STARCOM21 Statewide Illinois

Site: Illinois Statewide Interoperability Template (SWIT)

Unique DB ID: 7240
County: Statewide

Former Illinois Terrorism Task Force (ITTF) talkgroups
Illinois Incident Management Team (IL-IMT) holds a radio communications exercise (net) on the first Tuesday of each month at 10:05am on talkgroup (30340).

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 39.8100 Longitude: -89.2450 Range: 202.247 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
59611749DEIL Secure All A1Secure 1 - All Disciplines [IL-SEC A1] (former SECURE1)Multi-Tac
5962174aDEIL Secure All A2Secure 2 - All Disciplines [IL-SEC A2] (former SECURE2)Multi-Tac
5963174bDEIL Secure All A3Secure 3 - All Disciplines [IL-SEC A3] (former SECURE3)Multi-Tac
5964174cDEIL Secure All A4Secure 4 - All Disciplines [IL-SEC A4] (former SECURE4)Multi-Tac
5965174dDEIL Secure All A5Secure 5 - All Disciplines [IL-SEC A5] (former SECURE5)Multi-Tac
5966174eDEIL Secure All ASecure 6 - All Disciplines [IL-SEC A6] (former SECURE6)Multi-Tac
5967174fDEIL Secure Law 9Secure Law 9 - Law Enforcement [IL-SECLAW9] (former SECURE7)Law Tac
59681750DEIL Secure Law 10Secure Law 10 - Law Enforcement [IL-SECLAW10] (former SECURE8)Law Tac
59691751DEIL Secure Law 7Secure Law 7 - Law Enforcement [IL-SECLAW7] (former SECLAW1)Law Tac
59701752DEIL Secure Law 8Secure Law 8 - Law Enforcement [IL-SECLAW8] (former SECLAW2)Law Tac
59711753DEIL Secure Fire11Secure Fire 11 - Fire Agencies [IL-SECFIRE11] (former SECFIRE1)Fire-Tac
59721754DEIL Secure Fire12Secure Fire 12 - Fire Agencies [IL-SECFIRE12] (former SECFIRE2)Fire-Tac
59731755DEIL Secure EMA 13Secure EMA 13 - Emergency Management [IL-SECEMA13] (former SECEMA1)Emergency Ops
59741756DEIL Secure EMA 14Secure EMA 14 - Emergency Management [IL-SECEMA14] (former SECEMA2)Emergency Ops
59751757DEIL Secure DOT 15Secure DOT 15 - Transportation [IL-SECDOT15] (former SECDOT1)Public Works
59761758DEIL Secure DOT 16Secure DOT 16 - Transportation [IL-SECDOT16] (former SECDOT2)Public Works
30300765cDIL EMA CallingEmergency Management Calling (former Northern Zone: Operations A)Interop
30301765dDIL Incident A15Incident A15 - Disaster Response [IL-INC A15] (former Central Zone: Ops A)Emergency Ops
30302765eDIL 102A CallingIllinois 102A [IL-102A] (former Southern Zone: Operations A / R.A.C.E.S. Net)Interop
30303765fDIL Incident A6Incident A6 - Disaster Response [IL-INC A6] (former Region 2A - Northwest)Emergency Ops
303047660DIL Region 2 CallRegion 2 [IL-RGN 2] (former 2B - Northwest)Interop
303057661DIL Incident A7Incident A7 - Disaster Response [IL-INC A7] (former Region 3A - North Central)Emergency Ops
303067662DIL Region 3 CallRegion 3 [IL-RGN 3] (former 3B - North Central / NWS Chicago to local agencies)Interop
303077663DIL Incident A8Incident A8 - Disaster Response [IL-INC A8] (former Region 4A - Northeast)Emergency Ops
303207670DIL Region 4 CallRegion 4 [IL-RGN 4] (former 4B - Northeast)Interop
303217671DIL Incident A9Incident A9 - Disaster Response [IL-INC A9] (former Region 6A - West)Emergency Ops
303227672DIL Region 6 CallRegion 6 [IL-RGN 6] (former 6B - West)Interop
303237673DIL Incident A10Incident A10 - Disaster Response [IL-INC A10] (former Region 7A - East)Emergency Ops
303247674DIL Region 7 CallRegion 7 [IL-RGN 7] (former 7B - East / NWS Lincoln to local agencies)Interop
303257675DIL Incident A11Incident A11 - Disaster Response [IL-INC A11] (former Region 8A - Southwest)Emergency Ops
303267676DIL Region 8 CallRegion 8 [IL-RGN 8] (former 8B - Southwest)Interop
303277677D*ITTF AnnouncAnnouncements [No longer listed in some document]Interop
303287678DIllinois CallingIllinois Calling - Statewide [IL-CALL] (former IESMA Statewide)Emergency Ops
30332767cDIL Incident A1Incident A1 - Disaster Response [IL-INC A1] (former INCIDENT1)Emergency Ops
30333767dDIL Incident A2Incident A2 - Disaster Response [IL-INC A2] (former INCIDENT2)Emergency Ops
30334767eDIL Incident A3Incident A3 - Disaster Response [IL-INC A3] (former INCIDENT3)Emergency Ops
30335767fDIL Incident A12Incident A12 - Disaster Response [IL-INC A12] (former Region 9A - Southeast)Emergency Ops
303367680DIL Region 9 CallRegion 9 [IL-RGN 9] (former 9B - Southeast)Interop
303377681DIL Incident A13Incident A13 - Disaster Response [IL-INC A13] (former Region 11A - South)Emergency Ops
303387682DIL Region11 CallRegion 11 [IL-RGN 11] (former 11B - South)Interop
303397683DIPWMAN CallingIllinois Public Works Mutual Aid Network Calling [IPWMAN]Public Works
303407684DIL Incident A4Incident A4 - Disaster Response [IL-INC A4] (former INCIDENT4)Emergency Ops
303417685DIL Incident A5Incident A5 - Disaster Response [IL-INC A5] (former INCIDENT5)Emergency Ops
303427686DIL Incident A14Incident A14 - Disaster Response [IL-INC A14] (former Northern Zone: Ops B)Emergency Ops
303437687DIL Incident A16Incident A16 - Disaster Response [IL-INC A16] (former Central Zone: Ops B)Emergency Ops
303447688DIL 102B CallingIllinois 102B [IL-102B] (former Southern Zone: Operations B)Interop
3710890f4DIL Incident B1Incident B1 - Disaster Response [IL-INC B1]Emergency Ops
3710990f5DIL Incident B2Incident B2 - Disaster Response [IL-INC B2]Emergency Ops
3711090f6DIL Incident B3Incident B3 - Disaster Response [IL-INC B3]Emergency Ops
3711190f7DIL Incident B4Incident B4 - Disaster Response [IL-INC B4]Emergency Ops
3711290f8DIL Incident B5Incident B5 - Disaster Response [IL-INC B5]Emergency Ops
3711390f9DIL Incident B6Incident B6 - Disaster Response [IL-INC B6]Emergency Ops
3711490faDIL Incident B7Incident B7 - Disaster Response [IL-INC B7]Emergency Ops
3711590fbDIL Incident B8Incident B8 - Disaster Response [IL-INC B8]Emergency Ops
3711690fcDIL Incident B9Incident B9 - Disaster Response [IL-INC B9]Emergency Ops
3711790fdDIL Incident B10Incident B10 - Disaster Response [IL-INC B10]Emergency Ops
3711890feDIL Incident B11Incident B11 - Disaster Response [IL-INC B11]Emergency Ops
3711990ffDIL Incident B12Incident B12 - Disaster Response [IL-INC B12]Emergency Ops
371209100DIL Incident B13Incident B13 - Disaster Response [IL-INC B13]Emergency Ops
371219101DIL Incident B14Incident B14 - Disaster Response [IL-INC B14]Emergency Ops
371229102DIL Incident B15Incident B15 - Disaster Response [IL-INC B15]Emergency Ops
371239103DIL Incident B16Incident B16 - Disaster Response [IL-INC B16]Emergency Ops