Michigan's Public Safety Communications System (MPSCS)

Site: Berrien County (11) Law Enforcement

Unique DB ID: 795
County: Berrien

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 41.9849 Longitude: -86.5105 Range: 24 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3039bdfDE11DRUGCountywide Narcotics Enforcement CommonLaw Tac
3122c32D11P911Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
3123c33D11PSLEINLEIN SouthLaw Talk
3124c34DE11P111APolice Tactical "11 Sheriff"Law Talk
3133c3dDE11DETDetectivesLaw Tac
3256cb8D11PNLEINLEIN NorthLaw Talk
3258cbaD11PD276Buchanan Police ProprietaryLaw Talk
3259cbbD11PD766Lincoln Twp. Police TacticalLaw Talk
3260cbcD11PD877St. Joseph Twp. Police ProprietaryLaw Talk
3275ccbD11PD324Coloma/Watervliet Police TacticalLaw Talk
3277ccdD11PD810Watervliet Police ProprietaryLaw Talk
3278cceD11PD853Coloma Twp. Police ProprietaryLaw Talk
3288cd8D11PD268Bridgman Police TacticalLaw Talk
3289cd9D11PD871Chickaming Twp. Police ProprietaryLaw Talk
3291cdbD11PD579Grand Beach / Michiana Police ProprietaryLaw Talk
3292cdcD11PD611New Buffalo Police TacticalLaw Talk
3293cddD11PD779Three Oaks Police TacticalLaw Talk
3319cf7D11PD252Berrien Springs Police TacticalLaw Talk
3322cfaD11DPS721St. Joseph Public Safety ProprietaryLaw Dispatch
3419d5bD11BOATSheriff Dept. Marine PatrolLaw Talk
3583dffD11PD248Benton Harbor Police ProprietaryLaw Talk
3770ebaD11COURTCourthouse SecurityLaw Talk
3771ebbD11PD249Benton Twp. Police ProprietaryLaw Talk
3977f89D11PROBProbation Dept./TetherLaw Talk
3983f8fD11METNOMetro North OperationsLaw Talk
1302532e1D324PTACColoma/Watervliet Police TacticalLaw Talk
1302632e2D11P619Niles City Police [patched to 453.975]Law Dispatch
132013391D11FOCFriend of the CourtLaw Talk