Tac
4669123dD24FG46Resort Bear Creek Fire and Rescue FiregroundFire-Tac
4670123eD24FG47Springvale Township Fire Department FiregroundFire-Tac
4671123fD24FG48Readmond Friendship Fire and Rescue FiregroundFire-Tac
46721240D24FG49Birchwood Country Club FiregroundFire-Tac
46761244D24JAILCounty JailLaw Talk
46941256D24PG41Alanson Fire PageFire Dispatch
46951257D24PG41Alanson Fire and Rescue PagingFire Dispatch
46961258D24PG42ACarp Lake Fire Page AFire Dispatch
46971259D24PG42BCarp Lake Fire Page BFire Dispatch
4698125aD24PG43Harbor Springs Fire PageFire Dispatch
4699125bD24PG44Pellston Fire PageFire Dispatch
4700125cD24PG44FRPellston First Responder PageEMS Dispatch
4701125dD24PG45Petoskey City Fire PageFire Dispatch
4702125eD45MEDPGPetoskey EMS and PSO PageFire Dispatch
4703125fD24PGF46Bear Creek ResortFire Dispatch
47041260D24PG46Resort Bear Creek Fire and Rescue PagingFire Dispatch
47051261D24PG47Springvale Township Fire Department PagingFire Dispatch
47061262D24PG48MRReadmond/Friendship First Responders (MFR Paging)Fire Dispatch
47071263D24PG49Birchwood Country Club First Responders PageFire Dispatch
47231273D24PG40Emmet EMS PageEMS Dispatch
502813a4DCCE911Mutual AidInterop
510113edD24NMHMcLaren Northern Michigan HospitalHospital
5214145eD24F911Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
52161460D24PTACEmmet County Sheriff TACLaw Tac
5279149fD24SPEV4Special Events 4Interop
528014a0D24FIRECounty FireFire Dispatch
529314adD24FADM41Alanson Fire AdminFire-Talk
529514afD24HSFDHarbor Springs FireFire-Talk
537114fbD24WALRMWater Department AlarmsData
53791503DEFRTRANSEmmet Friendship Center Transportation BusTransportation
1324033b8D24PG911ACAll Call Paging (Severe WX Alerting)Fire Dispatch
1324133b9D24PG48Readmond Friendship PageFire Dispatch
1400236b2D24OEMEmmet County Office of Emergency Mgmt.Emergency Ops
1401136bbDTRICOEMCCE Races/Emergency ManagementInterop
1401336bdDeTRICOEMBCCE Races/Emergency Management SecondaryInterop
1402236c6D24PGDVTMEmmet County Dive Team PageEMS Dispatch