DowDuPont Plants

Site: Operations

Unique DB ID: 6656

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 43.6156 Longitude: -84.2450 Range: 10 Type: Inherited (System)


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2080d0AHelp 1HHelp [HELP 1H] - Security LiaisonSecurity
528210A1604 Bldg1604 BldgBusiness
560230A1602 Bldg Analyt1602 Bldg Analytical ScienceBusiness
592250ASulfonamides 969969 Building SulfonamidesBusiness
624270A1702 Bldg1702 BldgBusiness
1296510A574 Bldg Alert574 Bldg AlertBusiness
19687b0AResearch AResearch ABusiness
20007d0AResearch BResearch BBusiness
20327f0AResearch CResearch CBusiness
2128850A1712 Bldg1712 BldgBusiness
2864b30ACraft Service 1ACraft Service (Ch. 1A) - CranesBusiness
3056bf0ALatex 1A - 743Latex 1A - 743Business
3088c10ALatex 1B - 743Latex 1B - 743Business
3248cb0A433B Warden433 Bldg. - Safety WardenBusiness
4048fd0APhenoxy HerbicidPhenoxy Herbicides - 948Business
41761050AEthocel Ch2Ethocel Ch2 - 298Business
42081070AEthocel Ch3Ethocel Ch3 - 298Business
42401090AEthocel Ch4Ethocel Ch4 - 298Business
433610f0ALarkin Labs -100Larkin Labs - 100Business
44641170APower ANC499 Bldg - Power ANCBusiness
44961190A499 Bldg - Power499 Bldg - Power Energy & UtilitiesBusiness
456011d0AUDS EDM - 499499 Bldg EDM-UDS Energy & Utilities (Ch. 3)Business
507213d0A954 Area 1A954 Area - Area COMM (Ch. 1A)Business
510413f0A954 Chem Dist.1B954 Bldg - Chemical Distribution (Ch. 1B)Business
51361410A954 Chem Dist 1C954 Bldg - Chemical Distribution (Ch. 1C)Business
536014f0A845B Pilot 1A845 Bldg - Pilot Plant (Ch. 1A)Business
54881570ASpecialty Mon 1A1130 Bldg - Specialty Monomers (Ch. 1A)Business
55201590ASpecialty Mon 1BSpecialty Monomers 1BBusiness
57441670AIonEx. CopolymerIon Exchange Copolymer - 774Business
60001770A180 Rail Service180 Rail Service Dispatch (Ch. 1A)Business
60321790ARail MaintenanceRail MaintenanceBusiness
606417b0A180 Rail 1C180 Rail Service Admin (Ch. 1C)Business
609617d0A180 Rail 1D180 Rail Service Track (Ch. 1D)Business
612817f0ARail Track FRail Track FBusiness
61601810A180 Rail 1G180 Rail Service Track (Ch. 1G)Business
61921830A180 Rail 1I180 Rail Service Track (Ch. 1I)Business
62561870AAgroscience 1Agroscience 1 - 827Business
62881890AAgroscience 2Agroscience 2 - 827Business
632018b0AAgroscience 3 Agroscience 3 - 827Business
635218d0AAgroscience 4Agroscience 4 - 827Business
64161910ABldg 1 Pharm 1ABuilding 1 Pharmaceutical - 1ABusiness
64481930ABldg 1 Pharm 1BBuilding 1 Pharmaceutical - 1BBusiness
657619b0ASaran 1ASaran 1A - 564Business
68001a90AGarlon 1A - 1233Garlon 1A - 1233Business
74401d10ASpltyIntermedt1A941 BLDG - Specialty Intermediates (Ch. 1A)Business
77601e50AAg MultiproductsAgricultural Multiproducts - 680Business
77921e70AAg Multiprodct1BAgricultural Multiproducts 1B - 680Business
80801f90AHerbicide FormulHerbicide FormulationBusiness
82402030AMethocel 1AMethocel 1A - 1131Business
82722050AMethocel 1BMethocel 1B - 1131Business
894422f0APolySty Alert 12Polystyrene Alert Ch. 12 - 433Business
89762310APolySty Ops APolystyrene Ch. 2 Ops A - 433Business
92642430APolySty 11 RailPolystyrene Ch. 11 - Rail Ops - 433Business
95202530ADursban - 858Dursban - 858Business
97442610A1603 Bldg1603 BldgBusiness
100962770AA.E.M. BCB PlantA.E.M. BCB Plant - 768Business
1019227d0AGeneral TruckingGeneral TruckingBusiness
1022427f0ARoad and YardRoad and YardBusiness
108962a90AAnalyticalSupprtAnalytical SupportBusiness
109282ab0ATeam Industrial Team Industrial ServiceBusiness
112482bf0AWarehouse - 561Warehouse - 561Business
112802c10APower 499 Bldg.Power 499 Bldg.Business
117922e10ASulfonamidesEastSulfonamides EastBusiness
121122f50ASp. Monomers 845Specialty Monomers - 845Business
123363030ARemediation - 25Remediation - 25Business
123683050ARiver RemediateRiver RemediationBusiness
124323090APhenoxy 948-1Phenoxy 948-1Business
1246430b0APhenoxy 948-2Phenoxy 948-2Business
1249630d0APhenoxy 948-3Phenoxy 948-3Business
302887650APharma 1200 Pharma 1200 BuildingBusiness