Site: Police

Unique DB ID: 5583
County: Hartford

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 41.7647 Longitude: -72.6798 Range: 5 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3600-044APD NarcoticsNarcoticsLaw Tac
3700-045APD DetectivesDetectivesLaw Tac
4000-050APD DetectivesDetectivesLaw Talk
76405-154APD All-TalkAnnoucementLaw Dispatch
78406-020APD All CallAll CallLaw Dispatch
78506-021APD NorthPatrol NorthLaw Dispatch
78606-022APD SouthPatrol SouthLaw Dispatch
78706-023APD Info 1PD Info 1Law Tac
78806-024APD Det/Info2Detectives/Info 2Law Tac
78906-025APD SpeclEvn1Special Events 1Law Tac
79006-026APD Car/Car NCar to Car NorthLaw Tac
79106-027APD Tactical 1Tactical 1Law Tac
79206-030APD SupervisrSupervisorsLaw Talk
79406-032APD Tactical 2Tactical 2Law Tac
79506-033APD Surveil 1Surveillance 1Law Talk
79606-034APD Car/Car SCar to Car SouthLaw Tac
79706-035AHtfrd GuidesHartford Guides Security AllianceLaw Talk
79906-037APD Shoot TFShooting Task ForceLaw Tac
80106-041APD Maj CrimeMajor Crime UnitLaw Talk
80206-042APD EvidenceEvidentiary Services DivisionLaw Talk
80306-043APD Narcotic 1Narcotics Unit 1Law Tac
80506-045APD JuvenileJuvenile UnitLaw Tac
80806-050APD Surveil 2Surveillance 2Law Talk
80906-051APD Surveil 3Surveillance 3Law Talk
81006-052APD ATTFAuto Theft Task ForceLaw Tac
81406-056APD Surveil 4Surveillance 4Law Talk
81706-061APD Narcotic 2Narcotics Unit 2Law Tac
81806-062APD MarineUMarine Unit Law Talk
82006-064APD Surveil 7Surveillance 7Law Talk
82206-066APD Roll CallRoll Call (TGs Varies)Law Talk
82506-071APD Surveil 8Surveillance 8Law Talk
82706-073APD Intel 2Intelligence Division 2 Law Talk
82806-074APD Surveil 9Surveillance 9Law Talk
82906-075APD Surveil10Surveillance 10Law Talk
83306-081APD SWATSWAT UnitLaw Tac
83506-083APD SpeclEvn2Special Events 2Law Tac
84106-091APD WreckersWreckersLaw Talk
84206-092APD ATF-TFHartford PD/ATF Task ForceLaw Talk
85306-105APD RadioSrv1Radio Service 1Law Talk
85706-111APD Narcotic 3Narcotics Unit 3Law Tac
85906-113APD Surveil11Surveillance 11Law Talk
86106-115APD ViceVice UnitLaw Tac
86206-116APD AutoTheftAuto Theft Task ForceLaw Talk
86306-117APD Surveil12Surveillance 12Law Talk
86506-121APD InfoGeneral Info Law Talk
86706-123APD TrainingTrainingLaw Tac
86806-124ABlockWatch NBlock Watch NorthLaw Tac
86906-125ABlockWatch SBlock Watch SouthLaw Tac
87006-126APD Tactical 3Tactical 3Law Talk
87206-130APD RadioSrv2Radio Service 2Law Talk
90007-004APD Narcotic 4Narcotics Unit 4Law Tac
91307-021ACapitol PDCapitol PoliceLaw Dispatch
94507-061APD HPD/FBIHarford PD/FBI TaskforceLaw Talk
94707-063APD HPD/DEAHartford PD/DEA Task ForceLaw Tac
94807-064APD HPD/FBI 2Hartford PD/FBI Task Force 2Law Tac
94907-065APD Surveil15Surveillance 15Law Talk
95007-066APD Shoot TFShooting Task ForceLaw Talk
95107-067APD Surveil16Surveillance 16Law Talk
95407-072APD HPD/DEA 2Hartford PD/DEA Task Force 2Law Tac
96707-087APD Surveil17Surveillance 17Law Talk
99007-116APD Surveil18Surveillance 18Law Talk