COIRS (Central Ohio Interoperable Radio System)

Site: Common

Unique DB ID: 5917
County: Systemwide

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 40.1800 Longitude: -83.0100 Range: 22 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100062716DSO-FDSheriff-Fire commonMulti-Tac
100212725DPD-FD 1Police-Fire common 1Multi-Tac
100222726DPD-FD 2Police-Fire common 2Multi-Tac
100332731DEVENT 1Special Events 1Multi-Talk
100342732DEVENT 2Special Events 2Multi-Talk
100352733DEVENT 3Special Events 3Multi-Talk
100362734DEVENT 4Special Events 4Multi-Talk
10043273bDMAYDAYMaydayEmergency Ops
100482740DSP-OPS 1Special operations (training, etc) 1Multi-Talk
100492741DSP-OPS 2Special operations (training, etc) 2Multi-Talk
100502742DSP-OPS 3Special operations (training, etc) 3Multi-Talk
100512743DSP-OPS 4Special operations (training, etc) 4Multi-Talk
10060274cDOPS-1Operations 1Multi-Talk
100722758DOPS-2Operations 2Multi-Talk
10078275eDOPS-3Operations 3Multi-Talk
100852765DOPS-4Operations 4Multi-Talk
10091276bDOPS-5Operations 5Multi-Talk
10094276eDTRAINING 1Training 1Multi-Talk
100972771DTRAINING 2Training 2Multi-Talk
101002774DPATCH 1Patch 1Interop
101032777DPATCH 2Patch 2Interop
1022427f0DFD ALERTIntersystem Mutual Aid HailingFire Dispatch
102632817DMT CARMEL LCEMS to Mount Carmel Lewis Center ERHospital
102642818DOHIO HEALTH LCEMS to Ohio Health Lewis Center ERHospital
102652819DCHILDRENS LCEMS to Childrens Lewis Center ERHospital
10266281aDOHIOHEALTH PWLEMS to OhioHealth Powell ERHospital