COIRS (Central Ohio Interoperable Radio System)

Site: Delaware County Law Enforcement

Unique DB ID: 5919
County: Delaware

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 40.2899 Longitude: -82.9951 Range: 16.5 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100022712DSO DISP 1Sheriff Dispatch primaryLaw Dispatch
100032713DSO DISP 2Sheriff Dispatch alternateLaw Dispatch
100042714DCOPD DSP 1Local law dispatch primaryLaw Dispatch
100052715DCOPD DSP 2Local law dispatch alternateLaw Dispatch
100072717DSRTStrategic Response TeamLaw Tac
100082718DEPD TACPolice tacticalLaw Tac
100092719DSO ADMINSheriff administrationLaw Talk
10010271aDSO DETECSheriff detectivesLaw Talk
10011271bDJAILCounty jailLaw Talk
10012271cDCOURTCourthouse securityLaw Talk
10014271eDLEERNPatch to 154.935Law Talk
10015271fDCNTY TAC 1Countywide law interoperabilityLaw Tac
100162720DCNTY TAC 2Countywide law interoperabilityLaw Tac
100172721DLAW MUTUALCountywide law interoperabilityLaw Talk
100182722DCITY DISPDelaware City PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
100192723DCITY TAC 1Delaware City PD car to car/tacticalLaw Tac
100202724DCITY TAC 2Delaware City PD car to car/tacticalLaw Tac
100232727DCITY ADMINDelaware City PD AdminLaw Talk
100242728DCITY DETECDelaware City PD detectivesLaw Talk
100252729DPOWELL DISPPowell Police dispatchLaw Dispatch
10026272aDPOWELL DETECPowell Police detectivesLaw Talk
10027272bDGENOA PDGenoa Twp PD localLaw Talk
10028272cDSUNBURY PDSunbury PD localLaw Talk
10029272dDASHLEY PDAshley PD localLaw Talk
10030272eDSHAWNEE PDShawnee Hills PD localLaw Talk
10031272fDOSTRANDER PDOstrander PD localLaw Talk
100322730DOWUOhio Wesleyan Univ. Security/Police OperationsLaw Talk