Massachusetts State Police

Site: Mass Dept. of Conservation And Recreation (DCR)

Unique DB ID: 4519
County: Statewide

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 42.0656 Longitude: -71.7188 Range: 109 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1048028f0ADCR ATGDCR ATGPublic Works
105122910ADCR Cent 1DCR - Central 1Public Works
105442930ADCR Cent 2DCR - Central 2Public Works
105762950ADCR Cent 3DCR - Central 3Public Works
106082970ADCR Cent 4DCR - Central 4 (Island District)Public Works
106402990ADCR Cent 5DCR - Central 5 (Blue Hills)Public Works
1067229b0ADCR Resv 1DCR - Reservations 1Public Works
1070429d0ADCR Resv 2DCR - Reservations 2Public Works
1073629f0ADCR FieldOpsDCR Field OpsPublic Works
107682a10ADCR RecsDCR - RecreationsPublic Works
108002a30ADCR EmergcyDCR - EmergencyEmergency Ops
108322a50ADCR ENG 1DCR Engineering 1 (State House Rangers)Public Works
108642a70ADCR ENG 2DCR Engineering 2Public Works
108962a90ADCR Ranger1DCR Ranger 1Public Works
109282ab0ADCR Ranger2DCR Ranger 2 (Boston Harbor Islands Natl Rec. Area)Public Works
109602ad0ADCR SpecialDCR SpecialPublic Works
109922af0ADCR WaterShdDCR Water ShedPublic Works
110242b10ADCR ReservoirsDCR - Quabbin and Wachusett Reservoirs Public Works
110562b30ADCR Fire 1DCR Fire 1Fire-Talk
110882b50ADCR Fire 2DCR Fire 2Fire-Talk